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  • I am absolutely _shocked_ at the reaction of some of the opinions presented here about what I think is actually a rather well written series. Obviously many here have not clued into concepts like irony, subtlety, and satire. Yes, some of the villains are clichéd, but they're _supposed_ to be clichéd. Like how the big supervillains are always supposed to have a secret lair, or always have to give away their big plan to Kim before they finish her off. (A favorite of mine is the villain who also works at a Costco-type super store, and instead of holding Kim above a pool of killer sharks, uses a pool of bargain-priced snapping turtles)

    The dialog is pretty sharp, and I think it's actually one of the more quotable television series along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls. My favorite lines? Probably how in the future, Duff Killigan declares himself "the world's deadliest cyborg golfer", which doesn't mean much to Ron, since "cyborg golfer" can't be a particularly crowded field.

    To those who complain about the series not being "realistic"- you're not getting it at all. (People are actually complaining about the careers of Kim's parents? If I have to explain why them being a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon is sheer brilliance, then you're beyond help.) It's not a serious action show- it's part action, part satire, with some abstract humor and teen angst thrown in.
  • Nothing is perfect, so stop complaining people.

    The voice talent alone is worth tuning in for. Patrick Warburton (David Puddy from Seinfeld) is a teacher, Ricardo Montalban as rich and mildly dangerous Señor Senior, Sr. and his son Nestor Carbonall as vain and stupid muscle bound Señor Senior, Jr. are great. John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama) as failure supervillain Drakken, with annoyed and doubting kungfu sidekick Shego (Nicole Sullivan, who doesn't love Nicole Sullivan?).

    Not to mention guest voices like Wendy Malik, Adam West, Brad Garrett, Richard Kind, more.

    When Ron and "junior" get in a fight by messing up each other's studly hair, and struggle for the possession of a comb, how can one not be amused? People who hate this show have no sense of humor.

    And since when does a cartoon have to be plausible, people?! Is PPG plausible? Samurai Jack? Pokemon? Cowboy Bebop? Up and down the spectrum of animated TV, very little is plausible. Why must KP be?

    They explained how she got started, and that should be enough. For those who DON'T know: she started a website with her name to promote her baby sitting service, and was mistaken for mission IMpossible, or team IMpossible, something like that. She decides to solve the case, and the IMpossible team starts getting requests for her to save the day. She decides it's more interesting than baby sitting. What could be more plausible than that? ;)
  • Kim Possible's not meant to be taken as a serious epic or dramatic action show. Its focus on the blend of "saving the world" as a by-the-way activity on the side while handling the ordinary life of being a high school student is part of what makes this show so appealing. Using witty dialogue between the characters, the show often pokes fun at the clichés of villains and action shows. The interactions between each of the hilariously paired characters is really what drives the show. For example, note the team of Kim and Ron (extreme competence and intelligence versus extreme incompetence). Or better yet, note the humorous tension between benign villains and their very evil counterparts. (Dr. Drakken and Shego, and Senor Junior and Senor Senior). This show can be enjoyed on many different levels, which is why it can appeal to such a wide range of age groups.
  • The ranks of sisters doing it for themselves have a new member in the form of Kim Possible, and the result is... well, "Kim Possible," Disney's best TV cartoon since "Gargoyles," although the tone of this Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle creation is closer to "Darkwing Duck." Then again, that was also a cracker. But moving on to the large-headed, midriff-baring, wavy-haired, adolescent-targeted young lady who is NOT Christina Aguilera...

    High school student and cheerleader Kimberly Ann Possible's website (maintained by genius Wade, who serves as her technical backup during jobs) is set up offering her services to people needing help, but said help generally entails her saving the world at a moment's notice - in a running gag, Kim and her sidekick Ron Stoppable are taken to the episode's hotspot by folks who La Possible helped in unseen escapades; like Mighty Max (and unlike most similar characters), Kim's siblings and parents are fully aware of her extracurricular activities - and, again unlike most similar characters, so is everyone else. One of the best touches of the show, in fact, is having Kim take part in one of the most stereotypically stupid pastimes (cheerleading), while her parents are in two of the most stereotypically brainy professions - as the girl says, "Mom's a brain surgeon, Dad's a rocket scientist..." (The next time some cleverdick chunters on about Americans having no sense of irony, try bringing this up.)

