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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Max Linder was one of the first and most famous film comedians--though today he's mostly forgotten. It's a shame, as the likes of Chaplin have credited him with inspiring their work--and some of Linder's films are quite good--especially compared to the usual slapstick of the day.

    Max sees himself as a great dramatic actor but his friends all think he's talentless. So, he invites them to come see him in a play. Unfortunately, lots of things go wrong with Max's props during the production. And, following his big dramatic suicide scene, he finds that his friends have all decided to play a trick on him--though Max has the last laugh.

    The film isn't exactly subtle--especially the rather contrived ending (where does he get a hose?!). But compared to the VERY broad slapstick in vogue at the time, it's actually pretty good. Plus, most importantly, it did make me laugh! Worth seeing--especially if you love old silent comedies.