Daniel Lyne: What's our legacy? We saw, we came, we got pissed on weekly?

Daniel Lyne: You do whatever you want to me, insult me, kick me, shit on me, and the only thing I can do to get some fucking respect from you is to hold a gun on you? This is pathetic. And this is your fault!

Ricky Herman: We've known each other for a long time, haven't we guys? I mean there's a history here. In a year from now we're gonna wonder where all these times went. You know what I mean? Hasn't it been fun now?

Barry Schultz: We're not those kind of guys!

Daniel Lyne: What kind of guys? Guys that decide to stop taking abuse. Guys that take control of their own lives? What kind of guys are we, Barry? Me? I'm the kind of guy whose father likes to laugh at him when he comes home with cuts on his face... if he isn't to busy putting new ones on himself. Then I get to go to school and smear shit on myself. And you? What kinda guy are you? The kinda guy whose father walks out on him when he is still on shortpants. The kinda guy who cowers in the corner and leaves absolutely no impression on anything. Nobody gives a fuck about me, Barry. And you know what? No one gives a fuck about you. Except... me. I'm the only friend you ever had. Am I wrong?

Barry Schultz: [short pause] You're right.

Wex Presley: [selling drugs to Dara] You okay?

Dara: I will be when you give me that bag. I mean unless you wanna play shrink and ask me about my fuckin' childhood. You wanna ask me about my fuckin' childhood? 'Cos I got lots to say about it.

Wex Presley: You wanna smoke it, snort it, swallow it?

Dara: What will affect me faster?

Daniel Lyne: What pleasures do you have in your life? Has high school taught you anything except how much this world blows? That expression's true, life does suck and then you do die. It's what you do before than that matters, what mark you left, and since I could give a fuck whether or not I live or die... that's the only thing that I care about.