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  • Babs4222 July 2004
    This is my favourite television series. I absolutely love 'One on One'. The cast are great, especially Kyla Pratt and Flex Alexander. The only problem is I cannot seem to be able to purchase a video of the series from anywhere. Which is a real shame. I love this show and can't wait to see how things turn out! I really miss it when the series is over!

    The entire cast perform one hundred and ten per cent in every episode, which is great to see. Breanna is by far my favourite character! She's fiesty, pretty and just plain likable! I think Sicily is a great actress too and I think she could go very far. This series is great and I just can't wait for the new season to start!
  • I love this show. It isn't a cheesy show that always has a message but it is hilarious and Kyla is a great actress and I'd love to see her in otha films and shows.Good show and you have to watch it if you enjoy other teen sitcoms and even if you don't.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had never seen this show when it initially aired and glad I found it on Netflix. I loved the family dynamic. I think Spirit was an awesome and underrated character and it was disappointing when she wasn't in the last season. She was a good stabling force for Breanna. Season 5 took a turn when Breanna went to college. The dad/daughter relationship was gone and the show lost its purpose. Recommend seasons 1-4
  • Ok, I know I say this type of thing in all of my comments, but this show is actually brilliant! Totally funny, and realistic too, not like other tv programmes, most programmes try to be funny and realistic at the same time, but have never managed to acomplish this until now, it deals with real issues and not fake ones which you find on other programmes theese days, I really do reccomend this show, and I have only watched 3 episodes so far, it really does grow on you, so watch it more than once before you go out dissing it, because you may change you're mind and will regret what you have said. 97% for the show.
  • Hilarious family comedy. Flex, Briana & Dwayne have impeccable timing and chemistry! I would love to see a reboot!
  • i think kelly, the guy who played duane is a underrated actor. i liked him on one on one, in fact kelly was my favorite actor on the show.

    i really think he needs another TV show. i know he had under one roof, but the premise storyline wasn't a keeper. But kelly did good job acting.

    When he and spirit were let go on one on one, the show went downhill fast. spirit kept interest between the boring briana and arnez saga.

    one on ones last season, which excluded flex, duane and spirit, was focused strictly on the teen audience and tried to pump itself as hip, when in fact it was giving itself a bullet to the head. it failed! Duane and flex kept the show neutral in the age brackets, a little for everyone.

    Briana alone with arnaz in California was just boring. i knew the writers were gonna break them up 1st episode. Friends ripoff? thanks kelly for the laughs, you got more laughs from me than anyone on show.

    my best to you
  • lg4822320068 February 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed the show "One on One" it is very good and touch some important issues. For example,there was one episode which SHE and HIM where going to have sex for the first time,at least thats what SHE thought.She found out he wasn't a virgin and she decided to wait for the right moment.The show is a show that parents should allow there teens to watch and some cases can be rather helpful in the issues they could be facing in their own lives as teens growing up with parents who doesn't always understand.This is my favorite because I like HER as an actress ,role model,celebrity,and a beautiful goddess,BUT I AM 18 FOR THOSE WHO MY THINK I'M GROW. THANKS
  • One on One is a smart, and comedic show about a bachelor, Flex Washington raising her witty, sexy, and sometimes trouble making teenage daughter Briaana.(I would definitely like to meet her one day, KYLA RIVERS in the future, remember that!!) The show is original, and has many experienced stars. Kyla Pratt(Briaana) has been in many shows and movies such as Docter Dolittle 1 and 2. Flex's friend, Dwayne has been in many shows as well. Don't forget Flex's ex-wife who played Pam on the popular series, Martin. Overall watch this very funny show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I vaguely remember watching this show growing up, so I decided to revisit since it's currently streaming on Netflix. While it wasn't the greatest sitcom, it was good for a little entertainment to pass the time. I felt that the acting was decent at best while the plots were standard and typical for a teenage girl navigating through life. Relatable, sure, but also unoriginal. I think Duane and Flex (my favorite characters) definitely carried the show comedically and helped to balance out the fact that Breanna and Arnaz were the most annoying. I also really did appreciate the heartfelt dynamic between Flex and his daughter.

    While I thought the show was cute, I'm not really sure how it lasted 5 seasons, but I definitely understand why season 5 was its last. For them to try to spin this black family sitcom into a teenage soapy Friends-y kind of show completely ruined it. I really could care less about Arnaz and Breanna and their "will they, won't they sleep together" dilemma. I didn't care for them in seasons 1-4 and season 5 made me completely write them off. The jokes were painful and their roommates' acting was absolutely deplorable. Then putting Ray J and Breanna together was a cheap shot and completely expected.

