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  • leelacade30 October 2017
    I recently was able to snag subtitles for this and so finally got to see it with all the dialog complexity. It's a classic example of Mexico's answer to the Spaghetti Western, the Ranchero genre. It starts enough like a Spaghetti Western, being a revenge story. But that bit plays out rather quickly and the story revolves around a woman and her fiancé and the consequences of her incidental contact with the stranger that was seeking revenge.

    Bottom line, if you've ever watched a Spaghetti Western and thought, "I'd like more character development and relationship intrigue and less action"- I'm going to assume that's happened at least once, though I can't imagine it- then this is your movie. Though the title tries to make it seem much more Spaghetti Western than it is. In English, it means, "Crosses Across the Wilderness".

    Great images of Mexico, it's great with an enchilada dinner. If the above doesn't describe you, it's still watchable, imho.