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  • argileth17 February 2002
    Very stylish short movie about a man who dreams of a double, who is in fact dreaming of him and wanting to take over his life. Very close to the original doppelganger of Teutonic mythology, updated for the modern era. Well done!
  • It's great to see two young stars featured in this interesting and engaging thriller. Although the concept is a little "done", I think the producers overall did a good job with it. Production values are quite nice and the acting is convincing.
  • hypercritic6 July 2002
    this movie is essentially a tech demo that tries to prove suck-ass independants can copy LucasFilm and ILM.

    The movie is trite, derivative, and NONSENSICAL. The acting is pathetic. The story is simplistic. More importantly, the SFX are easily-spotted and insulting to the viewer.

    Anyone who ever had a problem with the verisimilitude in Star Wars Episodes I and II should be horrified by this flick.

    I pity the simple minds that created this picture.