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  • TheLittleSongbird19 March 2010
    Of course I don't think it is as good as "The Woody Woodpecker Show", which is a classic. But I love this show, I used to watch it every day I got home from primary school all the way up to year 7. Some of the episodes are a little on the corny side and some go a little too fast, but the animation is of fluid, colourful quality, there is a fun theme tune and some very interesting gags. I also like the characters and the voice acting. I have always liked Woody, and he is great fun, especially with his iconic laugh, which I still imitate, and Wally the Walrus was funny. I remember having a spot spot for that adorable little penguin Chilly Willy too.

    Overall, I enjoy this show, it isn't as good as the 1957 classic show, but it is a considerable improvement over most cartoons airing now. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • At first glance it may look like a show that's for kids, but it's still really funny even if I'm not a kid anymore (although I still am a Children's show fan.. hehe). Anyways, Woody Woodpecker still doesn't cease to amaze me and make me laugh. Imagine, he now is a cartoon character and he still is funny! Even with just the voice! I think that the show is also a good idea because there can only be one woody Woodpecker and once he gets too old, he might not be able to portray Woody anymore, but in cartoons, he can last forever! :D Bravo!
  • One of many attempts by Fox Kids to recapture the success of Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures after the Warner Bros. produced properties relocated to Kids WB with the launch of The WB network, The Woody Woodpecker Show is the Animaniacs formula but using Walter Lantz's cartoon stable produced for Universal in the 1940s(with the exception of Andy Panda who I don't recall ever appearing on the show) with original material produced by Universal Cartoon Studios(who also gave us a plentathra of Balto, Land Before Time, and American Tail DTV movies). Much like Fox Kids' other attempts to recapture Animaniacs success, Toonsylvania and The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, The Woody Woodpecker Show copies the format from its inspirational source, but can't match the wit,writing, and timing. Technically speaking the show is well animated with fluid motion and decent character designs, but the humor is much more scattershot with some gags eliciting a chuckle while others fall flat. In terms of shows that tried to tap into the zeitgeist that gave rise to Animaniacs and Tiny Toons, The Woody Woodpecker Show is nowhere near as good as its inspiration but it's also not as bad as The Wacky World of Tex Avery. The show does have a few moments of humor here and there, but if superior products are readily available you're not missing much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I first saw this on YouTube before finally watching the rest of the series on Netflix before it was taken off and it was pretty good. Maybe not as great as the classic shorts but it holds its own still. If there's one thing i'm not a big fan of its the main character. Woody is not bad but he is something of a douche towards the other characters. He's lazy, a moocher and uninterested in almost everything around him unless it has something to do with money or food. He does have his shining moments though as he will help others when needed or foil Buzz and his new lackey Tweeky(both voiced by Mark Hamill) who never seem to learn their lesson.

    The other characters such as Chilly Willy, Smedley, Winnie Woodpecker and their niece and nephew Knothead and Splinter are a welcome addition to the show especially since they have their own segments of the show. It's funny to see Chilly Willy try to survive in Antartica by stealing from Smedley or some other animal living there as well as Knothead and Splinter ge into stuff and see them get out. It would've been nice to see Woody and Chilly interact with each other in the course of the series. Woody's neighbors Wally Walrus and Ms. Meany are also ok. They're not really villains as much as they are his landlady and neighbor trying to put up with his antics. Anyway, it's a good show and i'd recommend it to anyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The New Woody Woodpecker Show is just something I only watched very occasionally, I don't watch it too much because it's just a bit corny in some episodes. Woody Woodpecker is a very good cartoon character with that squeaky voice and that laugh. He just lived his life up in his tree house and either heard about something or was complained at by his neighbours. There was Wally the Walrus and some woman I can't remember the name of with a huge nose. There was another character who had his own episode called Chilly Willy who was a penguin trying to get warm or food. I obviously don't watch it always, especially not the repeats, but I know kids will like it. The original Woody Woodpecker was included at number 88 on The 100 Greatest Cartoons. Okay!
  • mrsemmaemely19 August 2020
    Not much to say except that this show lacks something that the others have. The cartoon is just like any other cartoon of its time (early 2000s), although the jokes are corny and sometimes come off as just cringy, the writing has a lot left to be desired (there's some things resembling how the old cartoons were like, such as the slapstick humour or the action scenes; but it doesn't stick to the original source), and the characters feel flat. The animation for the 1st season tries to mimic the animation of cartoon in the 90s (such as Ren and Stimpy) and comes off as just unusual and awkward (I mean, it's trying to mimic the surrealism of 90s cartoons, but fails in doing that). The other seasons animations return to a more formalized style of animation, but it doesn't really do anything to improve the show. The show lacks any sort of identity. The source material is barely touched upon other than a few samples here and there. Compared to other cartoons of its time, this one is really lacking and underwhelming (Spongebob obviously destroys this cartoon. I know that Spongebob is overlooked and sometimes overwatched, but I'm only talking about the first three seasons. Even then, season 4 and beyond the episodes are still entertaining and watchable). If you have kids that are like 6 or below, then this is perfect for them. The rest of the age group, please watch something else.
  • I'm sorry but this show is just so lame. There's nothing to even compliment this show. Unless you are like a Kindergartner, this show comes off as very corny and sometimes just extremely cringe, especially the first few episodes. It's unbearable. It's not even the good type of cringe (like the office), just cringe. The story telling is like any average cartoons, except they don't put any effort to actually make it interesting. It's so stereotypical and sometimes comes off as monotonous because of the lack of any interesting subjects. The animation feels so computer generated that the backgrounds and characters lack any detail. It's as if a beginner animator developed an animation engine from scratch and never optimized it. Like seriously, it looks like the Wii graphics because you can see the pixelation of lines. Other cartoons of this era had even better animation (heck, even Spongebob used original cel-animated animation in its first season, and that animation completely shreds this show's animation). Next thing on the trash list are the characters. Starting off with the main character, Woody. Not a single bit interesting except for the fact that its name is clearly inappropriate. All he ever does is annoy anyone for no reason, as if they're the bane of his existence, and then laughs a monotone melody every single episode, as if that was its only trademark ever (oh wait, it is). Seriously, is there anything interesting about him? Apart from things that aren't even iconic and don't change anything (pecking, laughing etc.). Just another stereotypical cartoon character. For the other characters? Well, they just bought them from a stock website like shutterstock and inserted them there. Well anyways, I'm glad Universal released a movie about Woody that will hopefully remove him from the media for the foreseeable future.