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  • Collector Jagat Pratap Singh (Prem Nazeer) insists that the laws of the land must be followed to the letter, while his son Ravi (Vijayaraagavan) believes that taking the law in your own hands is the only way to effectively bring justice.

    In the same town there is a villainous duo, Bhushan Nath (Jose Prakash) and Kabza Kanhaiyalal (K.P Abbas) who are both rich and influential. Their sons Kailash (M.G Soman) and Prakash (Vincent) are worse than their fathers. Rape, murder and extortion are their main deeds. Ravi tries to kill them to avenge his journalist friend Satyan's death but is stopped by his father in the nick of time. This results in a bitter confrontation between father and son.

    Ravi leaves home with a promise to return only when he has achieved something in life. He becomes a tough Police Inspector who arrests criminals while staying within the boundaries of the law. Is justice finally served? Do the father and son reunite? Shashikumar has directed this multi-starer that also stars Lakshmi and Unni Meri in the female leads. The film's music is composed by M.K Arjunan.