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  • Warning: Spoilers
    When this show first aired, I didn't expect it to be too entertaining, but I now find myself really hooked and interested in the plot and characters. The situation the family finds itself in - teenage pregnancy, a cheating husband, and now (at the end of the second season), the younger daughter wanting to move out of her mom's and into her dad's - doesn't immediately seem to lend itself to being funny, but this show pulls it off tastefully. It knows when to be serious due to the nature of the issues it deals with, but there are never a lack of laughs in an episode. One of the best comedies on TV in my opinion!
  • Single mother of three, Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) is a Texan soccer-mom who's husband left her for another woman. Reba's oldest daughter has a teen pregnancy, while her youngest daughter deals with puberty. And all the while, her son's main concern is being able to go over to his friend's to spend the night.

    Reba, she went through a divorce, she's a grandmother (that makes her sound so old!), she's got 3 kids and a son-in-law, and on top of all that, she has to deal with her ex-husband's current wife.

    Reba McEntire shines brightly in her show, proving that she can act, and she does have comedic timing.

    The cast was picked perfectly. Everyone does an excellent job and they really put themselves into their character.
  • I did not expect much from the initial presentation of 'Reba' but was staggered to find that I became slowly captivated by the show and it's characters. It is such a joy to watch. Yes, it's not an Emmy Award winning comedy but what it lacks in strong writing it makes up with great actors who obviously love what they do. You can see the pleasure in the actors faces when you watch them on screen and that is a rarity in television today. The actually love what they do and it shows.

    Reba McEntire has grown in this role and it shows and her 2004 Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress shows that this is the truth. And Melissa Peterman steals the show every week as Barbara Jean…you have to love her. Step back, let go and enjoy a fun, pleasurable show. At the end of the day, it's entertainment!
  • Reba McEntire makes a bold and decent foray into the sitcom world with this gem. She plays a lady who is in the midst of a divorce when she finds out that her soon-to-be-ex has made his hygenist pregnant, while Reba's teenage daughter is also pregnant and married to a high school football star. There are some wonderfully funny and touching moments in this show, and I like it.
  • Network: WB/CW; Genre: Family Sitcom; Content Rating: TV-G/PG (some occasional language & adult content); Available: DVD, Syndicated on Lifetime; Perspective: Contemporary (1 – 4);

    Seasons Reviewed: 5+ seasons

    It sounds awful. A family sitcom on the WB pitched around country music star Reba McEntire. It took me a good 3 years of convincing to even give it a try and, low and beyond I was pleasantly surprised. "Reba" is genuinely funny.

    McEntire plays Reba Hart, mother of 3 in the TV-neglected city of Houston, whose life is thrown into chaos when her husband Brock (Christopher Rich, "Murphy Brown") has an affair with Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) and the resulting divorce coincides with her oldest daughter, Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia, "Freaks and Geeks") becoming pregnant and her baby and new husband Van (Steve Howey) being forced to move in with mom.

    When "Reba" begins we are pretty much thrown clear from all the angst and drama that the show's back-story involves. In true impossible sitcom fashion Brock and Barbra Jean have moved in next door to Reba and hilarity ensues. You might call "Reba" "Grace Under Fire Lite". It has shaved the bitterness and edge off of Brett Butler's gutsy spousal abuse sitcom and it is an even funnier and more pleasing show because of it.

    Sidebar. TV does a lot to trivialize the impact of divorce, and though it might seem like that on the page, "Reba" doesn't do that. It is certainly "sitcom-ized", but the nuggets of truth behind all the one-liners feel authentic. Like the best family sitcoms, "Reba" uses silly typical sitcom premises only to peel them back and use them to delve into a deeper character issue underneath. Rarely have I seen a family sitcom handle children of divorce, male depression, teen pregnancy and a woman over 40 dating with such intelligence and insight. But the tone is still kept light and upbeat. No Very Special Episodes here.

    The writing is surprisingly sharp and the bits are multi-layered and steeped in a respect for the characters. At the center of the series is the back-and-forth between Reba and Barbra Jean, which is basically a classic rivalry of Reba hurling insults and Barbra Jean not picking them up. Peterman, embodying the proverbial bull in a china shop, chews up the scenery big time in a very funny way. Barbra Jean is like no mistress/stepmother you've ever seen – obnoxious, ditsy and sweetly endearing. Also in the hamming up department is Howey, who is another graduate from the Jim Carrey/Ryan Reynolds School of Acting and, by God, this guy cracks me up. This is good work by all involved, also including deadpan funny deliveries from Rich and Scarlett Pomers (as Reba's neglected middle-child Kyra who gets all the best one-liners). But who knew that Reba McEntire was such a natural comic actress? Her delivery and comic timing is top-of-the-line for the genre.

