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  • I am generally NOT the sort of person to watch and enjoy reality television shows. However, I have enjoyed watching "The Amazing Race" least some times. When I say that it's because how much I enjoy the show is highly dependent upon the contestants. Many you really like. A few, however, are human garbage....nasty, smack-talking jerks who take away from the audience's enjoyment of the show. Some of these contestants have been so nasty and awful that my daughter and I have now taken to only watching the show AFTER it's completed and we read up to find out what sort of contestants a particular season has. After all, life is too short to spend our time watching ugly, nasty people. So, consider doing this and just skipping a few seasons where the participants seem more interested in drama and chaos than anything else.
  • Note: This review is for the entire series. "The Amazing Race" is more reality show dribble that gets tiring before you finish watching one episode. Several pairs of people go on a Jules Verne-styled adventure to exotic locales around the world in the hopes of winning a large cash prize at the end. Silly mess that is a dumb rip-off of "Survivor", but lacks the psychological and societal aspects of that program. Still an amazing ratings success for CBS that continues to run circles around the competition for the network. But critically, there is no smoke here and definitely no fire. Watch if you are really bored and insomnia plagues your couch-potato ways. 2 stars out of 5.
  • Numberis628 August 2020
    The Amazing Race where somehow the camera guy is never left behind.

    The camera people come well-prepared every single time.

    A show that I watched only the 1st season of. I'm surprised it has 32 seasons already. WOW!

    Verdict: just like that rat race movie. Pass.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the AR5 as it is one of the best races that CBS did. There were colorful characters. And for once not one but two Christian couples. Kim & Chip never said a bad word about anybody and Nicole & Brandon prayed every time which I thought was great. I am just so glad that Colin & Christie didn't win because Colin was a bully and I was so shocked after the finale, he proposed to her. She shouldn't had accepted it because I don't want her to be a wife that is abused by her husband. I think the fan faves were a toss between Mirna and her cousin(Forget her name) And the Bowling Moms Linda & Karen. Because those two were the comic relief in the show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Couples travel over in whether they are best friends, siblings, married or an engaged couple, or couple that got together recently dating.

    As they go about in the only carrying the clothes on their backs and money there. And have to use either advantages to their liking or trying to stop another couple to help out their own usage.

    It is brain and brawn, working together, and surviving like language barriers and that it is very creative and last one either leaves the game due to elimination or that they are still in it but need to give their money to host Phil Keoghan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Amazing Race is a very popular and highly rated "reality show". In 2000, the phenomenon began. Contestants must race around the world and go through a variety of ordeals and challenges along the way. Season 5 is largely considered the best. Kim and Chip won, proving to be the strongest couple in the race. Colin and Christie were close though. Other colorful contestants included Charla and Mirna and "Bowling" moms and Linda and Karen. The long season lasted throughout most of 2004. The contestants made trips to Egypt, Brazil, Dubai, and Canada. The show is still going strong. Most of the attraction lies in the chemistry between the contestants, the heat of competition and the various exotic locales. Those challenges are also very interesting.

    Without a doubt, The Amazing Race is the best reality show on TV. It beats "Fear Factor". Not only do contestants win a lot of money, but they are actually traveling across the globe. Even the losing contestants can't really say that they lost because at least they were exposed to travel and culture. Season 5 highlights: Charla and Mirna's camaraderie and their final speech is quite touching. Colin and Christie, Christian supermodels who were interesting to watch..every time they mentioned God or Jesus the camera cut to a shot of a cloud in the sky. Dubai, in Saudi Arabai, is beautiful. That five star hotel shaped like a sail is so attractive watching it on the race made me want to make a trip there. Dubai also boasts with having a fine water park in the lines of "Raging Waters". This race ended in a surprise. In a fatal turn of tide, Kim and Chip, who were in last place, were suddenly catapulted to first place. It proved that even the smallest thing- like a delay in a flight, can affect the results of the race. This was indeed the most talked about and most beloved Amazing Race.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 6 of The Amazing Race ended tonight (February 8, 2005). It was a wonderful race, with the most interesting couples to date. Once again sent to various spots of the world, they must face difficult challenges. For the elderly couple Don and Mary, some of the stunts were a bit too much. This is definitely a young person's reality show, and requires a fit physical body and young active mind to really make it. I knew that this couple wasn't going to make it, but they did survive various parts of the race and were eliminated by mid-season. They were quite good for elderly folks. The couple most people kept their eye on was Jonathan and Victoria who were constantly fighting. Jonathan treated Victoria very badly, insulting her, belittling her and it was evident their relationship was going downhill. They are said to appear in an episode of Doctor Phil to fix their messy and precarious relationship. Jonathan was quite a jerk on the show. Even when Victoria was injured, he showed no compassion and he blamed her for losing the race.

