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  • UC: UNDERCOVER was a very slick action-thriller that was heavy on complicated plots and very stylized cinematography. The first episode was a rollercoaster ride of action and excitement. The next few after that didn't quite live up to it, but once the season got going, things started picking up again. Oded Fehr was awesome as the team leader, displaying a terrific combination of mystery and coolness that made his character the most intriguing of the bunch. Jon Seda and the sexy Vera Farmiga were good as the team's pointmen, with Jarrad Paul and Bruklin Harris adding support as the information gatherers of the team. William Forsyth was a standout as Sonny Walker, the illusive criminal mastermind who always managed to elude the team. But my favorite episodes were the ones that dealt with the team going after other criminals.

    As I had expected, NBC cancelled it before the season was even over, but I do have to give them credit for at least airing two final finished episodes, especially since one of them featured a story that closed the door on the Sonny Walker subplot and gave fans at least that much amount of closure. I now regret not recording any of them, but maybe they're show up again somewhere in reruns for awhile. My Sunday nights are definitely boring now.
  • Just about every new show that I bothered tuning into this past season got canceled, which is a really inconvenient nightmare for me because I shafted several of my regular television programs just to invest my time in the new pilots.

    Yes, CBS's "WOLF LAKE", FOX's "PASADENA", ABC's "THE MOLE II" and now NBC's "UC: UNDERCOVER". At this point, I should be asking myself why I even bother watching new shows that never make it the full season. BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD AND EVERYONE WHO IS ON THE NIELSEN SURVEY NEVER WATCHES THE SHOW AND IT GETS CANCELED! I'll bet there are million of viewers such as myself who watch these shows that get canned. I find it atrocious that there is a small handful of people in the U.S. who are surveyed and depending on what they watch - spells the outcome for the rest of us (and the world).

    I really enjoyed "UC: UNDERCOVER", I thought it went well with "LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT" and besides, there was nothing else on at 10:00pm on Sunday nights for me to watch. I really enjoyed seeing Oded Fehr, William Forsythe, Ving Rhames, Vera Farmiga and Jon Seda on-screen together... not at the cinema, but on my television set! The story-lines were interesting and there was plenty of action and suspense in each episode. If anyone noticed, Angie Everhart and Donnie Wahlberg also made regular appearances on the show. We could have learned more about these characters but alas, this show is no more.

