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  • The greatest thing about "Crossing Jordan" is that it never, for even one moment, ceases to make us care about its characters. It seamlessly gives us a mix of tragedy and comedy, as well as humanity and warmth, which is no mean feat, considering the profession all of the main characters have.

    With the abundance of shows cropping up in the last few years with a theme of "investigation", the profession of Medical Examiner has been thrust into the limelight of the public's eye that it never has been before. One needs to look no further than the ratings of all of the "CSI" shows to find proof; the minutiae and drudgery of police and forensic work, once thought to be bland, boring and completely without entertainment value, now has viewers glued to their sets.

    But "Crossing Jordan" is much more than that. While I applaud shows like "CSI", and to a small extent, "Law & Order" for their ingenious writing and convincing story lines, none of those shows has ever really developed its characters to an extent where we care more about them than about the details of whatever case they happen to be working on at the time. "Crossing Jordan" has developed it's characters very, very well. Consider:

    The main character, Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy): when the show first started, we knew her to be a mouthy, bitchy, seat-of-the-pants, lives-by-her-own-rules kind of girl, who would always be in trouble but somehow, always gets to the truth. And while the appeal of such a character is undeniable, such a routine would have gotten old really fast, as well as the "haunted-by-her-mother's-as-yet-unsolved-murder" story line. I understand that early on, we knew that this is what drove Jordan to be the person she was, but it felt like that particular story line was used as a crutch to hold the series up. I think her character is now sufficiently developed to get past it now. She's still mouthy, and still lives by her own rules, but not as often as before. She's truly grown up.

    Dr. Garret Macy (Miguel Ferrer): Originally played up as the crotchety, curmudgeonly boss, who walked around with the "how-in-hell-did-I-end-up-in-this-line-of-work" look on his face. Despite his somewhat abrasive character, there's no doubt that he possesses a tremendous inner warmth to go with his incredible intelligence. It's those rare occasions when he shows his softer side that make for some of the series' best moments.

    Lily Lebowski (Kathryn Hahn): In the beginning, she seemed like a fragile dandelion of a person, nursing a not-too-subtle crush on Dr. Macy. I was afraid that her character would never expand beyond two dimensions, but she has become the moral center of the show.

    My two favorite sidekicks, Nigel and Bug (Steve Valentine and Ravi Kapoor): it was these two that kept me coming back, week after week, during this show's growing pains. The tall, lanky Brit and the diminutive entomologist from Bangladesh are without a doubt the best on-screen duo in prime-time. One smiling and ebullient, one moody and sullen, they play off of each other so well... I can't aptly describe it in words.

    Det. Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell): Though his character hasn't really developed much, beyond the on-again, off-again relationship he seems to have with Jordan, it's nice to see him get more and more screen time now.

    Several other characters have come and gone: Jordan's father (Ken Howard) and M.E.'s Trey Sanders (M. Ali), Peter Winslow (Ivan Sergei), Elaine Duchamps (Lorraine Toussaint), and Dr. Devan Mcguire (Jennifer Finnigan), have all contributed during their brief stints on the show.

    Every single character has experienced tragedy and loss, in various degrees, all while helping total strangers deal with their loss, and that has made them all bond together into a very tightly-knit group... almost a family, if you will. It is a family that I wish I could be a part of... and that is the TRUE yardstick of a great show.

    Always fresh, never dull. I hope that "Crossing Jordan" will continue to draw the audience it deserves.
  • Altair4449 December 2004
    I happened upon "Crossing Jordan" one evening while channel surfing. I'm glad I did; this is a good show. This show works because it is well cast, for starters. The interaction between Jill Hennessey and Miguel Ferrer is excellent and never contrived. Steve Valentine and Ravi Kapoor are brilliant, and Katherine Hahn balances out this group as the sweet, empathic Lily. Jerry O'Connell is a welcome addition as young, gung-ho detective Woody Hoyt, who provides nice little comic moments here and there to keep the show on it's toes. Fortunately for me, A&E runs older episodes of CJ late in the evening, so I've had a chance to play catch-up and watch it from the beginning. This show started out interesting to me and seems to be getting better all the time. I'll definitely keep watching in the future.
  • Some people say that "Crossing Jordan" is a rip-off of CSI but even though there are some similarities it is not trying to be the same. There are cases and forensics involved, but "Crossing Jordan" is far richer in character development. This show is my favorite because it has both; I don't watch CSI or CSI:Miami because when I want just cases and the forensics involved in solving them, I watch "Forensic Files" and other true crime shows on DSC or TLC. But since I enjoy these things as well as drama and character development (not to mention Jill Hennessy is my favorite actress), I love "Crossing Jordan." Also, the fact that the lead character is a little screwy is fine by me...I prefer it! Makes things interesting.
  • johnfuen30 July 2006
    My first reaction when I caught my first episode of "Crossing Jordan" was that this show was going to be kind of "Quincy" on estrogen. Now after watching this show for a couple of seasons, I have to say that my original impression was selling this show short.