    The wrestlers couple were interesting. Physically strong and quite the survivors, I thought they would make it. But they too fought a lot and mentally they were not as sharp as some other contestants. Father and daughter team Gustav and Hera were quite nice to watch and root for. They were very cooperative with each other and at one point, in Africa, at a Slave Memorial Site, Gustav broke down in tears. Hayden and Aaron were also another fine team. This time around they went to Iceland, Sweden, Africa, Indonesia (apparently only a week before the horrific Tsunami)China, Hawaii and Chicago. Season 7 begins in three weeks. I can't wait. Amazing Race is the hottest and best reality show on TV. It is better than Fear Factor, The Bachelor or even The Apprentice. This is a good show where no one really loses. The fact the contestants travel around the world is enough.
  • I gotta say I hate reality TV. Sure "Survivor" had it's moments, but it got tiresome after awhile. The Amazing Race? Now HERE's a show with variety and personality to match the frantic, fast-paced action with such ingenious use of game set-pieces I couldn't help but dig this show. I watched this series for nine years and it still never fails to entertain me. That's something that can't be said for most reality TV programs; well at least for "American Idol". One of the most moving moments of the show was when they had one of the contestants was a female dwarf but despite her physical limits, she managed to get far near the end of the race. I can vividly recall the the emotions of the host who greeted them at the pit stop; however coming in last place eliminated them from the race. Sorry if that sounded a little poetic but I couldn't help but be touched by his reaction. Still, it's a great show, filled with a surprising amount of suspense. Yes, SUSPENSE. In a reality show; a rarity. Never in the history of TV has a series been this gripping, this entertaining, heartwarming and exciting, and above all, original as The Amazing Race.
  • A+

    Starring: Eleven(?) Groups of 2

    Eleven groups of two people related somehow travel thousands and thousands of miles, beating all the other teams to get a million dollar prize. This show is absolutely wonderful, always keeping me wondering, "Who's gonna get eliminated?" "Who's gonna use the Fast Forward?" "Who's gonna win?" I like Frank and Marguerita, but didn't mind the winners winning.

    Rank: Tied for 1st place in reality shows (with all the other 'Races')
  • A+

    Starring: Eleven Groups of two people

    Eleven groups of two people related somehow travel thousands and thousands of miles, beating all the other teams to get a million dollar prize. I am very surprised how the time difference between the 1st and 2nd place teams was like 20 seconds. Wil and Tara practically had Chris and Alex beat but Tara was not fast enough. I liked Chris and Alex and didn't mind them winning.

    Just like the first, this kept me asking those same questions. Perfect show.

    Rank: Tied for 1st in Reality shows (with other 'Races')
  • A+

    Starring: Eleven Groups of two people

    Eleven groups of two people related somehow travel thousands and thousands of miles, beating all the other teams to get a million dollar prize.

    I love this show. It has something that makes you get hooked on the show. What I liked was how when you think that someone is in the lead and then the behind person comes right up and gets past them.

    Of anyone I wanted to win, it would've been Derek & Drew or Ken & Girard. Don't get me wrong, I liked Zach, but I couldn't stand Flo. She's always either yelling or screaming at Zach. Out of the top 3 teams, I would've wanted Ken & Girard to win. Still good show.

    Rank: Tied for 1st in Reality shows (with other 'Races')
  • dy15823 May 2006
    This show's format is the reason why I keep watching each season. Imagine travelling around the world and your final target is US$1 million, it's for those who dare to do it.

