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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is probably the best CFF movie that has been produced AFTER 1965 (I personally prefer the older ones, especially those from the fifties). It's about a group of 4 children who are stranded on an uninhibited island (or so it seems). After a few days they are aware that there is a monk on the island following them around...

    I have a German dubbed version from this movie recorded in 1989 from TV. I'm also desperately trying to find these other CFF movies: "Mystery in the Mine", "Five Have a Mystery To Solve", "The Little Ballerina", "Danger Point", "Davey Jones Locker", "Friend or Foe", "The Hostages", "In der Bucht von Kitty Hawk" (don't know the English title), "The Man from Nowhere", "The Missing Note", "The Sea Children", "River Rivals", "Treasure in Malta", "Operation Third Form", "The Piper's Tune", "The Secret Cave", "Valley of the Kings", "Ambush at Devil's Gap", "Beware of the Dog", "Dear End Creek", "Five Clues to Fortune" (aka "The Treasure of Woburn Abbey"), "Fourwinds Island", "Night Cargoes", "Raiders of the River", "The Young Detectives", "The Young Jacobites", "Swift Water" and "Bravo Jean".

    It would be great to get in touch with another CFF collector. I have 17 CFF movies in English and 22 with German dubbing. Please write to . Thanks!