    The ensemble cast of Jill Hennesey, Mel Ferrer, Kathyrn Hahn, Steven Valentine, Ravi Kapoor, and Jerry O'Connell represent one of the strongest in recent dramas since E.R. The characters played by these actors and actresses are well written and you really care about them.

    The mystery aspect of the show is good, but its the characters that make the show so good.
  • "Crossing Jordan" is the ONLY medical drama that doesn't bore me to death. I tried watching shows such as "CSI" and "CSI: Miami" but they don't seem to have entertaining qualities that a good television show should have. And "ER" has gone downhill in recent years.

    What I love about "Crossing Jordan" is the interesting characters and the plausable scenarios. These characters form their own family of friends, which is hard to find in today's medical dramas.

    Characters such as Nigel, Bug and Woody give the drama much needed comedy. Who says that drama has to be such a downer? Why not laugh a little? With Jordan being the strong female lead, gives the show much needed respect.
  • I saw this show just last night and I wasnt exspecting much but I have to tell you it was very good. I just watched Law and Order with her in it right before the show started and I thought it wont make it. I thought it would never be as good as Law and Order but I was wrong. This show is a little easier to understand. Its not all Drama, there is alot of humor in it. I think Jill Hennessy is a very pretty girl. She is coroner in it and she try's to investigate how the person died. She gets advice from her dad who used to have that job. I definitly recommend this show! I give it 10 stars out of 10. I will watch this show every week. Great show! Matt, CA
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know it has been a while ago that the show has canceled, but I still have the strong opinion that this show is one of the rare highlights under our television series. No other show I am aware of has shown such a development of characters as well as having so many exiting and interesting cases. This show has so many facets, both at the character development and at the professional fonts. In addition to that, it has a hilarious humor at some points and makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, I admit, the whole plot with Jordan arguing with her father and not coping with her mother's death has slowed down the show in the first season. But after they got past that, there were hardly any episodes that I could afford to miss. In my hope that anyone in charge of something reads this: Please bring back the show! There is already a complete season 7 as fan-fiction out there, what further evidence do you need that this show will be watched! The show still has so many fans and supporters, please don't just let this die!
  • This is a very compelling series that hooks you with the dynamics of the characters joined with the realistic quality of the plot lines. If you are an addict of forensic shows, this one is sure to satisfy! I am a huge fan of the REAL forensic shows without all of the fluff, pomp, & circumstance. This show delivers at every level meeting the need for realism in its plots and the cutting edge forensics involved in solving the cases. They keep you longing for more with the depth of the characters and the tensions, both friendly and sexual, between them. From the very first episode, the quality of casting is apparent as you have no trouble feeling that this is a group that has had it together like a real American "disfunctional" family of friends for a very long time. It successfully ties in past experiences to present episodes without leaving new viewers in the dark as to what is going on. With last weeks premier episode for 2007 (being the first one in quite some time) it is sure not to disappoint and they have certainly not lost their creative edge!! To the writers, producers, and directors: keep on doing whatever it is you certainly works!
  • I'm not sure why the user before me hates "Crossing Jordan" so much. In fact, I can't figure out why he suggests that the show started well but isn't worth watching any more. I agree that the show has changed slightly, but if it didn't no one would watch (it would be quite boring).

    To the contrary, I think this show is just getting better. Jill Hennessy (still very sexy after her "Law & Order days) is really fun to watch. I love the fact that they're giving her a chance to show the rebellious side her fans have seen in a few movies, which to most people's misfortune they have not. Miguel Ferrer as Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Macy holds the line Jordan seems to keep crossing as best he can. The rest of the cast, most of whom have been on the show since it began, are usually up to the task. And the addition of Jerry O'Connell as "Woody" Hoyt just adds to the fun.

