Rene Russo's assistant "Annie" is portrayed by Robert De Niro's real-life adopted daughter Drena De Niro.

There was a scene that was filmed, but cut out to better explain how Mitch could take on Trey as his new partner. In the beginning the film, Mitch goes on an undercover sting with another cop. That was Mitch's partner. He was wounded during the shootout with Lazy Boy. In a scene that followed, Mitch is visiting his partner in the hospital who is in recovery and contemplating retirement.

While filming Mitch and Trey doing promos for Showtime, William Shatner complains that Mitch "is the worst actor I've ever seen". This is an obvious in-joke reference to the criticisms about William Shatner's notoriously "hammy" acting.

Despite the movie's title, premium cable broadcast rights to the movie were originally not owned by Showtime, but by HBO, under the same ownership as Warner Bros., the movie's distributor, as HBO has an output deal with them.

In Trey's apartment, there is a movie poster for Serpico (1973), which stars Al Pacino. Robert De Niro, who plays Mitch, has worked with his close friend on many films. One notable project was Heat (1995), which was one of their best films to date. Pacino played L.A.P.D. Det. Lt. Vincent Hanna, while De Niro played Neil McCauley, a career criminal who Hannah tries to capture.

When Trey Sellers (Eddie Murphy) says " I got this situation in hand", he uses the same line in 48 Hrs (1982)

Robert De Niro and Rene Russo appeared in The Intern (2015).

Though not sharing any scenes, James Roday and William Shatner would later collaborate on Psych (2006).