    By itself, saving the world is "no big," but Kim obviously has to deal with all the difficulties of being a heroine and a regular teenage girl, on top of having as her best friend and partner the aforementioned Master Stoppable, who unfortunately lives up to his name a lot. Though this is in a sense admirable as part of the show's overall refusal to play gender stereotypes (Kim and Ron have one of the few truly platonic male/female relationships on television - even Xander, let us not forget, used to have a crush on Buffy), he also comes close to forcing the show to name itself after him, because his antics have more room for comedy than Kim's. Fortunately the show's writers hit a good balance more often than not and remember that it's supposed to be a mix of comedy AND action; but though Kim's not one to mess with when the chips are down, she never comes over as a heartless machine. Though some male viewers will probably refuse to watch it because it might make guys look bad, they'd be missing the fact that the male characters are mostly positive, with the nastiest character being Sheego (Kim's opposite number, and the assistant to Kim's arch-enemy Dr. Drakken - and a lot more dangerous and intelligent than he is; if this was "24," she would be Sherry Palmer). They'd also really need to grow up.

    In any case, "Kim Possible" is so entertaining that dismissing it on the grounds of sexism would be silly; well-paced, funny without being overly stupid, easy on the morals, with genuinely exciting fight scenes, and a lead character worth at least 30 of Clover, Alex and Sam on the similar but wildly inferior "Totally Spies!" (with the added bonus of Kim leaving her closest live action counterpart - Sydney Bristow from fellow Disney/Touchstone show "Alias" - standing in both the hotness AND fighting stakes), this might not appeal to people still wishing they made cartoons as good as, say, "My Little Pony" or "Avenger Penguins," but it's their loss. And as for people demanding credibility, they can watch "King of the Hill." But if you don't want to go into a coma, remember the advice Christina Milian gives in Cory Lerios and George Gabriel's irresistibly catchy theme song - you know that you always can call Kim Possible.

    "So what's the stitch?"
  • It appeals to kids, it appeals to teens, it appeals to adults. This show is hysterically funny, with jokes many different age groups will laugh at individually as well as together, and exciting without being too violent for the young ones. Great voice acting from the usual Disney contract players and outstanding writing and artwork. The only drawback is they repeat the same few episodes a lot, but fortunately I can watch an episode of KP many times and not get tired of it (of course, maybe that's just me...) Between this on tv and Lilo & Stitch in the theatres, I see a very promising trend developing at Disney.

    Five stars!
  • Kim Possible is loved through generations from Toddler to College kids, and maybe even beyond. This show is definitely family oriented. Filled with charming timeless characters, heart-stopping drama, gut-slapping humor, and much more.Kim Possible: The unstoppable red-head who can do anything. Ron Stoppable: Kim's best friend since Pre-K and maybe more. Rufus: The coolest naked mole rat, Ron's pet, and a valuable team Possible member. All kids, mostly aimed toward girls, are taught that you can do anything, as long as they be themselves. It also teaches to keep your friends close, because you will never know where and when you will need them, or when they may need you, but just be glad they are there no matter what. This show is definitely positively aimed at the younger crowd, but like us older kids (or kids at heart) will absolutely love this show. Watch it and Love It!!
  • This is one of the best new shows out there. It's humorous for kids as well as adults. Unlike the other shows where heroes have super powers, Kim and her friend Ron use wits to battle the enemy. One of the best animated series out there!
  • I'm pretty much in the majority with this show. I think it's a pretty cool show that has loads of action, adventure, and humor. My favorite character has to be Kim's sidekick Ron Stopable. He's pretty funny, he could be a loser type kind of guy that makes you laugh, and he has a naked mole rat for a pet!!! That rules!! Besides that stuff, this show is great, and I hope it has a great, and sucessful run (things look good so far).
  • Kim Possible is about a teenage high school girl who is a part time super hero. She spends her days in school, and the rest of the time battling her nemeses. Each of the villains is faulted in some way that is a flash back to the coyote from the roadrunner cartoons.