    I don't even think "UC: UNDERCOVER" lasted a whole season. It mysteriously disappeared from the air without a word and I haven't seen it back on since. I don't know why this show wasn't a "hit" with our NIELSEN viewers. I honestly thought this was one of the best shows I've seen on television in the last five years.
  • I have really enjoyed this new series and especially Oded Fehr. I just read a rumor that the series was canceled! Please tell me it isn't so! I first saw him in the Mummy and was glad to see that he is getting more face time in the US. What can be done to save this show and give us a reason to watch TV next season? No more game shows please! Action-adventure rules!
  • Deana_197722 October 2001
    This show is fantastic! I became a fan of Oded Fehr after seeing him as Ardeth Bay in The Mummy movies, and couldn't wait for this show to start! He's great! It's so neat seeing him in such a different role! This show is so cool, it's got an awesome score and neato plots! The actors are all great. Jon Seda is really good too. I hope this show last for years, it's definitely worth watching! (And taping!) Long live UC: Undercover! LOL :) Deana
  • UC:Undercover has been a rollercoaster ride the first two weeks, and I can't wait to get back on! It is wonderful to see Vera Farmiga again! She is a powerful actress, I loved her in "Roar"! And Jon Seda is really good, just like the rest of the team seem to keep pointing out while watching him in action! Great action, good plotlines. Finally, something with even *part* of the rush/calibur on Sunday Night to fill the vast empty space left by the end of La Femme Nikita...
  • I saw a lot of commercials for this show and i was always anticipating for it to finally appear on tv and after the first episode i labeled this show my favorite, it has such awesome acting, action characters and cast, its got William Forsythe, Ving Rhames(one of the best actors) and the buy that played Antoine from Deuce Bigaleow: Male Gigalo its awesome!!
  • UC: Undercover is a wonderful show! It's full of action, suspense, drama, comedy! It's got everything! The characters are great! This show has a movie feel to it. The way it's filmed, written, and acted. It's worth checking out.
  • This could be a great show but the camera work is terrible, I don't know if the camera person is being directed to shoot that way or it's his own technique but it does make for a very irritating show. It is difficult to watch when the camera moves for no reason or refocuses on a closeup. This is not a rock video, I want to watch a steady shot and not get sea sick. People, try to get it right or you are going to lose a large portion of your audience. I believe in special effects and camera techniques but this is pure eye strain.
  • I loved this show ever since it came on. But, it was on at the worst possible time. What was it, 10 PM on Sunday? Jeez! It really would have done a lot better at a different time. I'm only 14, and I stayed up every Sunday to watch this wonderful show. I don't really like dramas, but this one was absolutely great. NBC- Bring it back!!!
  • It's an awesome show..I am just a little dizzy with the camara action, I have to get used to it, I know it makes it realistic, but I need to adjust. Jon Seda, could he be hotter? When I found out that he and Oded Fehr were both going to be in it, I was so excited, as they are my most favorite actors. Keep up the good work! <3 Heather
  • This was a show that, with its mini-movie format, obtained and held the audiences attention. No talking in the office - car chase - back to talking in the office routine here. The writing, direction and acting always made you forget you were watching your TV at home, rather making you believe you were out there in a wide screen setting, experiencing with the performers the drama and tension of working undercover, never knowing if at any moment, you might be recognised. Jon Seda, a brilliant young actor getting a chance to really shine, brought his already large following to this series from his previous films and other TV successes. Oded Fehr, another brilliant young actor, brought a new face to TV, together with his own audience following from his films. The excellent writing, direction, and the acting ability of the other cast members added weekly to the audience base that NBC could have expected to grow with each episode. This show suffered from lack of good promotion, and the misfortune of being frequently pre-empted by awards shows, film re-runs and other delays and postponements that caused the audience to wonder if this was actually a weekly series, and therefore caused the audience lack of interest and loyalty that NBC used as the reason for cancellation. It is hard to understand why NBC would consider cancelling a series with the potential of Undercover. We welcome the airing of the back to back episodes on March 23rd, and feel that, if NBC were to vigorously promote this, and air a number of re-runs, then they would see a more than satifactory return in audience numbers and ratings, and NBC could enjoy the reward of having yet another top-rating drama/action success.
  • I've watched this program from the beginning. The characters are serious about what they do, but still show their human side. There is an intensity that keeps me wanting to watch more and more. I hear the show will be going on an "extended vacation." I'm glad we'll be able to watch at least 2 more episodes.

    Hopefully NBC will have a change of heart. The show has definitely been worth watching. More shows like this would be great.
  • I was hooked from the first time I saw UC. Everything about it is great. The acting, the music, the stories,etc. were all just wonderful. I can't think of another show on TV that I have looked forward to seeing as much as UC. And I also think that it was getting better and better with every episode.
  • This show had me on the edge of my seat for an entire hour. I enjoy the actors--characters are believable and intense. Good plots with great twists. I especially love Oded Fehr. Great actor in this show. Be sure to tune in!
  • Finally! A show that doesn't insult my intelligence. Okay, so I have to let my imagination run wild once in a while, but this is a show for thinkers.

    I wasn't expecting to like this show, but when I realized I was sitting on the edge of my seat, I knew I was hooked. I had to really listen to catch everything that was going on, laughing with Cody's (Jarrad Paul) comments, and, sometimes, cheering for the bad guys.

