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  • I saw this film once, when i was seven. Only once. I am twenty-five today, and i remember having drawn the Princesse's crown on my school books for at least five years after that. I kept the memory of this great (oh so great!) story with no alteration of any sort. The images, the lines, the characters, everything. Today, after eighteen years, i saw it once again thanks to a friend who found the DVD for me (i had been looking for it everywhere ever since) and the emotion was still there.

    I really hope that more people will have the chance to see it, because it really is a good film (how many films stay for such a long time in somebody's mind?). The plot is nice and clever. The cast is perfect. It might need remastering to suit contemporary expectations, especially when in comes to special effects, but it has such a nice taste of greatness that to me it could really join the Clash of the Titans in my top-list of old good movies...
  • somogyig21 February 2002
    Like in Roswell, some aliens are about to find out where were they come from. With an old pretty woman, they find out that the Earth is in danger if they don't stop the evil aliens...

    A good story with a good plot. I'm very sorry that Distant home isn't a famous film.