    I started watching this cartoon when my youngest sister (she is 24) was watching it while visiting me for the summer. The first couple of episodes, you will probably be scratching your head trying to figure out why the villains are so quirky. After about a week of watching, I was grounded enough to appreciate the humor. If you like older cartoons, or cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, or Courage the cowardly dog, you will probably like this cartoon.

    Ron Stoppable and Rufus (his naked mole rat companion) will probably be your favorite characters. Ron is a series of random disasters that seem to always be for the best.

    Take the time to watch a couple episodes, if you like it, you will be addicted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Kim Possible" is arguably the best series Disney has produced to date... (animated or otherwise) as many other viewers have commented. But the question is why? What makes this program so much better than every other in the long and storied history of the Mouse?

    Premise. The old joke about a Rocket Scientist and a Brain Surgeon is a great place to start, as that's Kim's Dad and Mom! And with such intelligent lineage, Kim is a brilliant mind too, only she's not weird about it. She's a basic, average girl, but she's here to save the world! Cheerleader and honor student by day; superhero the rest of the time. Really, she's the most well-rounded and talented Disney female since 1964's Mary Poppins (and she didn't have to keep house; just answer her KIM- municator).

    Characters. Kim's partner in crimefighting, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat pet Rufus always provided comic relief, humorous complications and legitimate help to Ms. Possible, as well as the inevitable after- school snacks at Bueno Nacho, their Mexican restaurant hangout. Wade, the point man that clued Kim in to the sitch, offered just the right tone of stability to the stories. Kim's occasionally seen twin brothers Tim and Jim gave her some sibling rivalry angst. And the best and most wacky rogue's gallery of villains since Adam West's "Batman" series, and with nearly the same level of star power, provided the knockout punch! Led by John DiMaggio's Dr. Drakken and Nicole Sullivan's Shego, other guest voices throughout the series included such iconic names as Debbie Reynolds, Andrea Martin, Elliot Gould, George Takei, Nestor Carbonell and Ricardo Montalban.

    Stories. Despite covering the same ground as so many other series had done within the high school framework setting, every episode always seemed fresh and innovative. Full credit to the writers for carefully mixing in the adventure elements with Kim's day-to-day school life, for exposing some of Kim's foibles and failings (she really had trouble with that road test for Driver's Ed!) and for not letting Kim and Ron get too romantic until just the right moment. Also, the fact that the plots always had that sense of danger but were never too frightening for all age groups was a truly brilliant and notable element of the series.

