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  • plowboy48 July 2003
    This is a great film for kids and parents alike. It teaches valuable lessons in a fun, action packed setting. THe people who make these movies and shows about the Thornberrys obviously love nature, and it shows in the quality of the films/shows, and hopefully translates into the viewing audience. THis is not some mindless cartton, but a great example of how education about our natural world can be fun and entertaining.
  • The current rating for this film on this website is four and a half out of ten. This is SO not true. I mean, sure, the grown-ups aren't as sympathetic as they could be and some scenes could be better off deleted, but I mean COME ON. It isn't THAT BAD!

    This underrated film is about a girl named Eliza Thornberry who can talk to animals! Her family go to Africa and Eliza meets an old cheetah cub friend called Tally, along with his brothers and sisters. While they are playing, Tally is caught by a poacher! :( Eliza MUST save him! Then Eliza realises that she is going to a boarding school in London...

    I recommend this lovely film for fans of the TV series, people who love animals and people who just want to sit down and watch a pleasant, exciting cartoon film! Guaranteed to enjoy! :)
  • I think this movie was really cute and deserved higher ratings than it is getting. It was very entertaining, very clean, and kept your interest throughout the whole entire movie. Too many people judge too harshly when it comes to good, clean entertainment. Can they do any better at producing or acting themselves? I don't think so! I give this movie an 8 out of 10! Good wholesome entertainment!
  • As an adult fan of the Wild Thornberrys TV show I was very happy to see the film. I was delighted by the fact that movie kept the feel of the TV show while letting us see a little more than we were accustomed to in a half hour. I am amazed though at how many professional critics have reviewed this movie without knowing much background -- to set the record straight Eliza is an American - only her father and paternal grandparents are British - Her mother and maternal grandparents (we know them from the TV show) are American so if Debbie talks like an American teenager that is because she is. Darwin had me laughing out loud -- I hope that there will be more films or at least more new episodes of the show - and thankfully Donnie was kept to a minimum !
  • We took my two daughters to this film and had a delightful time. I was worried about seeing it since I am not a big fan of the television show, but the voice acting was superb and the soundtrack was incredible. After the film, we immediately needed to pick up a copy of the soundtrack if only to get the Paul Simon song. Since this Christmas didn't have too much for families with very young kids, we were extremely happy we saw this film. Our girls (3 and 1.5) adored it and their folks had fun too!
  • This is now my favorite animated movie from Nickelodeon and Paramount pictures! I still can't believe that most people thought the movie was awful. It was wonderful. Beautiful animation, characters, etc. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good outdoors-type movie. I also like the villainous Sloan. He's the kind of villain that I enjoy. He's evil yet you can't help but like him. 2 thumbs up!
  • elzbone24 November 2004
    The underlying theme in this movie is about family. You have the two parent engrossed in their work, an older sister who is incredibly self-involved, a disapproving grandmother, and a little sister who is left to her own devices to amuse herself. But even though everyone is so different, they come together to do what is best for their family. Okay, so little Eliza's ability to speak with animals helps out a lot.

    I enjoy the TV show, and I thought that the movie was a perfect extension of that. This movie is great for kids, and has talented talents like Tim Curry, Lyn Redgrave, and Flea (okay so that is an odd one to add to the mix) to appease the adults. But the story itself is one that is beautifully written, and told. It was worth the money to see it in the theater.
  • Bingo! Klasky/Csupo, the bullseye production team who brought us "Rugrats", has again delivered the goods with this big-cat leap from TV to silver screen of "The Wild Thornberrys Movie".

    Charming. Engaging. Honest. Sharply cast and Fantastically fun. Powerful and emotionally moving, the "Black Rhino" drew tears from both the kiddies and their parents. Well done.

    "The Wild Thornberrys Movie". A must see.
  • I agree with the other user that commented on the falsely low rating of this movie - it looks like somebody had it in for the movie. Give it a 7 or 7.5. The plot is good. The characters are simple but well done (appropriate for children). Some exaggeration is given to the characters for comic effect and it works.

