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  • The Nugget is a feel good Aussie movie about a few mates. Nothing complex, nothing fancy, just a few blokes finding out why it's good to have mates.

    Many people have criticised the film for jokes which fall flat, and it does have a few shockers. There are also some real gems in there though, which make it well worth sitting through those that don't go down so well. The 'simple' script also serves to enhance the movie - after all, they're simple blokes. Enjoy The Nugget for what it is and you'll have a good laugh.

    Enough chat, let's have a beer.
  • Leon-4010 November 2002
    This new film from Bill Bennett is far better than the critics suggest. Not perfect by any means, but still a real typical Aussie film with a spirit we haven't seen since "The Castle". All actors are good in their roles, and it is especially good to see Eric Bana coming back to Australia to make films even though he is now an international superstar. Occassionally Dave O'Neil does not seem as natural as the two other leads, and the narration is at times a little annoying, but overall I had quite a few laughs with this film. Seven out of ten.
  • It is now some time since I saw The Nugget. I found it entertaining and chuckled througout it's entire length. The humour may be lost on non-Australians and maybe even on those Australians who haven't spent much time outside of inner Sydney or Melbourne. But if you have grown up or spent some time in rural or regional Australia you will definately appreciate the humour in this film.
  • I don't understand how this movie could get some of the bad reviews I've seen. It may not be as good as 'The Castle' but as far as Australian made movies goes this is one of the best of a bad bunch. I could see nothing wrong with acting and the script was not the best, but it wasn't terrible. I think it's an insult to say that Eric Bana only became successful because of 'Chopper' he's a great actor and this film does nothing to take away from that fact. I think all the actors did a good job and to compare the acting of Dave O'Neil to that of a 12 year old is a horrible thing to say and anyone who says so should be ashamed. Every other reviewer that commented badly on this movie should hang their heads, not the actors, and I'd thank you to let the people involved in this movie keep their dignity.
  • No spoilers are possible for this movie - let's face it, the promos give it away. Boys find nugget, boys lose nugget, boys lose friends, boys find .... well, they find a lot of things. But moving on, I have two personal glimpses here that you might find of interest.

    1. My wife and I own a rural property near Mudgee, where this film was made, and we have travelled much in this area. So from personal experience I can tell you that the countryside that you saw in this film is really every bit as spectacular and wild as it appears. The producers of the film wouldn't have had to look very far or wide to find the place that they did. It's ALL like that!!!

    2. Someone made a comment previously about that "they don't make helicopters that small". Well, unlikely as it seems, they do: there was a McDonalds commercial made a couple of years ago that had two tiny remote controlled helicopters in it. That commercial was made in my street. The tiny helicopter scenes in it are "real": I saw them being made. So I now have no trouble believing that they could have used something like this to film the aerial sequences, which yes, are absolutely spectacular.

    I also have serious doubts a previous reviewer's comment about that this film would go well overseas. Much of the humour, the language, the situation scenes are very very local Australian in nature, and I am extremely skeptical that they would carry over to other countries, even to other English speaking ones like Britain or the United States. Given how (for example) Norman Gunston was not all that well understood overseas, I can't see that the characters in this movie would fare any better.

    Peter Moon seems to have well and truly typecast himself as a caricature of the most disgusting Australian male ever to be filmed, but in a humourous context rather than a "gross" one. Everytime he came on, I couldn't help but think of that immortal line from his "Good morning, Moscow" gags: "Oh Victor... you very unattractive man".

    I was a little disappointed that the women cast as the characters wives were cast as "just wives". I would have liked to have seen Belinda Emmett given the opportunity to see if she really is anything more than just a "soapie chick".

    Despite all the seeming negatives, I thought it was a very funny movie. Certainly it had that "working dog" look about it; but given the main actors and their backgrounds, there was also a lot of "Fast Forward" and "Full Frontal" about it as well. I would have loved to have seen Steve Vizard given a part in this movie.

    Several of Max Cullen's lines, especially the ones where he sets the rather unusual price on his gold lease, suggest that there may well be a sequel. To quote another ad: "I'd like to see that"!!!!!!
  • Summary:

    If you want to experience some Australian culture on your screen watch this movie.

    It is a story of a bunch of local council slackers and their "discovery", a simple tale of fate and mate ship.

    Direction, writing and acting is all very smooth, Australian, cut and very funny.

    Feeling good the Aussie way.

    Read below if want slightly more detailed information:

    Eric Bana does very well in his role, it suits him down to the ground, the character he plays is very likable, a local council worker wanting more material things in life but does not have the money.

