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  • This was a show I grew up watching as a kid in the 90's. The premise is that it was filmed entirely at Disneyland with the setting of Toontown as its' main focus. The Toontown section of Disneyland was brand new at the time this show first aired so what better way to sponsor it than as a TV show. The hosts of the show are a young man and woman who do activities in Toontown or around the Disneyland park. In between the segments would be a a Disney animated short film usually related to the subject of the show. I don't know what the filming schedule was like for this show, but the film crew must of manage their schedule with the theme park's hours as most of the episodes were in the middle of the day. I work for California Adventure, and have yet to find any piece of history this show might of left behind at the park or find someone who knew about the filming of the show at the time. For many years I completely forgotten about the title of the show and always refer to it as "Mickey's Toontown" when it was simply titled as "Toontown Kids". Thanks to the internet and the "Toontown" part of the title I was able to rediscover this show and was glad it wasn't the case of the Mandela effect. Because this show only aired on the KCLA station, only California citizens knew of the show at the time. But since it only aired on local stations it meant that it had a little exposure to the world. There are very few websites that include info on the episodes. It's uncertain if the episodes exist at the KCLA's film vault or the Disney TV film vault. I want to believe that this show exists in its entirety, otherwise it may forever be lost in time. A pity cause this show is an important piece of Disney nostalgia and I hope one day I can finally relive the memories this show provided.