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  • The Two Ronnies final show, shown on BBC1 on Christmas Day, 1987, was also one of their finest. In a hilarious sketch, PINOCCHIO 11 KILLER DOLL, a send-up of the Disney cartoon feature, the cast included Charlton Heston, Frank Finlay, Alfred Marks, Denis Quilley, Lynda Baron and squeaky voiced Sandra Dickinson. Heston was playing Sir Thomas More in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS at London's Savoy Theatre at the time, and agreed to do a cameo. He plays a drinker at "The Jolly Breathalyser Inn" who bellows "Hey, keep it down for God's sake!" at Finlay and Quilley, who are camping it up outrageously during a rendition of "An actors life for me". Considering Heston's serious reputation it amuses me that during his long and varied career he has appeared with some of England's greatest comedians and comic actors, including Roy Kinnear, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, Graham Stark, Spike Milligan and Ken Dodd.