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  • The main writer of this kiddie flick is none other than Christopher Atkins. Yup...the one from "The Blue Lagoon". His screenplay is harmless enough but it probably won't stimulate anyone over the age of 12 or so.

    Some incompetent thieves (are there any other kind these days?) get away with an armored truck carrying a bunch of gold. They end up driving the truck into a pond or river or some kind of body of water and the truck gets stuck. Nearby, there are a couple of kids home alone on a farm while their parents are away running some errands.

    The thieves tie up the kids and it is up to a few of the animals on the farm to save the day. It's all cute enough but there are several problems. One is that the crooks are so annoying. I don't think I can handle watching any more bad guys who are bumbling idiots. Watching them act dumb and be the victims of slapstick violence gets dull awfully fast.

    Another distraction includes animatronic animals that make the animals at Chuck E. Cheese look positively lifelike by comparison. Also, the little boy in the movie, maybe 7 years old or so, actually builds a tank (complete with a working turret!) using power tools. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough for that one.

    Overall, it had some cute moments but nothing of any real interest or importance ever happens. George Hamilton, Emma Samms and Greg Evigan all have roles but none of them have too much actual screen time. Kids who are easily entertained and like animals will probably enjoy this, but all others should skip it. 3/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Patrick (Greg Evigan) and Rebecca (Emma Samms) have escaped the city and live on a farm with their two kids, Shannon (Jenna Dover) and Peter (Josh Grolman). Also habituating nearby are a bevy of animals, a duck, a goat, one fat pig and several chickens. Peter loves them and is the main caretaker. This lad also is the ornery sort, to the constant chagrin of his older sister. Naturally, a teen gal wants her privacy but Peter is always spying on her looking in the mirror, etc. One fateful day, Pete grabs her upper undergarment and uses it as a mask, which leads to a chase, resulting in a broken flower pot. Mom and Pop are not happy and ground the duo. Instead of going to town with their folks, they must stay home. This trip is ultra-important, for they need to ask the bank for another loan. Foiled! The uppity banker, Von Driessen (George Hamilton) feigns regret and turns them down. At that very moment, gold bars are also being loaded onto an armored car in front of the bank. This is a necessary money transfer and VD appears quite apprehensive. Disappointed, the two parents leave for the journey home, vowing to "think of something" while the fortified vehicle takes off. All of a sudden, the gold truck is set upon by three bumbling thieves, who do take control of the truck but drive it into a pond. Man, will their big boss be unhappy! Guess who's farm is near? That's right, the one where Peter and Shannon are home alone. The thieves need a tractor to get the truck out of the water. But, will the pesky kids PLUS their clever critters spoil their plans? Maybe! They might even score a reward for stopping a theft! This is a delightful flick for families. It has a nice cast, beautiful setting, and a armored truckload of laughs, spills, and thrills. Bet your loved ones will like Pets so get your hands on it soon.
  • This is a lovely family movie that made my kids scream with laughter. The pets are adorable and the message is worthwhile too. My kids are 5 and 9 and really enjoyed the movie very much. At that age, children don't expect Oscar ripe performances of the actors. It's all about the fun and a different movie than what you normally see on TV. I'm glad for those smaller movies that offer me and my kids a bit of a variety to the big blockbuster movies. You've seen them in the cinema, then on the tube and then again and again the same movies. I rather prefer new stories and my kids too. All in all i full heartedly recommend this movie to other families with young children.