    The recently concluded season is one great show. The ultimate winners were whom I wanted to win and it's a great ending to a show that has won the Emmys before.

    Overall, if you are the one who has always wanted to see how the world really is and interested to see how the various teams outdo each other to the finish line, this show is for you. Also, prepare for culture-shock abound because as they say - 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'.

    Phil really does a good job of being the host and it's almost impossible to not linking the guy who hosts The Amazing Race.

    The show is just...amazing!
  • Wow this is one of a heck of a show, if you never tuned into a show like the Amazing Race, and your sick of some the other poor stuff on TV like wrestling, definitely gives this a try.

    The Amazing Race is a hit and this latest version is better than ever. The drama , the stunts, the suspense is all.

    These people of course race all over the world for a million dollar prize all while performing ludicrous and physical stunts.

    The list this season includes two married selfish loudmouth entrepreneurs from California: Jonatha and Victoria. A father and daughter team. A Grandparent's team: John and Mary. A formerly dating team : Adam and Rebecca, an engaged models teams. lol and my personal favorite the pro wrestling team of Lori and Bolo.

    These two are the funniest thing on TV, seriously this is like if two pro wrestlers had a sitcom on TV, and you get to see all the stupid things they did, some of the stereotypes you imagined , they show. True hilarity.

    As far as locations so far they've been to Chicago, Iceland and now Sweden.

    Obstacle courses included everything from snow skating to bicycling to building mini houses to extreme gliding!!!

    Of course every team watches the clock and stupid moves will hurt them in the end.

    The Amazing Race 6 is high entertainment though and this season wow your in for a treat.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What more can you say about this series that hasn't already been said. It's great entertainment for viewers of all ages young and old, it's filled with different twists, very unusual and familiar characters but above all, it's always unpredictable.

    This season we got a couple of new contestants:

    Meredith and Gretchen. I love Meredith and Gretchen I have a soft spot for them , since they're the oldest people on the race. They remind me of John and Mary, yes they don't have much of a chance at physical level to compete with the younger players but they have a spirit and will that is second to none. They've also have survived the race to this point whereas younger and more unscrupulous players like Ray and Deanne have been eliminated. This doesn't sound like a big deal but it is, in the last couple of races Meredith and Gretchen had all their belongings removed along with their money for arriving late to a pit spot but through the generosity of others they're still here.

    Brian and Greg Smith are the two twin brothers whom fans seem to love. A good jolly bunch of guys who really had fun with the race.

    Ron and Kelly are two dysfunctional characters forming a couple. The Amazing Race is like the Jerry Springer in that takes two characters who are odds with each other and simple lets the camera's roll letting us the viewers catch their reactions. It's quite funny.

    Ron is a former pow, he served his country, Kelly is a former beauty queen. You would think they'd hit it of but it hasn't worked out like that.

    Lynn and Alex are a gay couple, the first I believe in the Amazing Race, they were alright, I neither liked nor disliked Lynn and Alex. They certainly had their bright spots in the game.

    Rob and Amber are another type of dysfunctional couple though for the most part Rob has kept his mouth shut, instead he tends to lash out at people around him. He also tends to say dumb things without thinking like his current one "it's tough to organize Indian Labor" in India which I found to be a insult to the Indian people.

    Uchenna Agu and his wife Joyce are a black couple on the team. They are my other favorites on the team. Joyce apparently cant have kids so she and Uchenna are planning to adopt.

    They've had some adventures in Africa and India, which gave them a chance to observe some kids face to face, it's quite touching not just for them but for viewers as well.

    Yes the AMR7 has some exotic locations like Chile, China, Africa and India but deep down you realized how easy it is to take things for granted back here in the states when you see how people in some of these other countries live.

    Ask for challenges, always a bizarre group of challenges: One challenge in Chile had the team try to find a special brand of fish to weight, another required one member to shave their head in Africa, another challenge probably the most fun to watch was taking a safari amidst the wildlife in Africa!!!

    Then last weeks episode required people to ride on Elephans to riding on Camels Wow!!!