    "Crossing Jordan" may not be the best show on TV, certainly not the greatest of all time, but it's definitely worth watching...despite what some people might tell you. 7/10 stars.
  • dadbedeski3420 September 2006
    Love it, Love it, LOVE IT. I might be late to the shows site but have been watching since it started. I'm glad they brought it back . Wish NBC quit moving its time slot.... but I will always follow. Jill Hennessy is great and gets even better. Love her in Komodo !!!! And the rest of the cast.... better than E.R. which I am a fan of too. I can only wait to see what season 6 brings. I believe that Crossing Jordan is a mixture of M.A.S.H. and Quincy M.E.. I love the suspense and drama in each and every episode. I work in the medical field and LOVE how it all works together to create an enjoyable hour of entertainment.I tell everyone how great a show this is and see it lasting for at least another 100 episodes.Lilly makes the show where the viewer can be a an understanding level of humanity. Miguel Ferrer (Dr. Macy )is one awesome Supervisor and I'm glad that NBC did not kill off his't forget Bug and Nigel love the relationship they have between each other and the support they give to Dr. Cavanaugh. NBC needs to Have Woody And Cavanaugh get back together but hold off on them getting SERIOUSLY serious!!
  • I started watching Crossing Jordan in its fourth season, and I wish I could have started it from the beginning but I would have been far too young. I was only 13, but I was able to understand what was going on most of the time. The cases are well thought out and interesting, but my favorite aspect of the show is its characters! You can really get into each character's head and feel what they're feeling as you watch them do what they do best. Each character brings a different flavor to the show. Jordan is tough and outgoing and prepared to do whatever it takes to solve each case, disregarding any risk involved. Nigel is the "plucky science geek", British, full of comic relief, and my favorite character! Bug is much the same, but more quiet and reserved and very kind-hearted. Lily is a caring and compassionate person whose goal in life is to make others feel better. Dr. Macy is the voice of reason; the boss who keeps his cool in tough situations. (Usually.) Woody is the cop who works to serve justice and do his job properly (and yet always gets dragged into Jordan's schemes.) Together they solve case after case, occasionally getting on each others nerves while doing it, but when it comes down to it, they're a family.
  • I'm not sure what show thwolf was watching, but it doesn't appear that he was watching this one. Crossing Jordan has been one of the freshest and most interesting of the new crop of "crime dramas" that have surfaced recently. In the same vein as CSI, this show has taken the genre to new levels. It does what CSI does, but better, with more humour and a more interesting cast. Does CSI do well as a show? Yes, but if I had to pick between the two, my money would be on Crossing Jordan. Miguel Ferrer has done top notch work (Top Guns: Part Deux notwithstanding), Jill Hennessy is one of the hottest looking women out there, Jerry O'Connell, well, I've liked him since "My Secret Identity", and the supporting cast crack me up on a weekly basis. As for accuracy and versimilitude, I have a friend who works in the local Coroners office and while the office he works in isn't nearly as bright and breezy as the Boston office in Crossing Jordan, the general feel and the equipment that is mentioned in the show is spot on. Someone on staff does their homework.
  • the first few seasons were so much better, and I believe the interaction between Jordan and her father was the best. Ken Howard added to Jordan, they complimented each other. Now it seems as though she is going nowhere and has no one. I don't necessarily think Ken Howard has to be in every show but he does add to Jordan's character. He was a essential part of the show. I find I don't have to see it every week anymore, because it is more about Woody and the silliness that goes on there. The story line between Woody and Jordan does not even make any sense and you can't keep up with it, one time it's there and the next you are wondering what happened and trying to figure out if you missed something along the way. The one thing I miss the most is Ken Howard on the show, he gave Jordan a base.
  • This Jill Hennessey series about a Boston-area ME is exciting, interesting and believable.

    Jordan Cavanaugh is intelligent, gorgeous and intriguing. The other cast members are also interesting and realistic, as are the plots.

    Unlike Law and Order Crossing Jordan delves deeper into the character's personal lives--Jordan's close relationship with her retired cop dad (Ken Howard, the only cast member who attempts a real Boston accent) and her uncertainty regarding his new girl- friend. When working on an unsolved murder Jordan and her father role-play the possible killer/victim scenario to chilling effect.

    I also enjoy the Boston-Irish based theme music.

    Bravo to Jill, the writers, actors, producers, etc. I hope to see Crossing Jordan cross my TV screen for many seasons to come.
  • Crossing Jordan takes "artistic license" to the level of absurdity. It also presents disappointingly predictable plots, and most of its characters are simply unlikeable.

    Jordan (the star) is a self-centered, non-committal, irrational jerk that would be fired from any job in a real or even semi-real world.

    Dr. Macy (the boss) is a chronically morose individual that should be taking psycho-therapeutic medication to make him socially functional.

