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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just as unbearable as the summer one, which seems to go on forever, this tired out pile of rubbish now has a new lease of life on Channel 5 after nine years on Channel 4. Basically it is like the general public one, where people are placed in a house cut off from the rest of the world and filmed, in the case of the zeleb one, for three weeks with various challenges to do to make the show more interesting.

    As with all these pointless reality shows with celebrity in the title( mercifully only this and I'm A Celebrity survive of this genre now), the celebs are the usual gaggle of almost forgotten soap stars, glamour models, one hit wonders and a more recent phenomenon, contestants from other reality shows like Jedward and Kerry Katona.

    While about 2 million people still lap this rubbish up, mercifully most people have seen through Celebrity Big Bore and the bunch of whinging, moaning and often unpleasant z list celebs. My one wish is that both versions of Big Brother get cancelled forever as falling ratings suggest people are sick of the show and the hype around it. However, like Star Trek, it seems to have attracted a cult fanbase who are prepared to spend hours standing outside the house in the snow, waiting for someone to be evicted.

    Mercifully, ratings for this show on Channel 5 have now tumbled to a million and it's like the franchise could be cancelled after 2017's series.
  • It's an old format run into the ground. That's basically Celeb Big Brother in a nutshell.

    You get a few people each year that you actually have heard of, but when you have to be told in great lengths about who the people are, and why they count as being a celeb then surely the format is dead? Poor old Emma Willis has to stand there and make the 'twists' in the format seem exciting, and try to make us care about these Z listers, but by now I think we all spot this show for what it is - car crash telly.
  • This is a version of Big Brother that has celebrity housemates and much shorter series.

    Very few of the celebrities are actually famous. Most of them either used to be famous and are trying to make a comeback - or they are talentless wannabes who have never really been famous and are trying to use a reality show to launch their careers.

    Most of the housemates are either boring or are arrogant / obnoxious.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously I hate how Big Brother is still always on our screens. It's the worst television show in the world! It's just such stupid wannabes who wants to be appeared on the camera in order to get more money! It's like, those people appearing on the show don't give a monkeys arse if they act stupid and rude towards the other contestants! This definitely is not a reality show, in fact, it's more like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

    It's just so depressing and ignorant, it would just put you off looking at their sorry faces and the inappropriate behavior that goes on. You could only see just a few well-known "celebrities" contestants on this, the rest just come out of nowhere!

    I really hope they cancel this godforsaken show, it's disgusting and distasteful!
  • There is an awful lot of competition for the above accolade, but this programme is definitely one of the worst around. This series three people have already walked out (as of writing) which shows how much the producers have lost it in recent series in trying to make the very dull antics of the house-mates more interesting. The decreasing viewing figures can hardly make up for the low production values any more.

    There are very few house-mates you could term as being famous. Last year it was won by an unknown, Chantelle who has proceeded to unleash a dire show of her own on the unsuspecting public, but at least we have the consolation that it probably won't be long before viewers get sick of her. The other contestant from that series that springs to mind is George Galloway who with the biggest expense bill of all the MPs last year should be serving his voters, not pretending to be a cat in one of the most cringe-worthy moments of TV in recent years.

    My major problem with the show (as I can just not watch it) is that it is an excuse for most of the most popular newspapers in Britain to devote pages and pages to these wannabes and has-beens in the place of any real news or indeed anything interesting.

    The other thing of course like all so-called 'celebrity' shows is that nobody actually famous or currently successful is going to want to appear on the show and be made to look foolish. Every series the producers 'accidentally' leak names of real celebrities who are supposed to be appearing (but who wouldn't dream of demeaning themselves like this), so that people watch the launch show and go "who the hell is that?" at the entry of half the contestants.

    Please cancel this rubbish now and produce some real entertainment. Please?
  • In the begining CBB was brilliant,actual celebs providing entertainment. Sadly the show is less about entertainment and more about providing a stage for people who are questionably called celebrities. Being know for comitting a crime, being the victim of a crime,someones mistress or ex partner doesn't make a person a celebrity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Big Brother racism controversy from 2007 deserves reflection a decade on.

    Sure, it was unpleasant but the mob and chattering classes really went into overdrive (with good intentions I guess) and I think much to their regret later on. I wonder to what extent the editing misrepresented Jade Goody, Jo O'Meara and Danielle Lloyd in their interaction with Shilpa Shetty in the house. Maybe the mob and chattering classes felt guilty about the gains made by the Conservative Party (with their shameful anti-immigration election slogan "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?") in the 2005 general election.

