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  • This film was so fun, delightful and intelligent. The writing was excellent, as was the story and directing. This is just a fun film for men and women to just enjoy and laugh without degrading anyone. Its a great tale for women to see how they put too much emphasis on what men think and for men to see how to communicate with women especially when they stop communicating with you. Creative, inventive, refreshing and this film relates to all demographics. This is the type of film that more filmmakers should aspire to. Nothing blows up, no car chase, no violence and its still so intriguing. Its wonderful to see a positive film that can tackle a large issue and still make everyone a winner.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this film after waiting for probably a good three or four years and I'm really was worth the wait. It's a really fun, smart, funny, offbeat comedy about four college women in Talahassee FL who live in a pink campus house, like to party and have sex, and publish a feminist magazine called Biotch.

    The four girls are Kate (Kate Norby) a sort of dizzy blonde who sings lead for a swing band; Alex (Klea Scott) a beautiful, wild and crazy black girl who wants to be an artist; JJ (Jenny Judelle) a copyrighter whose boyfriend's parents don't like her; and Taylor (LaLa Sloatman), JJ's older sister, who aspires to write, and seems to have a few unsolved relationship issues of her own.

    The girls' fun threatens to end when, because they've not paid rent lately. All their money has gone into the magazine. They are served with an eviction notice. They're broke, and they've already borrowed a lot of money from Kate's dad (Bruce Davison), who is wondering when they'll pay him back. All seems lost, until their friend Jessica (Annabelle Gurwitch), a womens' studies major, makes a proposal to both them and to Professor Mason (Eve Plumb). In order to earn her degree, Jessica needs to conduct a study on women in difficult and unusual situations. She comes up with an idea of having women refuse all contact with men for 100 days (or a little over 3 months). The Babes, all who enjoy healthy, casual college sexlives, would not dream of going on such an outlandish "fast", but since Jessica is offering them her grant money, $20,000, and they desperately need it, they reluctantly agree.

    Their fast is covered month by month by their magazine, which is gaining notoriety all over the country, but although the experiment is liberating and empowering, it's not without its challenges. Kate has to say goodbye to her male bandmates, but ends up joining a college rock girl band; Alex tries to rise up out of her disappointment of not being accepted into art school; JJ misses her boyfriend Paul (Chad Slagle) who tempts her with his boyband impersonation (one of many funny moments); and Taylor has to fight off the temptation of Mica (Jeremy Sisto), a photographer who has moved back to town to cover their story.

    The fast becomes enveloped in a whirlwind of controversy, and has gained national attention from talk show hosts Gloria Day (Erin Gray), who admires the girls and their cause, and Johnny Shore (Ethan Embry) who thinks the fast is doomed to failure. Other men in the Babes' vicinity are just as skeptical, like the 2 goofy guys, Colin and Matt, played by Kimo Wills and BoJesse Christopher. Their scenes are really funny as they talk about seducing JJ and launching their own WHEN MEN WERE MEN movement. There are also those who would thwart the girls' efforts, especially Kirk (Kirk Fox) who seems to want Taylor romantically, and is scorned by her lack of interest.

    After Mr. Iris learns about the study his daughter is participating in, he seems determined to thwart the girls as well, offering $1,000,000 to the first man who can successfully seduce one of the fasters.

    There are a few surprises, which add to the fun unpredictability of the story. I don't know why some people didn't like this film, or why it's not well known. There is no bad acting. The four women in the film are all funny, well-drawn characters, a couple of them ditzy, but none of them stupid. I think maybe this is just not the kind of film most people take to. I really enjoyed it though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The script was boring and trivial. The script was endless and yet said nothing. It failed to convey its message. It certainly made men, and women, look pretty stupid. Some of the actors didn't seem to be real actors. They were just reading lines. I think one or two of the actors may have been in some bad MST3000 films. Considering that this movie was filmed in Tallahassee, Florida where Florida State University has one of the best film and theater schools, you'd think the film maker would have found more actors and technical staff. In addition, unless you live in Tallahassee, much of the movie will mean nothing to you.
  • There's nothing much new here that wasn't already done in "40 Days and 40 Nights," only now it's women on a fast from men. Some nice camera work and a fine performance by "Six Feet Under's" Jeremy Sisto can't compensate for a truly amateur script and heavy overacting by most cast members.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But an intelligent feminist sex comedy about 4 women, just helping out their friend who is pursuing a degree in womens studies, who engage in an experiment which is very very difficult: for 100 days no contact with the other half of the world of any kind.

    The film bends the rules a little, and the results are hilarious and sexy at times. All of the characters, female and male, are fun, play well off of each other, and well developed with their own stories to tell in the film.

    It's not what you're looking for if you're looking for something like "American Pie 2" or "Sorority Girls" or "Animal House" with women showing their breasts and making out with each other for guys' pleasure or being inducted into the "Hall of Shame" after one night stands.

    It's mostly for women who are tired of the generic Meg Ryan romantic comedy.
  • bhamilton-1113 September 2005
    I thought it was funny and very entertaining. The performances were not over-acted which I find can be the case in films such as this one, where the cast is so young. Overall, I felt the film was well-done. Everything flowed together very well. The film had a message (relating to women and their attitudes towards sex as well as the emphasis men place on sex, etc) without being at all preachy; with indie films, in particular, I often walk away feeling like the movie's message was shoved down my throat or that the director was just trying too hard to be weird, "trippy", etc. all at the expense of making a good film. Not the case here. I've recommended this film to many. It's definitely a great date movie and just a lot of fun. I hope to see more from this director and the cast members in the near future.
  • This movie is like a female version of Animal House. It's over the top but that's what makes it so great. The ladies in this film are totally weird and silly and I love them all!! I never saw that 40 Days etc. movie that everyone here commented about. I just wasn't interested. Some guy doesn't have sex for a month in a half? So what. That's most guys I know (not by choice, of course). I prefer the premise of Manfast. These crazy horny women give up men for the entire summer and end up... Well, you'll just have to see it to find out...
  • jmichelin27 February 2002
    I went to the premiere for this movie expecting a normal indy film, however i was happily suprised when it was well acted, well written, and well directed. Most indy films i see usually are strong in only one of those categories. This movie really seemed like the group meshed well together. It was much better then that other no-sex on a bet movie that is out right now. If this gets launched in your area please go see it, it should refresh you. And if it doesn't hit your area complain to someone, anyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I only bought this because Bruce Davison was in it, but all I did was fast forward through the dross (and there is shed loads of it). Tried to watch it from the beginning but it fast became impossible to sit through this utter, utter rubbish!

    Mr Davison (and Erin Gray) are two of the finest actors in America; they don't need to be in trash like this.

    If, like me, you are a Bruce Davison fan, do what I did and fast forward to his scenes; that way you can watch the good bits without sitting through the dross. I only paid around £3.00 for this movie so glad it didn't cost me any more than that.