    All in all another very entertaining season of the Amazing Race by CBS.
  • I think one of the reason we favor this show over shows like Survivor is that, for the most part, the contestants are in charge of their own fates. In a race around the world, if you avoid finishing last on each leg, you stay in the game ... no voting beyond the contestants' control exists to spoil their effort.

    Outside of the drama of the contest, the show is an educational travel show in many ways. For example, the show often goes through India. After seeing what happens to contestants there, I'll never travel to India.

    An entertaining and for the most part intelligent show, I highly recommend The Amazing Race to fans of TV reality contests.
  • Once again, I am stumped at how much better the whole reality genre of television series is getting. No one really took much note until CBS presented the world with SURVIVOR. The impact of that show has been explosive, causing a chain reaction of copy-cat shows and other reality-based programs from other networks in both the U.S. and around the world.

    THE AMAZING RACE just proves that the genre is still evolving.

    The premise is this: 11 couples compromising of a mismatch of personalities. A gay couple. A mother and daughter. Two grandparents. Two fraternity brothers. Etc. They embark on a 'race' around the world, each time to a different destination. Unfortunately, there are 8 elimination points, the first one as a result of whichever couple reached the first destination last.

    The race starts in Central Park, New York City. We then follow their journey to the first destination, Johannesburg, South Africa. Almost a split second after the starting gun goes off, you'll find yourself glued to your television screen. What is most extraordinary and unique about this show is the mix of personalities and the adventures they will all find themselves getting involved with. As the show starts off, there isn't much cut-throat activity going on between the teams, but as most of the reality shows evolve, alliances will most likely be formed and as each team gets eliminated, the game will become tighter and more competitive.

    It is fun watching these people getting jerked out of every day society and thrown into a unique landscape filled with wonders and different culture to embark on some wild obstacle course. For example, the first episode had the teams flying to South Africa, driving across the landscape in jeeps, racing across the front of Victoria Falls, gliding across a canyon on a flying fox, bungee-jumping down a chasm, all so they can avoid being the last team to make it into a small African village. And this is just an hour's worth of entertainment.

    Each week the teams end up in a different country. It's almost like watching an entire season of SURVIVOR in one episode! The good thing here is that no one has to 'vote' another team off as was the format in shows like SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER, BOOT CAMP and MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X. The drive here is simpler - you snooze, you lose.

    I admit I didn't know much about this show as it was getting some media attention. I saw some press-runs in the TV Guide and I heard someone say that it was CBS's counter-attack against NBC's reality show, LOST, but I wasn't really sure what to expect.

    I have never been so thrilled as to watch just one hour of a show like this and then yearn so anxiously to see the next episode! It's almost mind-boggling to think that a show like this would cost millions of dollars to produce - but have you checked the Fall line-up lately? There's about 10 cop shows, 10 medical dramas and 10 legal dramas heading your way.

    This show gets a GIANT 10 out of 10!
  • teebear81710 November 2020
    The editing on this show is absolutely disgusting. I took a stopwatch and timed it every 30 seconds... they had 23 scene changes in 30 seconds ...46 scene changes every 60 Seconds. Thats 2760 scene changes in one hour. it's Kaleidoscope can't even focus on anybody you're looking at for more than one second . Thats absolutely revolting. And i Know there is cheating by the producers. Many events such as season 8 where two families with small children had to row across the Delaware. Both boats drifted far downstream. The kids had no strength to row. Suddenly, as i predicted to my wife would happen....suddenly both boats appeared on the shore. No way!!! They were helped off camera. Thats cheating. Have you noticed that EVERY airport in EVERY country has their airport ticket counter wide open for contestants? Always. No people in front of them. Ever been to an airport? Did you ever go up to the desk and have nobody anywhere near it? always you're like 10th or 15th in line. Obviously, producers are keeping it wide open for contestants. That's not reality, its dishonesty. Same with any place they go to. Cabs waiting for them often , etc. One of the worst examples is the Weaver family, when they had to go to the stadium and find a black box on the back of one of the tens of thousands of chairs, they looked and looked for hours and couldn't find it..they finally said...we give up, we are quitting. Then 10 minutes later all of a sudden all four family members are up on the very top row and they happen to find it . Impossible. All four family members would be in different sections looking for it if they were legitimately looking for it. Clearly The Producers told them where it was. they were exhausted and refused to go back up there and they never showed us them finding it. clearly it was rigged to keep them in the game. could go on and on but why bother. Its fake.
  • First I would like to point out that this IS a reality series. Don't compare it to 'Survivor' or any other show along that line. It's about people, it's real (not staged like others) and the contestants do get to know each other. Apparently somebody hasn't been watching because as the show progresses, we see the different teams connect and interact with each other. Yes, they do talk to one another.

