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  • Devinn Lane is a sexy woman. There's no doubt about that. And her appearance in this movie won her a 2001 AVN adult award, it's true.

    But, when all is said and done, I feel as if Ms Lane does not put her heart and soul into her movies. And this one is no exception. Devinn looks seductively at the camera, does all the naughty things associated with a porn movie, but she fails to hit my 'G' spot.

    Back to porn school, Ms Lane. Must try harder. When I say that, I mean please look as if you actually enjoyed making the movie, and doing the sex scenes. Marks out of ten: just three, I'm afraid.
  • The title is evidently mere self-praise from auteur Brad Armstrong, perhaps attributing style to one of his occasional exercises in all-sex, music-video oriented porn as a respite from his more ambitious Wicked Pictures story features. At best it might have earned a title of "All Style", since it has nothing else to offer.

    Of course the industry hacks who provide criticism and throw annual sales bourses gave contract star Devinn Lane a meaningless award for showing up for work I guess.

    Brad delivers a dozen all-sex scenes amounting to nothing: sex workers like Devinn prancing around and posing and humping for our listening pleasure. You don't need to be subject to short-term memory loss to have the entire 97 minutes disappear almost immediately - I'm thankful for that.

    Brad covers all the obvious bases: lesbian sex with Maya Devine and a strap-on dildo, anal sex, some bondage action and exotica courtesy of Miko Lee.