    I'm still laughing about the baboons and the purple butt. My daughter is a teen and thinks the idea is quite disgusting (like Debbie). My son is 5 and thinks it would be wonderful to have a purple but and dance with the baboons (like Donnie). So he does. :)
  • As we all know, Eliza was blessed with the gift of talking to animals when she freed an injured animal who turned out to be a shaman. On safari with her family, she goes out to play with her lion friends when poachers pounce and steal one of the cubs. Eliza is determined to get her friend back but first has to escape from the English boarding school that her Grandmother has insisted she attend to make her more ladylike.

    In my defence it is my inability to sleep on airplanes during the day that led me to watch this film – not just my desire to see a cartoon. I am vaguely aware of the series but have never cared enough to actually ever watch an episode – nor will I ever be likely to! However, as a way of passing 90 minutes, I was happy to have it and quite surprised to find that, although not aimed at adults, I was not put to sleep by it. The plot is very simple but has enough going on to keep the interest and keep the screen busy. It is rarely funny but it is quite amusing all the way through. It is simple stuff but I did enjoy it.

    The animation is not that impressive but it is professional and colourful and I never felt that corners had been cut – it all looked big and fun. The cast and characters are good – hardly difficult or complex but still good enough to do the job. The main family are funny enough with their mix of accents (love that monkey!) from Curry, Chabert, Kane etc and the support cast is good with enjoyable little roles for Woodard, Redgrave, Tomei and Everett- who takes to the role with a bit of relish and his tongue in his cheek.

    Overall, hardly a great film but one that I'm sure many parents will have to watch due to their kids watching the series. As such it is actually OK. The plot is simple but not simplistic or dull, the film is busy with a good amusing tone and the whole thing works well throughout. Young children will enjoy it and, while there is not much for adults in the way that Pixar delivers the goods, parents will not be bored senseless by it and may, if they are in the mood find it enjoyable if childish.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For some reason or another this movie's reviews here haven't been glowing; this really should change. While not the best animated movie ever, it's certainly the best that Nick has ever offered and possibly the best based on a TV show. It is based on the TV series that focuses on Eliza Thornberry, the girl with the ability to talk to animals, and the rest of her family. This movie gives most of the characters the due attention they deserve (Donnie is thankfully kept to a minimum, though we could've had more Marianne) and keeps them true to themselves. The animation and artwork are also very much like the series's, though upgraded slightly to make the landscapes more beautiful and the animals more realistic. The music (both soundtrack and score) are also very good; I got goosebumps during the cold-open of a cheetah hunting to some traditional savanna chanting. All and all, good so far. Now for the plot: it's actually pretty great. While keeping the whimsy of the series, it explores important messages like family and environmentalism with a rather dark and serious story. Long story short: Eliza feels that she must correct a wrong by saving a cheetah cub that was snatched up by poachers, and in her quest to expose the wrongdoers stumbles upon a truly vile plot that endangers thousands of elephants. Through this she learns that it isn't her powers that make her amazing: it's the fact that she cares enough to do something with them. For a kid's movie, it's pretty good. The major fault in this movie (to me) was the overuse of the so-called "Wedgie Dance". It was funny the first time, but not after that. Still, it's a kid's movie, and they love that kind of stuff. All and all, give this movie a shot. Especially if you like animals.
  • The Wild Thornberrys (as a show that is) is better than the Rugrats, in my opinion. This movie is beautiful, and in my opinion, the best of the nickelodeon animated movies. I think the rating of 4.6 is just ridiculous, it's a kids movie, and an extremely good one at that. I wasn't expecting another Beauty and the Beast, I was expecting a film that was faithful to the show yet still was engaging for kids and adults, and The Wild Thornberrys Movie for me did that, and be thankful that the animation is so good, and the plot as simple as it was. It certainly isn't the best movie ever made, but I have seen much, much worse movies, honestly I have.It tells the story of Eliza (who you should never judge by her appearance), who tries to save a cheetah cub, and sets out to find him. The film was both funny and moving at the same time. The soundtrack was moving and beautifully sung by Paul Simon. The humour comes from Darwin and Nigel(wonderfully voiced by Tim Curry) who are both hilarious in the movie and the TV show. All the characters add something to the film, and I am sick of people dragging it down through the mud. The other voice talents are very good, a standout being Rupert Everett as Sloan who is a villain through and through, and can people stop associating villains as evil sorcerers bent on revenge! Honestly, even Disney are straying from that tired formula. I recommend this film, 8.5/10. Bethany Cox
  • I read a lot of reviews from people that seemed underwhelmed by this film. I wonder really what movie they were watching or if they went into the cinema with their bias against animated stories firmly in place.