    "Reba" is a more complex and evolved family sitcom than it first might look. Seasons span entire story arcs: Kyra moves out, Brock's mid-life crisis, Van's football career, Brock and Barbra Jean break-up. I dig the way the show fleshes out the characters, even Brock isn't confined to "deadbeat husband" status, but walks the line that keeps us from completely liking them. The worst thing that could happen to Reba would be to have her and Barbra Jean truly become friends. Aside from the fact that it would ruin the show's dynamic, it would be insulting unrealistic. It comes close, but the show doesn't hold it for long. In the 5th season the show hits a stride, breaking out of its own domestic drama and having a little fun with real world issues like zero tolerance, sodas in school and Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Houston.

    Judging it in the genre, if "8 Simple Rules" and "George Lopez" are 3-star shows, than "Reba" is much better. In fact, it is the best family sitcom on TV today. Insightful and genuinely funny without being at all crass. Hey, look at that, it can be done.

    * * * ½ / 4
  • I started watching this mid-season of this year. I actually wasn't planning on watching it, but I had seen a commercial for it and thought it looked funny (and also was planning on watching "Grounded For Life", which follows it). I LOVED IT! The acting is great. I've seen Reba act in "Tremors" and watched her in "Is There Life Out There" a few years ago, but I had no idea that she could be this funny! I love this show and I will definitely keep watching it. The acting is hilarious, the writing is undescribably funny, and the cast is terrific. I love Melissa Peterman as Barbara Jean...I'd like to see a LOT more of her too. All in all, I give "Reba" 7 out of 10 stars.
  • neeraj-singh5 December 2008
    During my 4 months stay in US for some business work, I got a chance to watch some of the old episodes of this TV series. I'd say that I liked this, It made me laugh.

    I read some of the comments and people may like or dislike it. Everyone has got their own opinion. What appeal to me may not have the same thrilling impact to every other person. Everyone has got the different level of maturity level. And that drives the ability to extract the comedy out of the ordinary situation and enjoy. Reba is one of those series that has got that family flavor and comedy is inherent.

    All characters have got good timing, very critical to make a good comedy. Story is woven around the day to day situation in a family. I would not say more but I miss all this in my country India where we still get to watch the pathetic television serials. Other than this, I got a chance to enjoy 'Friends', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Everybody loves Raymond', Seinfeld' etc.

    When I look at all this series as an outsider, I get to know more about this wonderful country US. The way they blend the comedy with family drama gives it a totally different flavor.
  • Hats off to TheWB for a good family show. The ratings for "Reba" speak for themselves! This is the type of show this country needs. No Blood! No Profanity! NO Gratuitous SEX!!! I salute TheWB and Reba for this quality show!
  • PHeath6017 September 2004
    I have been a fan of "Reba" for 2 seasons now, and each season gets better and better! This is a terrific cast, well suited and complimented to one another, with Steve Howey doing some of the best physical comedy I have seen in years..he is a natural at it...give this guy his own show someday when this one is all said and done!

    Melissa Peterman also does a very good job at pulling off the "ditz" role...that is no easy task, and she does it brilliantly!

    Christopher Rich has always been a favorite of mine, and I'm glad that we saw more of him last season, and hope to see more of him this one as well.

    Reba seems to be a natural at comedy as well..not as seamlessly timed as Steve Howey, but she is very very good, and only getting better! I think she looks great and I'm blown away with how well she has put together this great little show...Bravo to WB for putting their faith in her acting/producing capabilities!

    Tune into Reba for good family fun, with a good message that comes through loud and clear..Family comes first!!

    Enjoy the new Season of Reba!
  • tinahelmuth12 January 2009
    I just found Reba..and what an incredible show..I think I'm sad, since it appears that the show is no longer, but in re-runs. But this is the funniest, wittiest and one of the best "ensembles" that I've seen in a "very" LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time...everyone, this is what the "south" is really like...AWESOME!!!!!

