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  • cameronbinns21 December 2017
    This Is A Pretty Great Game But It Could Be A Little Better With More Tracks And More Characters To Unlock Such As Rocko From Rocko´s Modern Life And Krumm From Ahhhh! Real Monsters.
  • I was curious to know what this game was like. I saw clips of it on YouTube and thought it didn't look bad. So I decided to order it.

    What an eejit I was!

    This is a terrible game! The gameplay is horrible, the controls are stiff and it's not fun at all.

    Whoever designed the levels is a sadist. These are some of the worst level designs I've ever seen. There are so many obsticles on the road, that it is amazing! You have no idea where you are going and you keep crashing into the walls over and over.

    That's what kids like, innit? Screw Mario Kart!

    Kids will be bored and frustrated because due to the clunky level design (the worst examples being the Hey Arnold and Ren and Stimpy levels), they won't be able to win.

    But why should they? This games sucks a whopper.

    It's no wonder why this game flopped. Because of how awful it is! That and also the fact that it came out the same year as the PS2.

    Play Crash Team Racing, or watch an actual Nicktoon instead.