    Usually, when I watch these early shows that have had untimely endings (i.e. Moesha, Half & Half etc), I'm kinda bummed and wish I got some closure. For One on One? Soon as that last scene ended, I shrugged and moved onto a new show.
  • One day i was flicking through the channels on the TV, when i stopped on the program 'One on One' after viewing this for about 2min it became my fave program! It is a funny and REALISTIC teen comedy that captures how life really is, in the BEST possible way. In every episode of 'One on One' something brill is bound to happen, that will make you continue to watch the program the next day. The comedy is outstanding and will make you laugh for hrs, the cast is the 'bomb' no other actors could play the parts so well! I would strongly recommend this comedy, fantastic program, outstanding program or what ever you want to call it! I promise that you will be glad you tuned in!! I give this program 6 *stars* out of 5 *stars*! I hope you do proceed and watch this! You will be doing yourself, your BEST FAVOUR YET!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a great show love the black family aspect and all the love until the last season especially the last episode where breonna lost her virginity to ray j instead of arnaz who she truly belonged with I was disappointed and it was definitely a terrible ending to the show boooooo Thumbs down to the last season.
  • The acting is great, the show is moderately progressive (especially for the times) and the laughs that fill my belly from watching this show almost 20 years later is amazing. The whole team, y'all did it!
  • charleen-2440629 October 2020
    Hilarious and cute show. The youth need more shows like this
  • SanteeFats15 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I first watched this series on TV in reruns. I now own the entire series and I love it. The humor is great, the lessons that can be learned are actually good. This show shows the maturation of both teens and adults. The series progresses with Breanna (Kyla Pratt) getting kind of dumped on daddy Flex Washington, a local sports caster, when mommy gets a posting to Nova Scotia to study whales. Through the joys and vicissitudes of the growing pains not only of youth but of parents. You see the first young girl crush and kiss that is not returned and Flex starts growing as a father. Time goes on and it just gets better and funnier as it develops. I do have a problem in the last season. Breanna turns in to a egocentric semi-shrew with Arnaz. The couple start drifting apart and I am not disappointed by it. Breanna has turned into a control freak who wants every thing her way and won't cut Arnaz any slack. She is super jealous bitch in my opinion and she gets what she deserves.
  • I love this show. I am 14 years old, so I can relate to the jokes and catches that the show has. It deals with a teenage girl just trying to survive in life. Its a funny show, and that other person has no idea what he/she is talking about. UHM HELLO!?! If a show was awful, how could it run for 5 seasons. Also, it has to deal with a middle-aged man trying to raise a teenage daughter by himself. What is more entertaining!? I'm not saying it was the best show everr, I am just sayingg it was worth the while. Well for me this show is on in like an hour, so I am going to go watch it.! Good job guys, I love this show. Take care guys, and if you get the chance, I know that it is on at like 3 a.m on the channel The-N. ITS A CHANNEL FOR TEENS! (:
  • i love this show so much i really want to find the season on DVD so i can see all of them. so if any one knows how i can find them to buy them let me know please. i really love this show. but i have school and it is usually on at like 3am here and i cant always be up to watch them. please help me. i really love this show. my boyfriend and i love to watch one on one. we even got on of our good friends in to it to. it bring life matter's in to the show. flex is single and taking care of a kid and has to keeep up with his work and trying to find the right person. so i think it is good for all ages to watch this show. it will show them them real life and how to reaise kids buy your self.
  • wptiffany10 August 2007
    I love this show and i would love the seasons to be on DVD does anyone know if the show is on DVD and if u do someone let me know. I am crazy about this show. I love this show and if there is a DVD i would love to know. Also if there isn't a DVD then the studio should make one. people love this show and i would watch it all day if i could. So if anyone knows let me know. They should make a DVD i wish they would continue the show. it is so worth it. I wish this show was on all day i would watch it for sure. Breanna and arnez are so aborable and they belong together. I am new to the show and i have not seen all eposides. Unfortuneltly i know they break up but by the series end i hope they get back together.
  • k678922 September 2005
    I just saw the new One on One and thought the new show was well done.

    I like the mix of people on the show and it provided a lot of variety. Besides, it is really funny....and it's better to be situated by the beach instead of Maryland.

    I thought the time of the show is good too, not too late. It's getting a little bit more risqué this season - and I guess its because they are off to college.

    I thought the landlord was really funny...Robert and Kyla really seemed to grow up on the show.