    Detective Woody (the irritatingly on again, off again love interest) is a character that epitomizes the show's writer's irrational sense of drama.

    Lily (the grief councilor) is an overly emotional character the wears thin pretty quickly.

    Nigel and Bug (supporting MEs) are the plot's magical advancement tools and comedic relief. They have superhuman scientific and computer skills and are the most likable and rational characters in the show.

    Unbelievably, all other characters that are introduced to the show are presented as very unlikable people.

    Frankly, the show is poorly written with over exaggerated drama. My wife enjoys the show and I have watched just over 100 episodes with her and I enjoyed it until the characters developed to the point where it became impossible to have any empathy for them. They are irritatingly dysfunctional and disappointingly predictable.
  • The series is supposedly set in Boston, but is about as authentically Bostonian as a Philly cheese steak (I think it's mostly filmed in Toronto - it's DEFINITELY not filmed in Boston). Apart from that, I found it painfully predictable. Some episodes haven't just *blurred* the line between real science and the supernatural, they've plowed up the ground that the line was drawn on and dynamited the underlying bedrock.

    In other words, for a show which purports to have a mystery element, the writers simply don't play fair with the viewers.

    The show also suffers from more than a tinge of "Providence" syndrome - the heroine is SOOO perfect (albeit in a "bad girl" way), almost always right when she bucks the system (except for a few "very special" plots where she makes a mistake and Learns Something About Herself), and every man is in love with her. Annoying! I did like the characters of Bug and Nigel. They were funny and well-acted. But they don't make up for poor writing and utterly stale plots.
  • I use to watch this show only because there wasn't anything else interesting on at the time. I feel that Jordans character in this show is completely unrealistic. I mean what is she a cop or a medical examiner. It's the same thing every time. She gets a body, doe's an autopsy & then go's on her own personal crusade to find out who killed the person. She seems to get all kinds of free time to run around questioning potential suspects. She always solves the murder before the cops do & every case she gets seems to have something to do with her mothers death. She should be running the police force in Boston. CSI Miami is a much better show because it's their job to do forensics and they're also police officers at the same time. Jordan is not a cop, she is a medical examiner, she's supposed to tell the cops how people died, thats it. If Jill Hennessey wasn't the good looking, headstrong woman she is, this show wouldn't have lasted it's first full season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jill Hennessy of Law and Order fame gets to headline her own show. As she plays disgraced former ME Jordan Cavanaugh. Who butts heads with the other doctors, in particular the main doctor who also is like a father figure to her, played by the great, and underrated Miguel Ferrer.

    As despite the fact she can be a pain in the rear along with solving crimes that she needs to let the police do. Still she makes up for her erratic and careless behavior for the victims. As that is what makes her flawed but great at the same time.

    She and her police detective turned bar owner father, played by Ken Howard as wished he did not leave the series early. Had also great rapport. As Jordan is really haunted by the death of her mother as a child.

    The great ensemble also had Jerry O Connell as another cop and loved interest in Woody Hoyt. And also Steve Valentine, Kathryn Hahn, and Ravi Kopor ad wit and charm to the show!
  • kmskaty1 April 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    It has a great plot. But I just love the chemistry between the co-workers, and the crime mystery. But later on the couples really turn things around in the morgue. Sometimes in the show we get to know more about the characters. Like, we get to meet Lily's mom, and we get to know why Nigel and his dad don't talk anymore, why Bug doesn't belong, we get to meet Woody's younger brother, Jordan's older brother, Macey's ex-wife and daughter. We also get to know a little more about Jordan's mother's problems, and death. We get to see couples we thought would never happen and some we thought eventually will happen. Example: Nigel and Kate, who would've known that would happen. But it did. Bug and Lily, there's a big slap in the face. Everyone who watched Crossing Jordan for along time would've seen that coming. Woody and Jordan, DUH!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers from past seasons - I don't think there is anything earthshaking.

    I love Jordan. Yes, it is a bit unrealistic at times, but hey, it's a TV show. It is for people who enjoy CSI and Law & Order, but like a lighter tone. There is a bit of (albeit dark) humour to soften the drama.

    My biggest gripe is when they started bringing other people in as antagonists for Jordan. DA Renee Walcott is alright, and I could even somewhat tolerate Dr. Elaine DuChamps. She was just starting to get likaable to me when they killed her. But I personally could not stand Devon McGuire (to me they were trying to make her a Jordan twin), and I was glad to see her go, although a bit sorry they had to kill her in a plane crash, kind of cruel IMO. There was also Peter, the ex-junkie doctor who evidently went down the hall to put something in the mass spectrometer and never came back (ala Richie Cunningham's older brother on Happy Days). As I recall, Ivan Sergei went on to another NBC show that didn't last the season.