    His friends are also very funny and there is many moments of funny interactions on screen.
  • A very enjoyable tale of 3 real Aussie mates and a very unusual circumstance. It's good to see realistic aussie characters for a change as usually we get portrayed as red necks. Anyway the only bad thing about this movie is the length, it went on just a little too long... on the positive side though it had some laugh out loud moments and very impressive performances from the lead actors! Well worth checking out especially for the Aussie audience.
  • The Nugget is a very funny film. There is a laugh every minute and the three male leads have some golden moments. Their mateship, which is threatened by greed, survives the turmoils wrought by the prospect of instant wealth. Line of the film is when Steven Curry says of his mates to his wife.'They dont judge me' The film opens with the most impressive crane shot you've ever seen. It looked like a small helicopter did the it but they dont make them that small. The wives of the three mates are all great individual characters. Likeable but not cliched. Producer, Writer and Director Bill Bennett really knows how to make a great film. Go and see it.
  • Bruce-3872 January 2010
    Just a simple fun film to watch. I have watched it a few times and enjoy it each time. I am not Australian and still get the humor (or humour).

    Characters are very good. I love the voice over even though someone said it was bad. I think it made the film.

    It is also nice watching a film without mega stars and in this case some new faces to me.

    The plot is simple but leads to some great humor. I also like the ending and the fact that money does not have to corrupt and people can more or less continue a nice life with their friends.
  • Lotto (Eric Bana, perhaps the only actor known in the States in this film), and his two buddies Wookie and Sue (yes, a boy named Sue), work for the road department. They live in semi-rural Australia and, while the jobs pay the bills, these guys dream big. To bask in extreme wealth, that's their goals. But, too often, to the chagrin of their wives, they blow money on bets and frivolity. Lotto even uncovers a 100 thousand dollar ticket but, bad luck, the tiny scratch off falls in a drain, never to be seen again. Desperate, the men have heard that "there's gold in them ther hills" nearby. Purchasing an expensive metal detector, they spend every weekend searching for treasure. What a way to make mates happy! Nevertheless, they find a HUGE nugget of gold and, very joyful, bury it. But, someone has watched them. Now, they must resort to trickery to get it back. Can they do it? Oh, and they have already told their boss to take their jobs and shove em! This is a fine Australian comedy with the one and only Eric Bana, made just as he was reaching stardom. He is funny and, along with his two co-horts, form a great new trio of stooges. The rest of the cast is nice, too, as is the scenery, script, and fun-filled direction. You won't be a fool to go for the gold with this little winner!
  • Gum_Bercules14 December 2011
    This movie starts out OK, there are a few funny one liners and some likable 'average guy' characters. However, it grows stale from there. the bit players are extremely underdeveloped and underutilized. There are also pointless unnecessary characters given pointless unnecessary screen time for no discernible reason or addition to the story. As for the storyline, halfway through it starts to go off the rails with unfunny overworked cliché's, and then as if that isn't bad enough, it gradually gets worse before ending itself on such an unbelievable, farcical and ridiculous note that you half expect aliens to land somewhere (it would be more believable than what actually happens). This movie could of been great if it wasn't so badly handled. Such a shame considering it started out OK.
  • So you look at this movie and think - Eric Bana, great, Vince Colosimo, good, that guy from the Castle, yeah, good. You think Australian film set in a country town, plenty of potential here. This has to be great. How wrong could you be ? Characters that could be straight out of a primary school students "composition" book, a story line so projected Blind Freddy could see it coming and so many stereotypes and failed gags you'll be embarrased to watch it. I could only begin to feel the actors pain upon seeing themselves in this absolute flop of a movie.
  • Zone-out12 April 2019
    I see a little bit of myself in each of the 3 nugget finders. Lotto, Wookie, & Sue. Seems like you have to go back a few years from 2019 to 2002 to find a movie without a political undertone or some other agenda push on race, sex, or religion. The nugget is a gem.
  • "The Nugget" is really lightweight material, not unlike an extended TV sitcom, only without the laughs. Eric Bana, Stephen Curry, and Dave O'Niel, come across as sophomoric (think teen comedy with 30 year olds), and the script is weak enough to expose inept acting from all concerned. The Australian dialect really wasn't a problem, as I had feared. The whole thing just sort of stumbles along a very predictable path towards a fantasy conclusion that is totally out of place. The frequent narrations only add to the weakness of the storyline. I think most viewers will have extreme difficulty finishing this mess. I know I did. - MERK