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  • sahar-sahar-p14 December 2005
    Sagkoshi (Killing Mad Dogs ) is a really great masterpiece. Beizaee is just a perfect director . Mojdeh Shamsai (Beizaee's real wife) acts really good and is successful in expressing Beizaee's points . I suggest everyone to see it . The sequence in which GOLROKH goes to Sangestani Brothers you can really understand what a skillful director Beizaee is and that's very near to Beizaee's special style . ((Theatrical Actings in a very typical way )) There's really no plenty scenes in the movie.The name is according to Killing the mad dogs in Iran when they get too many and annoyed people ( many years ago) It's good to know that the last Beizaee's film ((MOSAFERAN aka Travellers)) is directed 10 years before this one .
  • m_gh_gh23 December 2004
    that looks really good film for you if you have lived in Iran for long time. this film points to some kind of customs and cultures in Iran needs you to be an Iranian if you want to realize it.for whom they are outside of Iran and they've heard about Iranian cinema this could not be an interesting movie. because they will not get what is going on. however most of people inside Iran really like it and that is one of the most beautiful films ever made. Mozhdeh Shamsai was playing very nice in this film as well as Reza Kianian, Darioush Arjmand and etc. this film contains a whole bunch of famous Iranian movie players inside. perhaps this is the reason film has a very strong structure to express its message for audiences. I gave it 95 out of 100. one of the best in Iranian cinema.
  • knoerer23 December 2005
    This film, of course, is very deliberately theatrical, in mise-en-scène as well as acting - the director being one of the most famous theater authors and directors of Iran. Forget all preconceived notions of Iranian "new realism" (Kiarostami and the like) when watching any of Beyzaie's films. This is truly different and, interestingly, far more popular in the director's home country. Beyzaie in fact is one of the most refined stylist among filmmakers working today, planing and staging every scene with most meticulous care for every movement the camera and the actors make. It's a shame really that almost none of his work is visible in the Western world of cinema.
  • WOW !!! I've just seen it . A MASTERPIECE ! Really great ! I don't know why it's not on the Top 250 and instead of this a film like PULP FICTION is no 8 there ! I'd seen Travellers And Maybe Some Other Time form Beyzaee before . I just feel sorry for that his films aren't world-wide known and I think they should really be ! Perfect decoupage ,mizanscene , directing . Really good acting . A clever plot ... ! Beizaee is himself and has a very particular cinema and he's influenced a lot form Hitchcock .That's more obvious in MAYBE SOME OTHER TIME . I Suggest it to all !! & I wonder why it's not available on Amazon . And I have to say that Beyzaee is very strong in theatre too and his plays are really powerful ,you must see. You know many plays are just plays but you can read Beyzaee's plays as a story and enjoy it and that's a typical of him .
  • romdal25 February 2004
    Warning: this is a good example of why a movie needs many votes to be on the IMDB top-250. It has a quite engaging story of a woman on a crusade to save her imprisoned husband, but is horribly overplayed and clumsily directed. Every character in every seen acts as insistingly as if it was a matter of life and death, which gets tiresome within the first scene. Only the main character has some natural talent and earns our sympathy as the plot unfolds. The cinematography is often ridiculously dramatic, the music likewise. The movie is betacam and has the overall look of a cheap Asian TV-production. Are you interested in learning more about the famous Iranian cinema, don't start here! What a disappointment.