    Performances. Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright and Tahj Mowry were fantastic as the core four heroes, and their vocal skills were crucial in making everything work. And the theme song, sung by Christina Milian, lived up to the level of the program itself. Always smart, always funny and always had something to say about family, friendship and life (both scholastic AND extra-curricular), "Kim Possible" really was worth watching, and Kim proved it was Possible to be a great Disney role-model without being a princess!
  • "Kim Possible" is so far one of the best shows on Disney Channel (and maybe on Television). It has smart dialogue, fluid animation and a lovable art-style and well-written characters. The villains are also quite interesting (expecially Dr Drakken and his assistant Shego, show's main villains) and funny. The show can be repetitive at times, but overall it's original and it has an unique humor (clever humor). It is not a coincidence that this show was renewed in late 2005 for a 4th Season (which is going to start on February 10th 2007) thanks to its strong fan-base. What can I say? If you watch Disney Channel, be sure to catch "Kim Possible".
  • I used to absolutely love this show, then I stopped liking it, but as the new season came out, I started to like it a lot more again. It has a certain essence to it, that just keeps you wanting more. It is action filled, not as much as non-cartoons, but still pretty good to satisfy. I like most of the episodes, but some of them are okay. The new season is definitely the best. The first few seasons are also good. The voices of all of the characters have really good chemistry, and they all blend together really well. The plot of all of the episodes/movies is really well put together, and a crowd pleaser. Even if you don't like these kinds of shows, you will say that it is good. If you haven't watched this show before, I would definitely suggest it, whenever it is on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kim Possible is easily the best show on the Disney Channel, and among the best on television. The show follows the exploits of teen hero Kim Possible and her partner Ron Stoppable. Her tagline "She can do anything" becomes more and more true with every episode. Those who complain about the rampant clichés are missing the point. This is satire, for crying out loud; it's supposed to be cliché. The villains would feel right at home in any Bond movie. The whole premise of the show, in fact, leads one to wonder if show creators Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle asked the question: "What if James Bond were a teenage girl?" This is truly an all-star cast: Christy Carlson Romano (Ren Stevens from "Even Stevens") as Kim, Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis from "Batman Beyond") as Ron, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) as Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat,Tahj Mowry (the kid from "Smart Guy") as Wade, the supergenius who runs Kim's website, Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh from "Office Space") as Kim's Dad, Jean Smart (Sherry Regan From "The District") as Kim's Mom, Patrick Warburton (Joe from "Family Guy") as the overly strict teacher Mr. Barkin, John DiMaggio (Bender from "Futurama") as Dr. Drakken, Kim's arch-foe, Nicole Sullivan (of "MADtv" fame) as Shego, Dr. Drakken's assistant and Kim's negative, and even Ricardo Montalban as Senor Senior Senior. Not to mention guest appearances by Tara Strong (Timmy from "The Fairly OddParents"), Adam West (an incredibly good sport who appears in the show's parody of Batman), Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Brad Garrett (Robert from "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Richard Kind, Rob Paulsen (Raphael from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"), Nestor Carbonell, Patton Oswalt (Spence from "The King of Queens"),Brian Posehn (Kevin from "Just Shoot Me"), Phil LaMarr, Felicity Huffman, Fred Willard, Elliot Gould, Debbie Reynolds, and, my personal favorite, John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox from "Scrubs").

    While all of this star-power is certainly admirable, it is the clever writing and hilarious parodies that push this show over the top. Like snowflakes, no two episodes are truly alike. Never once did I feel as though I were watching the same episode (except in the case of endless reruns that Disney seems compelled to run).

    The only complaint I have with this show (and this is a shot at Disney Execs who control the order in which the episodes air, not the writers) is continuity. Not that I scrutinize each frame, but there are certain errors that show up in the show's plot. The examples are too numerous to list. While this is a relatively minor concern, the fact that the shows often try to build off of each other like a continuous story is hindered by the fact that the Execs run them in a different order than the writers had intended.

    Still, this doesn't change the fact that Kim Possible is just plain fun to watch. My favorite part of the show is the jokes that appeal to every age group, something that Disney has previously only accomplished with its movies. This alone cements Kim Possible as the finest show on the Disney Channel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When i started to see this show, i noticed that this will be very popular.

    I still see this show even the chapters are repeated because the show is great, the very good sense of humor is the first reason why i like this. The other thing is that's a very great series of spy saying that a secret spy could know it everybody.

    I knew by the first time i saw the series that Ron and Kim will end together.

    My brother says that Ron must have a whole episode for him only, but i wont like it.