    You will find so much of real life in this sit-com..and how wonderful to find something to watch "OTHER" than crime drama. That is wonderful, but you gotta have comedy. Hollywood has been sadly lacking in "entertainment", except for to find this "Reba", at least something so well written that the jokes are actually funny. Kudos to this cast..our loss that this show isn't around for more season, or maybe you could think about bringing it back..enough with the reality shows already!!
  • Pheebs148721 December 2001
    "Reba" is a fantastic new show, and Reba McEntire is fabulous playing Reba. She plays a Texas mother in the midst of divorce who finds out that both her daughter, Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) and her husband's mistress, Barbara Jean aka BJ (Melissa Peterson), are both pregnant. Reba is forced to plan a marriage for Cheyenne and her football-playing boyfriend Van. Throughout the show they go through troubles, but always stand through. Reba is a very strong character, and Reba is a very good show. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. Watch it on the WB Friday nights, and enjoy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While it would be easy and accurate to go into why 'Reba' is at its heart indicative of many 'family-oriented sitcoms' in the way it rips off from other better sitcoms, the real truth is that the show is repetitive, full of stereotypes from funnier and more groundbreaking shows, and the lead star is completely out of her element. While I'm sure Ms. McIntire can sing and has a fan base that supports that, being in a sitcom shooting out zingers and calling her the next Lucille Ball is far, far removed from reality.

    Reba herself has no presence which is needed here to establish the fact that she is cast as the put-upon woman of which her entire family is centered. Yet after watching a few episodes there is no real connection to the character. I could care less about her adventures because her whole character seems to be MIA. Reba McIntire has no screen presence, and to make a show around her seems very short-sighted and indicative of most 'family-oriented' programming: to push a sitcom full of men-stupid/women-do-everything stereotypes that appeal to nobody but those who can't afford cable.

    The show is a waste of time. The only good thing is that it at least has better production values than your standard PAX ripoff....just.
  • Country music star Reba McEntire starred in this sitcom as a Houston real estate agent and mother. She has to reinvent herself after her dentist husband, Brock (Christopher Rich), left her for Barbra Jean (Maureen Peterman. On top of that, her oldest child and daughter, Cheyenne, got pregnant with her high school boyfriend, Van.

    The series has plenty of memorable moments though. I enjoyed Maureen Peterman's outlandish performance as Barbra Jean. She should have her own sitcom as well. While the series is almost 20 years old. It's likable and watchable despite the family craziness.
  • laughingdlg15 October 2013
    I do not understand how people could possibly like this show. It is basically about the trials and ordeals that Reba must face as a single divorced mom who now has to not only manage her divorce but also take care of her three children. The oldest one who becomes a teen mom is forced to live with her boyfriend who becomes her husband. The middle child reflects the problems most middle children do in TV sitcoms. She is the problem child, not blonde and likable like her sister and has a lot of angst towards her family. The third one is of course a little boy who doesn't say much.The only reason I know so much about this show is because I was forced to watch it with my sisters and grandma and aunt. The main reason I do not like this show is because of the relationship between Reba and her ex husbands new wife. How does a woman who has an affair with your husband expect for you to become her new best friend? It is a ridiculous idea and disturbing. I would never allow my child to watch this show simply because it gives the wrong idea of marriage and infidelity. If they didn't try to sneak by with the idea of being friends with a woman who broke your marriage I might have liked this show.
  • telcom_un16 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's one of the best TV shows I've seen. I watch it several time. It's so engaging and educational without losing the sense of humour and its main aim: make people laugh I recommend it to those are tired of lame comedies. Those some young fellows turn on and off girlfriend boyfriend relationships. Those are funny no doubt but they are just comedy nothing extra you gain watching them. It's not the case with Reba though. I can compare it to 10 Simple Rules to Date my Teenage Daughters. These two series are rare in American media. Giving value to family is not common in American TV shows. Most of them are based on humour nothing more. Hope I see more like Reba. I'm not hopeful though. People now are forced to see modern ones those with fake gay characters.
  • This is one of my personal favorites. Reba McEntire shows she's not afraid to put it all out there and enjoy herself. The entire cast is hilarious and enjoyable.

