Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina at the same time as A Walk to Remember (2002).

Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd appeared in A Time to Kill (1996).

At the beginning, the license plate on the car says "Louisiana 1937".

Several of the cast members (Fionnula Flanagan, Gina McKee, and Dame Maggie Smith) were born outside of the U.S., although they were supposed to be portraying Americans from the American south.

Cherry Jones is only twelve years older than Ashley Judd, who played her daughter in this movie.

Gina McKee, who played the mother of Jack and the younger Teensy Melissa Whitman (Jacqueline McKenzie and Matthew Settle) is only three years older than her on-screen daughter and is only five years older than her on-screen son.

Cherry Jones, who played Ashley Judd's mother, was born in 1956. Judd was born in 1968.

Ellen Burstyn and Matthew Settle appeared in A Deadly Vision (1997).