    I am waiting for the new episodes and i can wait. Why is the maximum 65 chapter limit for Disney series if there nearly all very good?
  • Kim Possible rocks! As a parent of elementary aged children I highly recommend Kim Possible. The premise is that Kim (cheer leading super hero) saves the world with her sidekick Ron Stoppable ( who carries his pet mole rate in his pocket) and Wade.( the computer/techo genius) As a parent I love that the show is written so that parent's can enjoy the show too. Guest voice talents include many celebrities. Definately check it out!
  • i started watching it one day when nothing else was on and got sucked in. i was like "whoa this is some good stuff!" it's a great show, any age can enjoy it. i'm a freshman in hishschool and i enjoy this show--my other freshman friends enjoy it too! sure there's some episodes that are kinda like "dude, is that supposed to be good?" then there's the others that you can just feel like you can relate to like "hey i'm going through that" or "oh yea, i did that" or "hey my family does that". but i noticed a very interesting thing, kim possible can't do anything on her own without help from her friends. kinda like that beatles song that goes "i get by with a little help with my friends". it's kinda like that. i recomend the show, it's a great show, and it's great for all ages!
  • Jeff7265 February 2003
    Ron and Kim make an awesome team. But I must say Rufus the naked mole rat is what makes this show its funniest. People who think the villains are pathetic must realize this show is marketed to the kid crowd and not adults, so you really won't get some crazed murderer or whatever. I do not understand why anyone would dislike this show. Between Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, and Even Stevens, Disney has quite a trio!
  • When I first saw Kim Possible commercials I thought:'Oh no.Not another thing clogging up the tv that's gonna be crappy.'But I was totally wrong.I watched it cuz there was nothing else on when it premiered,and I liked what I saw.I'd have to say that Kim Possible is totally awesome and has potential for becoming a favorite.I can't help loving it,it's entertaining to watch as well as funny!It has some of the best characters I've seen in a long time,Kim,who's almost too cool for her own good and funny.She's got that attitude that we all have when everything's OK,but we lose when something goes wrong but she keeps most of the time.And then there's Ron,who,despite of popular Kim being his best bud is totally uncool and lives w/ it.I'd have to say Ron's my fave cuz he's in one word,cute.Lookswise and personalitywise.He's actually original and most guys try to fit into the mold.And Bonnie,every school has one like her,mean,obnoxious,a total snob who picks on people for NO reason.And Rufus is cute.He's a cool pet.On the show there's something new,there's almost always some little thing that you can relate too,a character or a situation that you can go,hey!I remember when that happened to me!And the plots are mostly beliveable,with some fantasy cuz hey,it's a cartoon.This is a great show and it's slowly becoming my favorite.It's different than other shows,it's not just for one age group.I like it & I'm 13,my 8 year old sis likes it,and though my dad finds it slightly annoying my mom's becoming pretty fond of it.Well,I'm getting boring right?Sorry bout that.Bye!^-^ ~Danie
  • Although I enjoy making fun of Disney's failure's, Disney has made many great accomplishments over the years which (it seems) that some Anime fans just can give them credit on. Kim Possible is no failure of Disney's and surely deserves the attention of any Anime/Cartoon fan.

    Kim Possible is a unique mix of action/adventure and comedy. Under the comedy is a line of usually a "serious" story in each episode (blood, death, destruction, all the usual fun stuff that attracts an audiance). What I mean by serious is when there's nothing to really laugh at in the show and something's a miss.

    All I can say is that when the Disney channel usually promises entertainment, it's usually too much. Kudos on Kim Possible!
  • This show has beaten ratings records and one of the most watched shows, if not the MOST on Disney Channel. Nuff said.... other person's comment... ridiculous.

    If you MUST read on... and I suggest you DON'T.... this cartoon brings back the simplicity children need on Television. There is far too many adult oriented content in most of the animated TV shows that still attract the younger crowd. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the adult jokes in animated context, but I would prefer to watch something like Kim Possible with my 11 year old sister.
  • I grew up watching Kim Possible as a kid, it was my favorite cartoon back then and still is to this day. The show is funny yet smart at the same time and delivers great action.

    Follow Kim and her best friend Ron as they travel around the world and fight villains on a regular basis while at the same time dealing with interesting social issues, such as school, dating etc.