    Steve Howey (Van), Reba McEntire (Reba), Joanna Garcia (Cheyenne), Christopher Rich (Brock), Scarlett Pomers (Kyra), and Melissa Peterman (Barbara Jean)work together flawlessly to create a family that has many problems. Cheyenne (Garcia) and Van (Howey) got pregnant, and married, in High School and live with Cheyenne's mother Reba Hart (McEntire). Recently divorced from Brock (Rich), Reba must raise her kids and take care of her new grandchild. Reba also must face the terrible pain that is Barabra Jean, Brock's new wife.

    This show is utterly funny and completely entertaining. I recommend it to any comedy lover. Definitely a Must-See.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I never did watch "Reba" for the longest time. I had no idea why. Then one day I left it on the show and just was kind of half-watching it. And it was love at first show.

    "Reba" follows a rather hectic family that you can most definitely relate to.

    The very talented Reba McEntire plays Reba Hart who is the mother of 3 children. She divorced her husband after finding out he was having an affair with his dental assistant, while Cheyenne, (played by the gorgeous Joanna Garcia) the oldest of the 3 kids, becomes pregnant at 17 and marries Van who is a goofy, but sweet, loving dad and husband.

    Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) is the loner of the family. She's the middle child and although she is rude and sarcastic, she still maintains a lovable feel about her.

    Then there's Jake who's the youngest. He doesn't have big parts in the shows, but you still see he has some talent. Especially as he grows up he becomes better and better.

    Brock, Reba's ex-husband, is definitely a screw-up but he still makes things right. Reba, I think, still has a grudge against him for marrying his dental assistant Barbara Jean.

    Barbara Jean is probably the best out of all of the cast. She plays the ditsy blonde who adores Reba. And, of course, Reba can't stand her.

    Toss all of this together and you have yourself one of the best show of all time. The acting is wonderful, the plots are hilarious, and everything is perfectly played out.

    I hope this show goes on for several deserves it.
  • scullylein21129 July 2007
    I loved this show! This is actually the only comedy I really found funny and entertaining! Never have laughed so hard about a TV show. I think they made a great choice with Reba McEntire, she is so brilliant and funny and her comedy timing is excellent. I always have to laugh the most of her comments! Reba MCentire is great, she is so talented and she acts in such a natural way that you actually believe this is a true story.

    This is IMHO the only show deserving the title comedy, because it actually makes you laugh.

    Although Barbara Jean gets a little bit annoying and nobody can actually understand why Reba is so nice to her - the lines between those two are the best! The cast is really good and well chosen, though Van sometimes could be a little less annoying - he is a real goofball.

    It's sad that this show got cancelled.
  • I was quite sure I would hate this show, but once it appeared on Lifetime (TV network) nearly every hour, I was forced to watch an episode... I don't know if I have ever LAUGHED SO HARD at a TV show! Being a 23 year old girl, I was first drawn in by "Van", whose quasi-hammy/ quasi-brilliant antics are ridiculously endearing. But after only two episodes (in the middle of what season I don't even know!) I was drawn into "Reba's" life, her worries and fears, and more so her laughs.

    The show is far more honest and sophisticated than any previous family-sitcom-front-runners, (ie: full house, step by step, Roseanne, etc) despite the Texan drawl. :) What wins over is its overwhelming warmth, you CANNOT help but smile at some point during the 30 minutes. Consider it your 30 min. challenge from me!!) and far more witty. If you like a variety of genres, from Frasier to Roseanne, from Grey's Anatomy to Desperate Housewives, I guarantee you will love this show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this really is an "okay" series.. everyone in it is pretty good. but i just can't take Reba. she's trying to be funny but she just isn't and then she got a stupid accent!! if they took her out of the show i would love to see it every day..

    i have been watching the show in 10 min now and as i said before, Reba IS destroying the show. however the 20 year old guy (dont know his name) but he's soooo funny, and he's really saving it all..

    so here's the recipe to get a great show. kick Reba of it and then put the 20 year old guy into the lead role.

    i really hope someone out there agrees with me and thinks (like me) that they should kick Reba of the show and put someone else in the lead role
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Does anyone else think that "Reba" is basically a ripoff of "Roseanne"? Just look at the characters from the two families, Connors (Roseanne) and Harts (Reba) ; the blonde bombshell elder daughter (Becky Connor and Cheyenne Hart) who's married to a moron (Mark Healy and Van Montgomery), the sarcastic brunette younger daughter (Darlene Connor and Kyra Hart), the little brother (DJ Connor and Jake Hart), and the quirky relative (Jackie Connor and Barbara-Jean Booker Hart).