    The character development kept me coming back for more. We didn't have a five minute "this is my life" on any of the characters, esp. Donovan (Oded Fehr), the tough but caring leader. This man gives complex a whole new meaning! And we saw Jake (Jon Seda) go from a whiny, self-centered brat to a strong and capable, still a little uncertain, agent. Alex (Vera Farmiga) found her way as well, realizing that it's okay to be a little less than tough all the time.

    The music was great and led us right along the path the writers, producers, directors wanted us on. Some of the best music I've heard on television. Great guest stars, from William Forsythe, Ving Rhames, Wes Studi, etc. If you need a mini-action movie to get your week started, this was the place to be!

    The only problem I saw was that there was not enough of it! An hour wasn't enough time. At first, with the story arcs, that worked, but once they changed the format a little, to fit it all in, I wanted more! I highly recommend searching out and watching City on Fire, The Siege, Zero Options, and Hunting Armando. Powerful episodes that will keep you on the edge of the seat (and might have you sharing words with your television that you didn't know you knew!)
  • lrafnx24 February 2002
    I love this show and was sooooo mad when I found out that it was cancelled. There will be two episodes on March 23, 2002. Please watch and let NBC know how great it really is. It gives you a feel for what undercover agents go through. I know you'll love it too.
  • I'll admit I first started watching the show simply because Oded Fehr was in it but stayed with the show and will continue fighting for the show because it sucks you in. The cast(half of whom I didn't know) is excellent and the storyline gets you involved right from the beginning. I'm not a big fan of drama/action shows and tend to go more for sci-fi but this show is the kind that should be on television and remain there for a very long time. Just felt I had to add my voice to the masses Sam
  • ucsrrsarah21 February 2002
    Continuing on......

    The guest characters are also amazing. William Forsythe as the dangerous Sonny Walker. You realy believe that he is the dangerous criminal who has a vendetta against Jake Shaw. Ving Rames who who plays Quito Real. He actually makes you fear him my the way he talks and laughs. And also Treat Williams who plays Teddy C, the great Undercover agent who fakes his death when he turns bad.

    Then, there is the producer and creater without whom there would be no show is Shane Salerno. Without his writing and producing abilities there would be no show. Next is a thanks for keeping his shows many devoted fans up to date with what is going on with the show whether it be good bad or even funny with his posts. Thank you Shane and good luck

  • ucsrrsarah21 February 2002
    I just have to say that UC is one of the best shows that i have seen in a long time. It is a nice change from all the comedies and the reality shows that are on now. This show is very different from the normal cop show. It centers around an elite group of undercover agents and goes deep into the life of an undercover agent. The cast of the show is amazing. Oded Fehr (from the Mummy and Mummy2) who brings a commanding presence to the show as the leader. Jon Seda (Homicide, Selena, and the new movie Undisputed) makes his character believable by showing not only how great of an agent his character he is but also shows how trying and emotionally draining it can be to be undercover agent. Watching him makes you believe in the character Jake Shaw. Vera Farmiga is also great as the character Alex Cross. She portrays her character as having two sides to her. The first as the very professional agent who is a master of disguise by using different accents and seduction to do her job. And the other side as a woman who have to put a man she loved and watched as another one died in her arms. She also shows how emotionally draining and stressful it can be. While on the outside she appears to be very tough though she cares about the whole team very much, especially Jake who she is very close to. Jarrad Paul shows us a talented and very good tech agent. He portrays the tech agent extremely well. He also brings comedy to the show by the way he is always able to annoy Frank, especially at the the worst times. And Brucklin Harris as Monica Davis. Monica is the profiler, You really don't see much as far as her character but she is amazing at creating covers for Jake and Alex. She and Cody work closely and sometimes she appears to be the most level headed of them all. To be continued
  • It's been a long time since I've sat riveted to the edge of my sofa, forgetting my family, forgetting my dinner, even letting my favourite Assam tea get cold - normally something inexcuseable in my house! - glued to the TV-set, forgetting everything but the show! It grabbed me by the throat, stole my breath, squeezed my heart and captured my soul. And I think that that's what this show has been doing to a lot of people. People like me, who don't show up in any ratings, who aren't part of Nielson or any survey, but still fans of the show - heart and soul. UC:Undercover just blew me away! And there hasn't been a show in years that's been able to do that! I'm 40 now, I've seen many shows come and go - but this one's special! This one is everything I've always hoped for in a series. Intelligent, deep, thoughtful, resourceful, heartbreaking, soulshaking, sensitive, riveting...

