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  • www-yfm2 July 2015
    Best film with Prem Nazir-Jayabharathi-Sujatha trio. They rock. A very beautiful and touching film. Jayabharathi scores above the rest for acting and dances; Sujatha performs well for some parts. Jayabharathi and Sujatha are sisters; they look like real. They love the same man (Prem Nazir) and before he realizes the love shared between them; Jayabharathi confesses her love. Exceptionsl twist of sacrifice and love between sisters. The soundrack to this film is beautiful and combies the sounds beautifully. All the songs are great to lisne; the most famous being Changhambuzha..picturised beautifully on Jayabharathi and Prem Nazir. A classic scene is when Sujatha comes home after marrying Madhu and the showdown follows with sister Jayabharathi. Another highlight is the love confessions scene between sisters. A shame that they don't make interesting films like these anymore...