[first lines]

Professor Owl: [Professor Owl enters his classroom at the beginning of the day] Is everybody ready?

Students: To sing along!

Professor Owl: With Disney songs!

Students: [singing] A Disney sing along!

Professor Owl: [rhythmic talking] Now you at home can sing along/with your favorite Disney songs./We will play every note/so you can sing along.

Students: [singing] Join right in, sing along,/with your favorite Disney songs./Once you've heard every word/you'll want to sing along.

Bertie Birdbrain: But I don't know all of the songs!

Professor Owl: We'll make sure you can't go wrong!

Students: Sing along, one and all/Follow the bouncing ball.

Professor Owl: You'll find out before you're done/music's fun for everyone.

Professor OwlStudents: Join right in, sing along with

Students: Dis-ney sing a-long Songs!

[Bertie crashes two cymbals]