    We just watched this film and my daughter (8 going on 18!), my husband and I all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The story was interesting and didn't rely too heavily on prior knowledge from the show (if anything, the story ignored the show to the point of forgetting about an episode where Debbie tried boarding school and hated it). The writers also didn't rely too much on Donnie-antics to carry the story. The little there was didn't seem offensive or over the top to us. The soundtrack was terrific, especially the song "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon and the music by Peter Gabriel. The animation was "Klasky/Csupo" style, but was smoother than the TV version is.

    All in all, it was a fun and even (dare I say it?) thought provoking way to spend an afternoon. The discussions that we have had today about how some families are different from others, the environment and the poaching of animals and "daddies and daughters" were worth the price of admission alone. Add to that a good, fun film that didn't bore either the grownups or the daughter, and "The Wild Thornberrys" gets added to the "Must Buy" DVD list in our house!
  • vincentga25 February 2004
    Hi !

    Everything is funny in this movie. Nice graphic, funny voice, good music.

    Story is good too. A movie to look in family definitively. I give to this movie 8/10.

    Character are funny a lot. Father, mother, Grandmom, Grandpa and,children. Also the monkey. :0)

    It show little bit about respect of nature and I like this idea.
  • I liked the film more than I expected to. I gave it 7 stars of 10. I do not enjoy the Rugrats type characters. The teen girl has the least irritating animation. I find the funny heads distracting and the wild child baffling. I did like the environmental consciousness of the story but I too wish African continent films gave African people credit for being "in charge". Still the story does support protecting wildlife so it has good points.

    The little girl I took to see the film is 5 1/2 years old and she loved it. She was all excited about the "Wedgie dance" which I found rather vulgar. Again I wish that children's films didn't make vulgar humor so engaging. I will probably take her and a little friend to see the next film if it gets good reviews but only if it plays down the "potty" humor stuff that Rugrats seem to glorify even more. The scenery in this reminded me of Lion King. The music was very enjoyable and I will probably buy the CD for my little friend to listen to.
  • This movie has exactly what fans of the TV show want. The same lovable, funny characters on the big screen with interesting settings and animals. Once again, they do their research and the poachers are topical, if one-dimensional.
  • I remember watching 'The Wild Thornberrys' TV show as a kid and always enjoyed it. I saw the movie when it first came out in 2002 and watched it again recently when I came across it on Prime. I'm really surprised at how relatively unknown the movie is, and the TV show has even fewer votes. I always assumed it was well-known and popular, but the measly 12000 votes and handful of reviews suggests otherwise.