    I really do like it when Jordan & the team use real forensics to figure out what is going on. I also like the tension between Jordan and Woody. I hope they don't screw that up with too much tenderness. And I miss Jordan's dad, played by Ken Howard, I liked him (what ahr ya wahrkin' ahn now Jarh-din?).

    I love the musical direction of Wendy and Lisa. They really know how to pick music to fit the scenes. And the use of Eric Rigler's (and his band Bad Haggis) bagpipes and whistles are always great. I still miss the first season opening music, a rewrite of "REELS Part 2 (My Love Is In America). Eric's music has been in Braveheart, Rob Roy, Austin Powers and many more movies and commericials. If yiu hear bagpipes in a movie or on TV, there's a 90 percent chance it is Eric Rigler. Small piece of trivia, Eric played the pipes at the memorial service for Ronald Reagan.

    I look forward to the new season. We will find out if Woody walks after surgery, and maybe Gina Gershon will come back as a love interest for Dr. husband would be delighted!

    Just my 2 euros. Bella
  • This is a entertaining show, but I have a hard time swallowing that an ME would be doing all that investigation work. Would this kind of investigation really stand up in court? They break chain of custody with the evidence, have unqualified people doing field work, and many other things.

    Does an ME really run around trying to solve crimes? I don't think so, but I don't know.

    Like I said though, very entertaining. Who doesn't like looking at a hot woman running around in clothes no self respecting professional would come to work in?
  • This show definitely gets 15 stars out of 10. It is my all-time favourite show. EVER! It has WONDERFUL character interactions as well as the gripping cases our wonderful medical examiners are faced with every day. Each case relates to them in some small way on some small level.

    The 'big' plot with Jordan's mother's murder is also great - she was 10 when her mother was killed which is a huge motivation for her to solve the deaths of other people who come into her care - as if she is compensating for not knowing who killed her mother.

    The relationships and quirks between the characters is just thrilling - the dance Detective Woody Hoyt and she involve themselves in is frustrating but also wonderful!

    Oh - Jordan&Woody forever. Haha.
  • I watch this show in spite of the title character. Jordan was supposed to be a competent, strong willed, dedicated medical examiner, marked by a family tragedy... instead, she is incoherent, irresponsible, incredibly arrogant and unbearably annoying. On the other hand, the "secondary characters" are really interesting, and the supporting cast of the show is terrific; they simply worth the wait. Steve Valentine and Kathryn Hahn are great, Ravi Kapoor is outstanding, Miguel Ferrer has such an intense presence that he can steal the scenes without even saying a word, and overall the team share a remarkable chemistry that jumps through the screen. Even the guest stars are noteworthy. I specially enjoy the work of Jerry O'Connell as Det. Woody Hoyt, a refreshing character that accomplish the realization of running away from the cop stereotypes. It's true, the plotlines are far from original, and the solutions are not very brilliant, but the keyword for appreciating this show is "fun". Tune in and watch Dr. Macy's Team working their charm. If they could only get rid of Jordan...
  • m_829 May 2006
    I've been watching Crossing Jordan since the start. It's always been a great show. You never know what to expect. The actors are great and the writers are great! I don't like the fact that the writers tried to hook up Woody and the shrink Simmons though. I thought Woody and Jordan would finally hook up yet again but that didn't happen. I'm sure the writers will get them back together. When the timing's right that is. This season's ending was awesome! I wasn't fond of JD so I'm glad he was killed. I never saw it coming. The fans all know Jordan didn't do it though. She couldn't have done it. I can't wait until next season! What twist will the writers have for us viewers?
  • I love this show and I never miss it. The character and plot twists are very entertaining and captivating. The chemistry between the actors in so real, if you don't have a Sunday night show, I recommend that this be yours! Don't overlook Steve Valentine or Ravi Kapoor, they really add another dimension to the show. Jill Hennessy is very believable as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. Her off beat behavior lets you know that she is not going to follow the rules. My personal favorite is Steve Valentine as Nigel Townsend. While he maybe sort of creepy looking, you learn to love him after seeing him on screen for 5 minutes. The roles are all brilliantly cast and tremendously portrayed by the wonderful actors that play them. This is definitely one of the best shows on television.
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