    I hope to see more of Ray J on the show ....does he perform any songs? Is Brandy going to guest star? I hope....let me know.
  • The performance by actress Angell Conwell was comical, cute and classy. She played a 21 year old believingly as well as a 17 year old believingly, in the same episode "2 Young & 2 Curious" last night. Her range has no boundaries. I've seen her play both classy and ghetto and she really rocks. That's what you call ACTING. Congrats to the Producers, Director and Casting of One On One for having the EYES for true talent. There is hope for Hollywood. As a writer myself, it's good to know that TRUE TALENTED Actors still have a shot at the good roles.
  • First off, let me point out that I am a white male who grew up in East-Cambridge, MA. It was a very multicultural neighborhood. SO as you can imagine I had plenty of multcultural friends. As a child I loved to watch shows like The Jeffersons, Good Times, Cosby Show, In Living Colour, etc. These were all good shows. But some were criticized becuase they were too stereotypical and oddly some were criticized for not being "accurate" enough. Such as the Cosby Show. I used to ask my friends why can't people make up their minds? Do they want Black people portrayed as ghetto gang bangers in movies like South Central or like high society annunciaters (white people in black people's bodies) like the Cosby Show? They usually looked at me and laughed. After all how do you answer such a Sociological-Philosophical question. Well, anyways, then in the mid-90's came the WB and UPN networks. At first their shows stunk like FOX did in the late 80's and most of the 90's. And then they found their audience! Young people in Urban areas. My kind of neighborhood. At first I jokingly called them "Average Black People Shows". But that sounded ambiguously racist so now I say A.B.P.S. LOL!! They're basically Shows Like Moesha, Parkers, Sisters, which starred Brandy and Diana Ross's daughter (name escapes me). And several others which names I forgot, but they starred Robin Givens, Alfonsa Rivera, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and other African Americans from TOP NBC, CBS, and ABC shows from the 80's and 90's. At first it was GREAT to see them working again, but then it got weird. After all some of the shows still stunk. Mostly the writing and obvious cheap budgets. I mean just look at Homeboys in Outer Space!! Although, I liked others such as the Parent Hood which should STILL be on the air today!! I guess what I am trying to say is I like One on One. It is a good show. It is one of many of those A.B.P.S.'s that are on the air today on the WB and UPN early in the week. Both networks have improved ALOT these past 2 or 3 years and so have their programming, writing, budget and actors are great. Keep up the good work Flex and never do anything like Homeboys in outer space again!! It wasn't
  • I will admit that I didn't watch too many episodes of this but for the few I did watch I thought they were terrible. The so-called scripts are laughable, the acting is atrocious, and the basic plots are snore-worthy! This has got to be the worst show that has ever been on for 5 years! I cannot understand how this even became a pilot let alone have over 100 episodes. I cannot understand what possible appeal this has to anyone. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that has two eyes and ears. I had watched this when there was nothing else on, and thanks to this show I have started reading a lot more than I have in the past. Whatever you do don't waste your time with this absolute drivel!
  • ervin1419 July 2021
    I love seasons 1-4 but season 5 is not very good in my opinion and I am happy living in a world where season 4 finale is also the series finale.
  • one on one is one of the best film i have ever best characters are Kyla Pratt she is beautiful.i wish to see her and we have a lot in common my second best is Robert Richard he is a fine handsome dream is to see them in real life i will be so happy. if any of them are reading this comment i will like to use the opportunity to say hi to them so hi.i was so happy when they started the latest series on trouble on the 20\6\05.that was the happiest day of my life.once again one on one is a cool romantic movie most of all it is good for teens like me.i have leaned some great lessons from it.most of all i like Robert Richard 6 PAC he is hot
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this show is one of the stupidest shows i have ever seen. besides the heinous line-up which UPN holds, this one is the most vile. like that All of Us it is pointless. the UPN shows try to portray the black middle-class but instead merely make senseless humor that has little to do with African-Americans PERIOD. Unlike the Cosby Show which was a blueprint for the future description of a black middle-class family(i.e. the Fresh Prince and My Wife and Kids) these shows fail to grasp the Afro-American experience and culture. whereas Cosby, fresh prince and my wife and kids SHOWED and didn't TELL of Black Family Unity, this show as well of All of Us is shows foolish baby-mama drama and the disrespect black men would have for they're child's mother. Cosby, exemplified the sophisticated black middle-class, with witty humor, exemplary fatherhood and taught his children respect for jazz, blues and the like. this show is more about a frivolous child whom tries her father's patience. to say the least the father is not that good, or well played. the child is snappish something which even when will smith joked, he always knew his limits.

    my conclusion if you ever see this show on you can either

    1) change the channel

    2) turn off the TV and run as far away from the TV as possible


    3) watch the worst programs of the UnderPaid Negro channel
  • This series is a very realistic series unlike some I've seen. The acting could use a little more effort but it is a great, comedic show for the entire family as it tackles real issues. Breanna played by Kyla Pratt (Dr. Dolittle) is funny but sometimes her character is pushed to being too funny to a point where she is just not funny and very annoying. Her dad portrayed by Flex Alexander (Out Cold) is also very funny. His character is trying to raise his daughter without spoiling her and that can relate to many people. The show is nice. I watch it as often as I can and I give it *** out of *****.
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