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  • This movie marks the new beginning of Mexican comedies for this 2002, I think it deals with black comedy really well, Casas is a really good translator of Mexican tv´s showbusiness. The movie uses simple elements of Mexican social reality to take the moviegoer to its own reality, and show it as an "odd one" and really funny. This movie is intelligent and pungent.
  • fermin77100911 February 2002
    There is a tale written by Edgar Allan Poe in which Scherezade tells the history about a world where strange things happen. In the tale that world is ours, and that narration has as a consequence Scherezade's death.

    "Un mundo raro" is something like Scherezade's last story: it talks about urban violence, corruption, t. v., and all that stuff which one would like to forget. But it is there. One likes it or not.