    With Brexit voted on an the UK leaving the EU, I wonder how the racism controversy would play out now?
  • STAR RATING: ***** The Works **** Just Misses the Mark *** That Little Bit In Between ** Lagging Behind * The Pits

    The same concept as the original BB (where nobodies go in!), only this time with 11 'celebrities', though usually D listers or below or else once big-time stars desperate to re-vive their careers.

    What makes the regular Big Brother stand out is that it's 12 ordinary people who nobody knows and we watch to see what being couped up in a house with 12 different personalities will do to certain individuals and get a car crash sort of thrill out of watching them fall out, bitch and moan about each other. But as regards celebrities, we get enough of that in gossip columns and magazines with them, but still we as a society feel the need for a 'celebrity' big brother (although this year they've put a bit of a slant on this by putting an Essex girl named Chantelle in who's first task is to fool all the other real celebs into thinking she was in a girl-band that had a hit record!)

    Seeing what an impact last year's series had, I ended up feeling a bit left out that I didn't pay much attention to it while it was on, but I've payed pretty sharp attention to this year's series so far. We have a really controversial contestant in Michael Barrymore, still dogged by the unsolved death of a party-goer at his house five years ago and living in New Zealand since. He probably set many tongues wagging before he even set foot in the house, and equally disliked by some is Labour defector George Galloway, backing out of Blair's invasion of Iraq plan at the last minute and an alleged friend of Saddam Hussein's (he might be mourning a loss later on in the year then!) They are easily the two most controversial house-mates and, as the older ones, they've also tried to be the most dominating ones and are now seen as bullies in the eyes of some. Extrovert wise, we have cross dressing basketball champ Dennis Rodman, with his eye seemingly on all the sexy ladies in the house (including Baywatch's first mixed race babe Tracy Bingham and Sven's bit on the side, Faria Alam), and the unbelievable Pete Burns. The rest are the usual ones at the end of the celebrity scale ('Maggot' out of Goldie Lookin' Chain, some guy out of some band I've never heard of and reality TV favourite Jodie Marsh.)

    Like it's original counter-part, it is of course rubbish TV, where conflicting personalities are deliberately hoisted in together to cause friction, spirit-crushing 'tasks' are set to humiliate and wear down the contestants motivation and self-esteem and it's all basically as manufactured as a pop band, but it's also as big a guilty pleasure as it's CP and you can't help but watch it and get hooked in on it. And the series is only young yet, and we never know what will develop. ***
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started watching the normal Big Brother when Nadia, Victor and Marco were in the house in Big Brother 5. After this came Celebrity Big Brother which was pretty much like the regular show, still with Davina McCall, Dermot O'Leary and narrated by Marcus Bentley, except with famous faces as house mates. I started from series 3, and since then they have had: John McCririck, Jackie Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's Mum), Caprice, Jeremy Edwards, Mark 'Bez' Berry (winner), Germaine Greer, Michael Barrymore, Jodie Marsh, Dennis Rodman, George Galloway, Pete Burns (who had surgery to look like a woman) and Traci Bingham. I would have loved to have seen Chris Eubank, Vanessa Feltz, Keith Duffy, Jack Dee, Melinda Messenger, Goldie, Sue Perkins, Les Dennis and Mark Owen. A very good show, just as good as the normal show if not a tiny bit better. Vanessa Feltz's suffering was number 51 on The 100 Greatest Tearjerkers, John McCririck's complaints were number 27 on The 100 Greatest Funny Moments, and it was number 15 on The 100 Greatest TV Treats 2002. Very good!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't even explain why I've decided to review CBB, but here goes, it is trash viewing at its finest, a bunch of z list celebrities with huge egos and non existent careers are forced to live together. That said I cannot help but watch it, every time it comes around, which is now twice a year, I say I'm definitely not watching it, I find myself getting hooked. I'm not one for reality TV in the main, but I can't help but get into it. The Perez/Katie Hopkins series has perhaps been the most watchable to date, watchable I know for all the wrong reasons. You do get to see some of the true nature of some of the celebrities, they start to sweetly and play to the cameras, but often you see the true horrors appear. Beautifully presented by the drop dead gorgeous Emma Willis. A definite guilty pleasure I'd never admit to watching.