    It's perfect and I want more!!! Lots more!!!
  • I am totally addicted to UC: Undercover. I love this show. It is Great, Wonderful, Fantastic, Superior, Stupendous, Perfect...ect. I have every episode on tape. I can't go two days without watching it. I love everything...The plots, the characters, the writers, the music, the cutting-edge camera work...I love Absolutely everything. Unfortuneately, the network has done a poor job of promoting this show, resulting in less than stellar ratings. But it's all their fault! There is nothing wrong with the show. If the network would just give it a chance, I'm sure it would be one of the most successful shows on TV. I've gotten all my friends and family hooked on this show. It is by far and away the most intelligent and exciting show out there. It is the best show on TV. Period.
  • Hello Executives of NBC and anyone else who might be interested,

    I found that UC:UNDERCOVER when it first aired in September that it came across as a riveting and action pact program. UC:UNDERCOVER was cut to the chase action! UC:UNDERCOVER also let you see both sides of the spectrum; such as "The Criminals" you could hear and see what they were up to and what brought them down in the end! "The Agents" you got to experience the sorrow of the lies they had to do in order to get the missions accomplished and the sacrifices that were made while they were undercover. Mostly, I loved watching UC:UNDERCOVER because it entertained me as well as giving me something to look forward to watching every week! It gave you drama, humor and suspense all rolled up into one hour weekly. It was like reading a new chapter of adventure with lots of moving pictures!!

    Thank you, Roxanne
  • UC is the only show that makes me actually look forward to Sundays. It has a dynamic cast with incredible chemistry, that I haven't found on a show in a long time. I'm not one for 'cop' dramas, but this is different. The plots and storylines are ones rarely depicted on tv before, usually reserved for movies. UC gets a solid A in my book. The best action/suspense show on tv.
  • I have to say that this series was one of the reasons I got back into watching television. Granted that the first few episodes were choppy and hard to watch, but as one gets further and further into the series, it changed into a much more intense show. Much akin to watching a mini-movie each Sunday. I found myself sucked into each episode and wanting more.

    However,I'm very disturbed at NBC's lack of promoting this series, opting instead to push "Friends" type shows.

    C'mon NBC why are you sitting on your hands and letting this cast and crew drift off to other projects?
  • I really like this program and am disappointed that it has been apparently abandoned by NBC and is slowly fading away. The cast is excellent. Vera Farmiga and Jon Seda are very effective in their roles as UC agents - always strong and never in doubt of their abilities, but sometimes overwhelmed by the demands of their jobs. Bruklin Harris and Jarrad Paul are convincing in their support roles. Jarrad Paul in particular, as Cody, provides a very enjoyable humorous antidote to the tense story lines. Oded Fehr is powerful and compelling as the UC team leader, Donovan - his character has begun to evolve from "controlling new guy" to inclusive leader and to develop unique relationships with team members. The individual story lines and arcs have all been engaging - I particularly enjoyed "The Siege," which was a gripping story about a prison riot that occurs when "Jake" and "Alex" are working undercover in the prison.

    It's very disappointing that NBC has declined to promote UC: Undercover. In fact, many weeks go by between the airing of episodes, making it difficult for loyal fans to know when to look for it. I also find it puzzling that networks in general are reluctant to give shows like UC: Undercover an opportunity to settle in a bit before a decision is made about the program's future - this is one program that, while appealing from the first episode, has gotten better and better with each episode. Hopefully they'll let people know about the double episodes in March so that fans who won't have seen it for over 2 months will know it's on!
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