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  • I enjoy it! The acting was OK The action scenes were tight Suspense I like key art really The music was nice I recommend For action fans but beware! Cause the USA version sounds pretty bad and the image is very poor. Kinda surprise because i Know The movie and some people involved, Ezio is a good director. i saw this movie in Isat this month in Argentina: And the image was amazing. maybe we should wait for some re-edition back in USA. Anyway i believe you'll enjoy it, not the usual stuff, a rare combination of western and drama. again highly recommended. If you want to see a small, intense, simple and direct movie, is this one for good. i also recommend "Flight of the innocent" and "Un oso rojo"
  • alexmoi5815 January 2004
    I found this movie (as Manhunt on dvd- in liked the poster and when i read all those good reviews from some viewers and critics i though "i really have to see this one". It was a very simple story but despite the bullets or sort of clasical suspense twist even that sort of western touch, i found the movie very touching ... Kind of rare mixture i might say, not very often i can find a movie who can touch some father and son relation like this one (again despite the action-gender elements). Very often i´m watching foreign movies (most of the time movies from spain, Brasil or Argentina actually) but this CACERIA-MANHUNT is a rare one., I highly reccomend this one. By the way what´s wrong with this "guyb"..
  • i saw this movie in the last "San Juan Cinemafest" in Puerto Rico and i really enjoy it tough i`am actually not a Thriller lover i really was surprised beacause was not only abaut the action there was a very touching love story and also was abaut real people (not exactly the hero tipe)

    O.K in the movie you´ll find lots bullets and some suspense in a very classic western structure but was a diferent kind of Thriller is very simple and direct, i can only compare this film with another foreign film i saw "the flight of the inocent".

    If you like to see a good foreign and original action movie with maybe some tears at the end CACERIA (Manhunt) is your movie.
  • guyb28 November 2003
    I was shocked to see that this movie was 2002. It looked like a bad C movie (is there such a thing?) from the 70's. Nothing really ever happened. Simple storyline that never got interesting or exciting. Choppy editing. Just pass on this one.
  • This is a small proof why Argentinean movies are now very well accepted around the world. This one is now available here in the US in dvd an vhs and as i been informed soon to be released in Mexico on theatrical among tv cable and video. This one is a rare one because shows how some Young Argentinean film makers are ready to face the challenge to make Gender Movies. And this one is a very good example. Very Good and Intense Movie.

    (Piece of advice: Quality its better in the USA vhs version than the DVD..don´t know why)
  • My boyfriend told me i saw this movie (caceria) MANHUNT some (Tommy Boy movie freak friend) who love foreign movies (again) i was thinking at that time... This time i toke some precautions first (dont wanna buy some foreign movies you cant rent without some research.. So i found greats reviews in and i bought it. wow a great film Very touching and intense also very suspensfull, loved the timing you know this movie don`t rush is very well edited .

    This time Tommy Boy w(my boyfriend dude) was right

    a very good latino film you should watch it D.K