The story is loosely based on real life story of Boota Singh.

It happened thrice till date when a Sunny Deol and an Aamir Khan starrer movie release in a same month. 1) Ghayal, Dil (June 1990) 2) Ghatak, Raja Hindustani (November 1996) 3) Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, Lagaan (in this case even the date was same 15 June 2001)

It is a world record that 10 crore tickets of gadar were sold as compared to any other film in the world.

Gadar collected 143 crores after 18 weeks. Inflation adjusted in 2013 equals 475 crores.

Kajol was the original choice for Amisha Patel's role. She had date issues.

It is in list of "One of the Biggest Blockbusters in Hindi Cinema".

Govinda was the first choice for Sunny Deol's role. But after Maharaja flopped, Anil Sharma changed his mind.

Gadar: EkPrem Katha is the most watched Hindi film in India as it recorded 5.05 crore footfalls in India.

Gadar clashed with Aamir Khan's Lagaan at the box office. Made for rupees 185 million .Gadar has made more than rupees 600 million and after its theatrical run, was commercially one of the most successful movies in India when it was released.

The film was released on 350 screens across India.

Govinda had initially signed the film in October 1998. He had creative differences with Anil Sharma who he had made Maharaja with. Since Anil Sharma shared a great rapport with the Deols he asked Dharmendra to reach out to Sunny on his behalf. The rest is history.

Kajol initial choice for this movie has revealed later that it was not her type of movie, and so she had turned it down.

The film collected rupees 76.88 crores in India and rupees 143 crores worldwide.

Sunny Deol's blockbuster after many years.

An "All-time Blockbuster", Gadar is widely regarded as one of the most successful films ever in the history of Hindi cinema and regularly mentioned in the same breath as record-breaking defining films such as Sholay, DDLJ, HAHK, Mother india, 3 Idiots, Mughel-e-azam & Bahubali 2.

The film had a theatrical release in Canada.

Sunny Deol proved to be a true Garam Dharam's son when he saved Ameesha in an accident. They were shooting for a film called Gadar and Sunny was playing a rickshaw driver. He was supposed to drive Ameesha around in the rickshaw but probably her back seat charms made Sunny crash the auto into a tree. Sunny jumped off as soon as he realised what had happened but poor Ameesha got stuck. Then their macho man like a true hero pulled her out and carried her in his arms to the nearest chair. Not that Ameesha would have filed a case against him but his guilt conscience made him offer her his next home production Deva.

This is the only collaboration of Ameesha Patel and Amrish Puri.

During the scene where Amisha Patil misses the train comedian Kapil Sharma was among the crowd.Kapil Sharma then a teenager managed to be part of the shoot as his father a cop was posted on duty on the shoot site for that particular day.

In India, The film collected rupees 1.40 crores on its first day, rupees 4.08 crores on its first weekend and rupees 9.28 crores on it's first week.

Actor Kajol was originally approached for this movie.