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  • I give this movie a 8 out of 10 even as it is quite predictable. But to be honest the movies in these days were quite predictable. What made the movies were the performances, music and actors. And Yakshagaanam has it all, drama, comedy, romance and great songs. Madhuis, well Madhu. Sheela is looking good as always and gives a typical Sheela performance while K.P Ummar is good as usual. Special mention must go out to T.K Balachandran who gives a good performance in the first half of the movie. If you want to enjoy more movies of him check out any P.Subrahmanyam directed movie and he'll be in ti for 85 percent. The songs by M.S Vishwanathan sung by K.J Yeshudas and L.R Eeshwari are gems. Songs like ARUPATHINAALU KALA and NISHEETHINEE NISHEETHINEE are in this movie. A treat to watch