    And then, of course, there is the biggest similarity, Reba Hart and Roseanne Connor. "Reba" tried to copy the sarcastic and tough-love style mom without giving her the same lovable qualities as Roseanne had. Or, perhaps, they made her *too* lovable, for Reba Hart seems to waver between being mean and scary (hence Van's line to his wife Cheyenne "I'm not afraid of you, I'm afraid of your mother!") and being sweet and caring with little transition in between. Roseanne at least managed to get it across that she was being cruel to be kind, since she was always mean and sarcastic and, whenever she tried to open up, it was hard for her. As inconsistent as Reba's character is, it's hard for her to be believable.

    But even if the characters weren't completely ripped off of "Roseanne", nothing could've saved the show from being sub-par in the plot area. The writers try to give the show substance but they really can't lay off the corny jokes long enough to give any impact. And you'd better believe the jokes are corny; it's as if they were written by a twelve-year-old who thinks that any joke is hilarious. While occasionally they come out with something that's funny (I don't pretend that I didn't laugh at a few episodes) these gems are too few and far between to make "Reba" witty.

    Overall, "Reba" is a very mediocre show with obvious ripoffs of "Roseanne", sub-par plots and sub-sub-par humor, and (let's face it) terrible acting. The show might be a bit better, actually, if they replaced all the actors, especially Reba herself, who is more community- theater quality than prime-time sitcom quality.

    I give it a 3 out of 10 just to be fair to the good jokes that make it in.
  • firestarter_bbl28 November 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is made for persons with IQ lower than 80. The jokes in the show are so lame. If you are on a deserted island and you do not have anything to do you will be better than to watch this garbage.... You will hate their accent their behavior and all the stupid jokes and pranks they try to perform...It really pisses me of that viewers gave Reba 6.7 on their voting...Sure i knew there are some people with IQ lower than 80 but what i did not know that there are so many of them! So people if you got to read this I hope that you will never ever download or buy this peace of garbage... I know it is not the place for his but i wish to recommend one much better mini-series 'Scrubs'
  • Reba McEntyre is one of those crossover stars who doesn't seem to be able to miss, no matter what she tackles. First, she took over for Bernadette Peters in "Annie Get Your Gun" and received rave reviews from New York critics, who probably were - excuse the pun - gunning for her. Then this comedy series came along on the WB channel. I'm always a little leery of sit-coms, particularly the off-network ones. Sometimes I think they pander to the lowest common denominator.

    Well, Reba blew that concept out of the water in her very funny show about the ultimate in dysfunctional families. In the beginning, Reba and her husband (Christopher Rich) were going through a divorce after he made his dental hygienist (Meilissa Peterman) pregnant. As the show went on, the new wife considered Reba her best friend, and Reba couldn't get rid of her no matter what. Reba's daughter Cheyenne, in the beginning, was unmarried and pregnant by an unbelievably dumb high school football star (who later becomes Reba's business partner). Cheyenne marries him and moves in with Reba. At one point, she's furious that Reba is going to be substitute teaching at her school. "Do you realize how embarrassing it will be for me if you teach in my school?" Cheyenne asks. "You're walking around that school unmarried and pregnant, and I'M going to embarrass you?" Reba shoots back. She also has a daughter and a son who have their own issues in the ensuing six years.

    Over the show's run, it dealt with many subjects in a warm, touching and funny way, including alcoholism, teen pregnancy, depression, dating after divorce, infidelity, a child wanting to move in with the other parent, smoking - all the time mocking the idea of "trailer park trash." These are real people with the usual sets of problems that befall a strong single mother. Nothing ever feels contrived or fake. Bottom line, they are all devoted to one another, and that's what makes "Reba" a good series.

    The very pretty McEntire is a marvelous comedienne with great delivery, and she's beautifully supported by Rich, Peterman, Steve Howey, Joanne Garcia, and Scarlett Pomers. You can't help but love all of them. A well-structured, well cast, well written and well directed show. You really can't ask for more.
  • pws_la3 August 2003
    Finally something good to watch on a Friday night. Friday thru Sunday are THE WORST NIGHTS OF SHOW TO WATCH. But I have to admit, I now don't mind staying home and watching Reba. The cast melds well together and their disfunction is hillerious.

    It's about time there is something worth wild to stay home on a Friday Night and enjoy!
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