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  • I enjoyed the movie twice, it's a simple story about a stray Golden Retriever who seemed to be pregnant. Gives birth to 8 healthy pups. Parents happy, kids happy... Selling the puppies, then a whole adventure to get them back, cause little Bejamin of the family wants all pups back.

    Though I don't like it how they make it look all so easy to raise puppies and to simply getting all of them back from the buyers. In real life, no one would consider to keep all puppies! Those 8 weeks that the puppies are with their mother is already lots of work, and I hate to see how this movie gives a bad impression of it all!

    This movie gives a reason for puppy mills to keep existing. Cause everybody wants a (cheap) puppy after watching movies like this!

    I don't have much more to say about this movie, I just won't recommend this to people with young children whom are not planning to have a dog. Cause your kids will drive you crazy after seeing this!!!
  • eagle1-830 July 2001
    It's not deep, it's not intense, but it's an adorable family movie. The puppies are cute (what else would they be?) and the morals of the movie are very kid-friendly. Among other things, the movie teaches the importance of determination, forgiveness, and a lack of selfishness. All in all, I'd say- not bad!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We rented this movie for our 4 year old and I would NOT recommend it. The plot is terrible. Basically the family decides that they were wrong in giving away 8 puppies. When looking to get the puppies back, the 11 year old says that he can hear the puppy calling out, wondering why his family and mother left him. He goes on for 3-4 minutes about it. A farmer gets one of the puppies and they show the puppy jumping down from the box, and the farmer backing up. When the family comes to get the puppy back they talk about how he killed him accidentally. Then of course the family has to discuss it, a lot. Another puppy runs away into a saw mill and we were sure he was headed for certain death to. He didn't die, but it was close. There are just a lot of terrible things that could be left out. They break into the house of where one of the puppies was and waits until the owner comes home. Anyways, you get the idea. Not a great movie. For anyone. Ever.
  • Pegasus-Realm14 June 2006
    I'll agree, it's not the best acting or plot, it's not intense or exciting... and I actually really like both Robert Hays and Mel Harris... but there's only so much you can do with a bland script.

    Despite that, it is a sweet little family film. It's enjoyable to watch and should be a must see for dog lovers, especially if you have a thing for Golden Retrievers. One of the few films out there these day that can be watched as a family movie with younger kids as well. I think even our dogs enjoyed it, the first time we saw it on TV, our Golden was staring at the TV wagging her tail and whining whenever a puppy cried. LOL

    While it will never win awards or keep anyone on the edge of their seats, for a cable made for TV movie and a light family safe movie, it's cute and sweet. You have to enjoy the antics of the dogs and smile.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie teaches kids that it's OK to make a decision and then change your mind when you realized that you made a stupid mistake and gave a buncha puppies away without knowing anything about a single person that they were giving them away to. As parents, the responsible type that is, would have thought it out before giving away those puppies and instead would have gotten background information from the prospective owners.

    Then, the father calls in sick, making it seem OK to get himself fired because another job would roll around soon after anyway, which is not usually the case in real life. This is supposed to be a family film. I would suggest NOT letting your children watch this film. The puppies are so cute that it may draw you in, but then it'll teach your family so many bad practices that you should not follow.
  • I remember watching this movie as a child and the dog dying was traumatizing.

    First of all, this movie's plot sucks, second of all, who would obviously show a puppy dying in a children's movie, third of all, this makes me want to die

    Rip puppy 2001-2001 You will terrorize children for ever and it's not even your fault
  • Tom (Robert Hays) and his wife (Mel Harris) have moved their family to a new city out west. Their two children, a teenage girl and a tweenage boy, are not certain they are going to like the new venue. When they arrive at the house, they find the furniture has not arrived and the electricity is not turned on...ouch! Yet, things improve when a beautiful golden retriever shows up under the table, having sneaked into the house. Although initially Tom is not certain about keeping the canine, he relents and they take the dog, Pilot, to the vet. It is there they get the surprise of the month. Pilot is expecting! When the six adorable puppies arrive, everyone perks up and enjoys their new home more. But, Tom has decreed that under no circumstances can they keep all of these dogs. When the puppies are weaned, they begin the search for new owners. Are they making a mistake? And, is Tom's new job going well, given the fact that the dogs take a lot of attention? This is a sweet, sweet "tail". If you love animals, you will truly be in movie heaven, as the puppies are beyond cute and so is the mother dog. The actors are fine, with Hays and Harris leading the way. Robert Wagner and Betty White, among others, also show up to lend a hand, in a nice way. The sets, costumes, direction, and production niceties are all great. There is a bit of sadness in the story, so be prepared for a few tears and hugs among family members. But, in summary, if you love the furry ones of the world, as well as a family friendly movie experience, get this one tonight. Your loved ones will be pleased and will probably retrieve the movie from the shelf and pop it in the DVD player quite often.
  • If you are looking for Godfather, Gone With the Wind or some other all time big budget classic then you will be disappointed. If you want a fun clean wholesome movie kids will love, you will like and you can invite Grandma and Grandpa to watch too, this is one to consider.

    The plot is simple. The movie moves amply fast. The characters are interesting and real without being too complicated. In other words, it will hold your young kids interest long enough to get them hooked.

    No silly hijinks, fancy stunts or over the top plots here. It is a movie with subtle life lessons and no bothersome preaching. It has a functional family, no cheating husband, no trampy wife and no druggie kids. I actually didn't know you could find a movie like this anymore. It may sound boring, but it is not.