    I've really got to hand it to CBS for their work and dedication to 'The Amazing Race'. So maybe it isn't the network itself, but the people behind the show deserve a lot of credit as well. Not only is the show fun and gives us a different location every week, but it is also expensive. I don't know about you, but every time I watch it, I think 'man, that's got to be a lot of money invested there'.

    The show is well designed and well thought out. The main reason I like this show is because it doesn't show these back stabbers out to get one another in hopes of winning a money prize. Lately the teams have been ganging up on each other, but it's not like one person is trying to hurt another. There are teams and that's what I like to see. Personally, there's nothing more irritating than watching a bunch of adults form an alliance like they are little kids whispering behind another person's back.

    Every location that has been picked has been fun and exciting to watch. I love the different challenges the teams are faced with and I especially like the Fast Forward part. As funny as it may seem, I am constantly on edge wondering who is going to be eliminated as the final minutes approach. (I really hope that Kevin and Drew win.)

    The narration is good and the contestants are fun to watch. My VCR is set up every Wednesday night. I've watched it from the premiere episode and I'll watch it to the last. As it looks right now with the ratings, an 'Amazing Race 2' is highly unlikely to come up, but I really wish that it would. It's such a pity that a good (and better reality show than the others) will probably end so quickly without finding a solid audience first. 'The Amazing Race' is by far the best new show this season.
  • I love "The Amazing Race" series. It is one of my favorites of all time (and not just in reality shows). The first one was great, this was great, and everyone needs to watch this.

    I have one complaint. I feel that CBS didn't promote the show enough. I can't even recall seeing a preview on TV for it. So because of that, I was unable to see the very first episode. But it was then recorded every week there after to ensure that I wouldn't miss it.

    In my opinion, the teams were better on last year's show. Gary & Dave, Chris & Alex and Blake & Paige (!) were my favorites in particular, but who could really top Kevin & Drew from the last one?

    Once again, "The Amazing Race 2" brought beautiful and exciting locations, interesting detours and as always, NICE CAMERA WORK!! Seriously, these cameramen did a great job, not to mention the editors. Not that there was a lot of it, but I liked the music that was involved on this show.

    One of the reasons I'm crazy about the series is because a whole lot of time and effort is put into creating it and because there are no alliances or ganging up on people. 'No voting' is always better. The preparation that is involved here isn't something that takes like an hour to do. It takes some serious hard work. (Those are just two of the many reasons why I LOVE "The Amazing Race".)

    I'm not going to lie; I was hurt that Blake and Paige didn't win because I was rooting for them to no end. I'm happy that Chris and Alex won and even happier that those fruitcakes Tara and Wil didn't! The last episode was terrific just like the finale of the previous season. I can't wait for the third installment to come out - I will be watching every night. This show is the best and I really hope that CBS keeps it running. (Sorry Blake and Paige.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'The Amazing Race' is without a doubt the best reality show on television right now. It's way better than 'Survivor', which seems to get all of the attention every year leaving 'Race' in dire need of viewers.

    The first season was great, the second was the best, and the third was also fantastic. You won't hear any complaints out of me. The activities and tasks were just as interesting, if not more. Each episode was fast-paced, as it is designed to be.

    I wasn't too crazy about the teams, but I was cheering for one or two by the near end of the series.

    'The Amazing Race 3' was just as good as the others. I still love it; it's one of my favorites. I sure hope that it comes back for at least one more season. Any more than that would be even better.

