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  • In her fourth "comeback" installment, Ginger Lynn plays Kim, a housewife and mother who is not appreciated by her husband, played by Herschel Savage. Kim is kidnaped one day, as she is giving a stranger (Evan Stone) driving directions. She is "taken" to his mansion where he lives with his maid (Rebecca Lord, who only has one sex scene). He is a mysterious stranger who keeps her prisoner against her will and they eventually fall in love. This is a long movie (shot on film), clocking in at over 2 hours. A good 45% of this film contains plenty of character-acting and is heavy on the drawn-out drama and romance. There is some good use of cinematography, especially during the outdoor scenes. I am usually pleased with Ginger's acting, but for some reason, it doesn't work well this time. If you're looking for good, down and dirty sex, the best scene would have to be the pairing of Herschel Savage's character with his therapist, played by Alexandra Silk. My overall rating: 5 out of 10.
  • The best of the films directed by the great Adult actress Veronica Hart, "Taken" precedes the Liam Neeson hit series by seven years and is a fine movie in its own right.

    Shot on film by major label VCA Pictures, it is a romantic thriller with a predictable but still quite effective twist ending. Ginger Lynn portrays an unsatisfied wife, clearly neglected by her husband Herschel Savage, who we quickly find out is both unfaithful to her and a criminal.

    But the actual story takes hold when Evan Stone gets lost driving and as Ginger tries to help him with directions, he chloroforms her and a kidnapping is underway.

    The rest of the film is sort of a case of Stockholm Syndrome on steroids, as feisty Ginger stands up to her captor's sleazy charm and endless mind games, but in an idyllic setting of his mansion and beautiful grounds gradually falls in love with him. Rebecca Lord is perfectly cast as Stone's sexy and loyal French maid, and I almost gave up waiting for her to get down, when in the final reel she finally has lesbian sex with Ginger. Also in the cast is Alexandra Silk in a character role as Savage's shrink, who surprisingly gets down and dirty with him on her proverbial office couch.

    The movie runs overlong, likely because it is so like a mainstream film that one suspects a softcore version was prepared for Pay-Cable showings, as there is considerable NonSex story material to work with. Extraneous sex scenes involve Ginger's BFF played by busty Adajja, who has sex with the pool boy (never leave a porn cliche unturned) and an erotic dream with masked orgy participants including Kelsey Heart, Lex Steele, Randy Spears and even Silk in a dual role -the masks helps.

    Most unusual aspect here or gimmick is that Ginger wears very little makeup and normal looking eyelashes for the first few reels but once she has been kidnapped is in full war paint including industrial strength porn eyelashes - something of a hint for the attentive viewer as to what's really up here.
  • icastu12 February 2007
    I have always wondered why some directors wouldn't go ahead and make real art out of a sexy film. For example, there is "Wild Orchid" in which Carre Otis gets it on with two guys and watches a really good sex scene between two people not really involved in the script. In Wild Orchid, three women are hot and ready to go at the appropriate time. In "Taken", after Alexandra Silk succumbs to her client's payments, it gets raunchy. Not romantic, but raunchy. Then, there is a cut from stock footage from straight porn flicks that really distracts from the art in "Taken." Now, suppose you had this kind of talent and a good script where real action occurred at the end of a romantic prelude and then they went all the way on camera so that we could see the action, not just the implication. I want to see them making love naked, but only after a reasonable amount of foreplay. This film could have made it with just a little tweaking.

    I read once that the average time viewing a porn flick in a hotel was something short of ten minutes. I bet it would blow their minds to have romantic porn. Oh, well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was never a big fan of Ginger Lynn's early work. She seemed to be cut from the same mold as all the other porn stars of the mid-80's. After her comeback, though, I've found an all-new appreciation for her. Though older, she has a fire about her that she didn't have before, and she still looks great. She also has a lot more in the acting department.

    For the most part, this is just another so-so porn flick, and while the production values are high, I didn't care for the kidnapping plot. Something about that just doesn't arouse me. However, the finale, where Ginger finally realizes she loves her abductor and the two have sex outside is fantastic. This is the Ginger I admire.