The role played by Jennifer Lopez was originally intended for Sandra Bullock.

When Slim has a monologue in the car and Gracie is sleeping, actress Tessa Allen was actually asleep. The filmmakers tried to film while Tessa was awake, but it was hard for the young actress to keep her eyes completely still for the hour it took to film. Instead, they waited until she had a nap, and her mum picked her up and brought her into the car.

The fighting technique learned by Slim is Krav Maga ("contact combat") the Israeli self defense technique.

Film debut of Tessa Allen.

When Gracie's basketball hits her foot and rolls away, actress Tessa Allen did that in one take. The sky and lighting were changing and they needed to get it in one day, because the cast and crew were changing locations the next day.

Michael Apted was initially wary about working with Jennifer Lopez, as he had heard rumors that she was a diva. However, he found her to be completely professional throughout the shoot.

In later years, Jennifer Lopez admitted that she found making the film highly traumatic and partly attributed a subsequent nervous breakdown to it.

During the scenes filmed in Gig Harbor, Washington, several Salmon Purse Seiners were featured in the film.

Mitch's new house looks similar to the house in Sleeping with the Enemy, another movie where a woman runs away from an abusive marriage.

The Ferryboat that Jennifer Lopez was filmed on is the Jumbo Class Ferryboat, "Walla Walla", which can be seen in the Puget Sound of Washington state, running on either the Bainbridge Island-Seattle "Daily Run" or the Kingston-Edmonds "Daily Run". The filming was at the #2 end of the vessel while crossing the Puget Sound on Elliot Bay.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Juliette Lewis appeared with Stephen Dorff, in Blood and Wine (1996) and Cold Creek Manor (2003), respectively.

First of two movies starring Jennifer Lopez in 2002. The other was Maid in Manhattan.

Although this film was screened to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Gonzaga boys (Dublin, Ireland), the film itself had been out for eleven years.

Similar to the 1991 film Sleeping with the Enemy minus the female protagonist having no daughter in Sleeping With The Enemy.

The Squeeze (1977) was the first ever cinema thriller movie directed by British director Michael Apted. Apted would later go on to direct several other thrillers such as Enigma (2001), Enough (2002), Blink (1993), Thunderheart (1992), Gorky Park (1983), Class Action (1991), Extreme Measures (1996) and The World Is Not Enough (1999).

Italian censorship visa # 96671 delivered on 27 November 2002.