    So, Phil was looking his best, I'm sorry that Derek and Drew didn't win, but I am glad that Zach won even if it was with Flo. Great editing and snappy music helped this show roll right along.

    More people need to watch this show. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: 'The Amazing Race' is the best reality show on television. I've watched every season since it premiered and have loved all of them, but I was disappointed with the fourth edition for a number of reasons.

    The one thing that I felt this edition was missing, not to mention the most important element, was an interesting group of teams. There are usually those teams that I love and want to win so badly, however, there weren't any this year that I really enjoyed watching. The teams, I felt, were duplicates of past ones (need I mention the Cindy and Russell coincidence?). I hate to say it because the producers are usually good at choosing contestants, but this year, there were some people who I still didn't know their name by the end of the season. That is not good. Another problem with this season was that the challenges were dull. There were some interesting ones over the course of the show, but for the most part, they were bland. I will point out that I was a little taken by surprise with some of the road blocks/detours simply because they were on the dangerous side.

    Things I liked about this season? Well, the wonderful crew, of course. The camera crew, editors, sound people, and everyone else really did do a good job with putting the show together. I am always impressed with the editors especially because they really have a tough job, but they never seem to fail me.

    If there was one good thing to come out of 'The Amazing Race 4', it was that my favorite team (one of two teams that I could actually stand to watch) made it not only into the top three, but won the million dollars. My other favorite team came in third. It was a bummer, though, that the finale was terrible.

    While this season was by far the worst of the four, it did have some strong points along the way. I was thrilled that the show was nominated for an Emmy and then actually won, and I was even happier to find out that CBS gave the go-ahead to a fifth season. Maybe CBS does like Bruckheimer.
  • I started watching this show when I was 10. I loved seeing countries that I had not only ever heard before, but to see what their cultures were like. Of course, it is very entertaining and the competition really picks up at the end of each season.

    Watching the show has made me have a gamut of emotions, but it is truly sad when people do the race because they feel distant from one another because they are unable to communicate well. Not only are they unable to communicate, but it is horrible to watch as a viewer. However, the challenges are super funny whenever dancing is involved and there are teams that are super easy to root for.

    I absolutely love the show. I hate when they try to change the formula and bring reality TV stars to the show or pair people with others they have never met. That being said, the show is amazing and definitely a fun thing to watch. I highly recommend the show!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Amazing Race is a show where teams of two race about Earth to win a million dollars at the end (the first to win, of course gets said million dollars). On the way they stop at various locations and must complete tasks. The teams are generally all a type of human or a minority and rarely are normal people used in the series. The tasks involve doing things that happen or are to do with local things, like making pottery or laying bricks or carrying a local creation about. For the most part vehicles, usually cars or 4WDs are provided to help them get about and they are given money for some legs. Since this is reality TV it is always different with no contiguous consistent plot or continuuity apart from reality itself, and so its enjoyability depens greatly on certain variables at the time. However the general gist of the show is quite amusing. It is amazing how weird and unintelligent Americans are, as is clearly shown with many of the teams. Also social observations can be made, as some teams gang to form 'alliances' against others and teams often become aggressive to one another or in the team itself.
  • There are hundreds of reality shows on television now, all over the world, but only one captures the excitement. fun, drama, exhilaration, competition and intelligence of a great show. That show is The Amazing Race. Eleven paired contestants travel all over the world completing objectives and challenges on their way to the final "Pit Stop" of the day. Not only are these challenges physical, but all mental and frustrating. Players have to keep it together with themselves and their partner if they are to make it to the end ahead of everyone else. The last couple who makes it to the "Pit-Stop" is usually eliminated. The show is so fun to watch not only for the incredible locations and exciting race on foot, in car, by plane and train through each city, but also because of all the drama between contestants and their partners. Many partners are so competitive, that they get frustrated with their partner or themselves and it shows on camera in many different ways. Every episode is a blast to watch. you never know what's going to happen next or what location they will travel to. It's fun seeing the world and culture of other people. It's even more fun watching the couples navigate though an unfamiliar environment. One wrong turn or flat tire could push them into last place. There are other great reality shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance. Top Chef, