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  • lor_16 October 2022
    Perhaps designed to play more successfully on cable-TV (with the hardcore porn removed), Paul Thomas's "Facade" is one of his many Lifestyle Porn features, but the uncredited script has zero credibility. Some good acting cannot save this ridiculous exercise.

    It's sort of a battle of the sexes, perhaps dated now given the "Men think with their cocks" pervasive premise of the script. Randy Spears gives a very poor performance, smug throughout, as the "wronged" husband who is a total creep, yet supposedly our hero even deserving a 100% happy ending. Worst scene has him suddenly turning from a beast into a guy who simply wants to leave the rat race and run away with his own wife -almost as fake as the eventual plot twist regarding Don Draper that hurt the "Mad Men" series for me.

    The other characters are either venal (Vince Vouyer as a phony mainstream Hollywood movie producer) or paper-thin figures (Kira Kener and April as mindless eye candy performers) or spiteful (star Sydney Steele). Perhaps the least believable character is Bobby Vitale as the movie's whipping boy -everyone else makes fun of him and he's played for the fool throughout. That leaves Inari Vachs as Bobby's husband, acting rings around the other players and poor Erik Everhard, stuck as a porno stereotype, the pizza delivery boy.

    The behavior presented here makes no sense, just an excuse to feature as much anal sex as possible. Title "Facade" fits the movie itself, rather than just its story. It won industry awards for individual sex scenes, typical of how phony those porno awards are.
  • This Paul Thomas film is perfect for couples. There's an intriguing storyline, lots of drama, hot sex and a kickass slut played by Sydnee Steele. In the first scene alone she takes on Bobby Vitale which is sure to earn them both a nomination for Best Couples Sex Scene. As the story continues Inari Vachs, Kira Kener and April all get their chance to shine before the final orgy scene, which is also sure to earn a nomination.

    The dvd is good with only minor quality issues. There are small amounts of pixelation and NTSC noise throughout. However, the picture is still pretty clear and the colors are truly vivid. The Dolby 5.1 surround sound audio is crisp, clear and flawless.

    The box boasts that this disc "contains more DVD and DVD-Rom features than any other DVD disc to date." True or not, it does have a lot of features.

    There are multiple angles, stills, trailers, alternative languages and bonus scenes.