    'The Wild Thornberrys Movie' is identical to the TV show but with a more movie-appropriate story and added adventure. I always enjoyed the characters, especially Eliza's father who always made me laugh as a kid. I'm surprised and a bit disheartened to see how relatively unknown this movie is. It's nothing special but it definitely deserves more recognition, and a more fairer rating.
  • it is out of this world fun there is no other movie like this it is a incredible film it is a perfect family flick i never saw a movie like this you will fall in love with this one of a kind movie there is no movie like this you will say wow now i want to watch that movie again that is how good this wonderful film is you just love this movie and you will never forget this movie that is how good this movie is i hope you enjoy this one of a kind movie this movie should be remade in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D now that would be cool i really hope you enjoy this you want be sorry a bit i never saw a movie like this and i will never see a movie like this it is one supper movie it is one big hit i hope you enjoy this wonderful family flick
  • I always loved this show when my children were little (7 and 5 when movie came out) so of course we went to the movie- I may have liked the show better than them. So I was not surprised to find it a high quality and well written movie. It is the perfect transition movie from kids being little kids to tweens. Basically it deals with her outwitting poachers who are trying to trick elephants into coming into a valley for slaughter. It has enough meat, message, and quality of script to entertain both adults and kids. It has a message of environmentalism, determination/sticktoitivness, family love, facing danger and also gives you a great animated version of Nairobi, the Serengeti, etc. It is totally logical and the twist of Eliza having to give up her gift in order to accomplish saving the elephants but remembering what she learned initially (about leading the elephants) is just enough plot for a 10 year old to handle. And the soundtrack, with Paul Simon, Baja Men, Diddy and many African groups is amazing. I get tears just writing this as I realized at the end it was the first "grown up" movie they ever saw. This is possibly the highest quality cartoon ever, many guest stars like Sting and others appeared during its run. The sister show "Origin of Donnie" was good too. The last one(Rugrats meet Thornberries) was nowhere near as good
  • This movie was so inspirational to me... Out of all the movies i've seen, this is the best! This movie is the first to make me cry. Nigel sending off his daughter to boarding school, Eliza and her father moments, the song "Bridge To The Stars" at the ending credits. Such a wonderful movie. When i went to go see it i was thinking 'Oh well, just another wedgie, animal film' well i was wrong.

    This movie has totally given me new light and respect on animals and the enviorment. In fact now i'm a fan of the show. Wonderful animation. Way better then the show, this is the best thornberry film. Hopefully not the last. The villains i came to love, why? Well, i must say better then the others Eliza has encountered. These 2 characters Sloan & Bree fake an act then turn on Eliza. Eliza meets her match with those 2.

    This movie i highly recommend to animal lovers and Thornberry fans. Before this movie i wasn't in love with the show. Now i'm a fanatic!
  • swimmercait26 February 2003
    This film surprised me. I was just going to see it to take my minds off of life in general. To just sit there and wait for it to end. Instead I found myself watching it with as much interest and enthusiasm as my favorite movies or television series. The plot was simple and fairly predictable but nevertheless fun to watch.

    The only thing I did not enjoy was the run-on joke "the wedgie dance". Once was funny, twice was okay, but working it into every shot that involved Donnie and a dung beetle was excessive.

    Overall just a fun movie to watch, and not to think about in great detail.
  • dlaird28 December 2002
    Went to see this with my wife and 5-year old son. We really enjoyed it. Plot is thin enough for kids to follow, but plenty of humor aimed at the parents too.
  • ...I'm simply too old to be loving stuff like this and yet every day at seven o'clock in the morning, fresh from the shower with a cup of tea in hand I watch EliZa, Darwin, Donnie et. al.

    Let's get something straight right now -- I'm 42. I love the series, the whole concept behind this young girl who can talk to animals. I love the green perspective the entire show possess. And most of all I love Tim Curry. The amount of creative engery he brings to Nigel blows me away.

    All of the actors -- especially Lacy and Tom are wonderful. It is the closest thing we have to the adventures of Jules Vern and Haggard. And that's just it -- The Wild Thornberries are Adventure!! And thanks to Nikki for getting the movie for my birthday.
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie was so much more entertaining than a lot of kids films. It's pretty much enjoyable for anyone, and is entertaining and funny. It's just like the cartoon, but times 100! This is such a great movie. It's lots of fun! I give it a 10 out of 10!
  • I haven't seen such breathtaking landscape animation since The Lion King! This animation was partially beyond compare, and partially worse than most animated films out there. Even Quest For Camelot's characters seem better drawn. But still, it was a great try.

    As for the story, it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. My cousin cares a great deal about wildlife, at just 9 years old. She identifies with Eliza, and hasn't seen this movie yet but I was able to appreciate how educational and morally right this movie was. It's splendid in its dimensions, and deserves some recognition.

    What I expected more of was comedy, though. But I think it's just fine the way it is.

    Nick succeeded in bringing a landscape to the screen, if only they could make their characters better animted.
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