    Kim Possible is a cartoon fit for all ages and offers many fun and action-packed episodes!
  • I love this show! It was well animated, great characters, and had awesome action sequences! I loved the plot lines and Kim, Ron, and Rufus make an amazing team. Highly recommend this show! One of my favorites of all time!! I miss watching this show
  • czcozad4 March 2018
    A show I wish I had seen as a kid but am glad to have seen it know, it is an a amazing show worthy of great praise. Great cast, entertaining character, and jokes that are legitimately funny! Check this show out if you want to see quality cartoon's.
  • **This Review May Contain Spoilers**

    This was one of the best animated shows I have ever seen.

    The main reason is the chemistry, wit, and realism of the two lead characters, Kim and Ron. Kim is one of the strongest female leads I have seen in any medium, almost like one James Cameron does. Christy Carlson Romano has the talent for it and makes her totally believable. And Ron is enjoyably goofy, well most of the time, voiced by the great Will Friedle. The supporting characters are a lot of fun too, Drakken and Shego (John "Bender" DiMaggio and the excellent Nicole Sullivan) are the funniest villains I've ever seen, and Patton Oswalt is inspired as Dementor. Patrick Warburton, Gary Cole, and Jean Smart also work their way in for great characters.

    The animation is also spectacular. The first season was good but a little awkward. Which show's first season isn't? But by the end of Season 3 it was the best looking animation I had seen other than Pixar. Stephen Silver was the lead character designer and his work is brilliant, and very stylish. It's the epitome of character design in animation so far for me. The backgrounds also match the style of the characters, spearheaded by Andy Ice and Alan Bodner. It reminds the viewers of the Ken Anderson/Maurice Noble standards of animation backgrounds and locations. Adam Berry's music was great too. He evoked the classic spy music by James Bond composer John Barry, but also put his own indelible mark on it, blending the classic and cool orchestra music with a very pop feel to it.

    Seasons 1-3 were outstanding, mostly because while a few episodes were dumb, most (90%) of them were very funny, emotional, and great to watch. By So the Drama, the animation and writing reached their zeniths, and the best moment was the much anticipated kiss between Kim and Ron, becoming a couple.

    Then Season 4 came. It was great that the fans had a say and broke Disney's 65 episode policy, that's very inspirational. But the season was a mixed bag. Most of the episodes got too zany or were very forced. I mean some of the ideas were too far out for most viewers, and Ron is made to look like an almost undesirable person because of his goofiness. There are some genuine moments of love and a great look at the relationship between Kim and Ron, but most elements get lost in the shuffle. I wish the Graduation episode was a little more emotional, but hey, not my call.

    In short this show is excellent. I knock it off of 10 stars because of the mixed bag that was Season 4, but it was still great. Hopefully Disney doesn't let this lie dormant, and something new comes of it in the future.
  • As a show, I don't think Kim Possible is as good as Darkwing Duck, Talespin and DuckTales, which are three of the best animated shows ever made(along with Peter Pan and the Pirates, Sonic the Hedgehog, Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain), but it is an entertaining show and I think one of the better Disney shows of late(Reccess I love as well). I agree some of the villains are clichéd, but I think like another reviewer said they were meant to be. Some episodes are better than others, as some episodes in the middle seasons are a little iffy and a little lacking. But it started off brilliantly, and after a rocky middle, it redeemed itself.

    The animation is fine, I have no real qualms of it, and the music was cool. The writing is witty, deliciously ironic and funny, the story lines in general are original, clever and fun and the characters are delightful. Kim is smart, beautiful and sassy, Ron is often hilarious with a dorky yet endearing personality and Rufus is really cute, cool and even funnier than Ron. I liked the parents, sometimes they don't feature significantly, but they aren't entirely useless while in terms of villains Dr Drakken and Shego are the most entertaining. The voice acting, both lead and guest is top-notch, so overall, Kim Possible is actually a very watchable show. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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