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  • faerienoir10 September 2003
    As always, Clive Owen is amazing. But aside from his considerable acting, the story is compelling and extremely well written. The cinematography plays a considerable part in character development and is extremely well done, which is rare in crime dramas. This is my first introduction to this series, and I'm completely hooked. It started out a little slow, but the way the stories are built up is fantastic.
  • The 2 year old unsolved murder of a famous violinist Vicky Ingham is given to D.C.I Ross Tanner (Owen) and his team. The suspects, the ex-husband and the ex-lover are hiding something and the only one who may know who killed her is the victims 9 year old son.

    D.I Tully, the only one on Detective Tanner's team who knows he is going blind resigns from the unit, leaving Tanner without an ally.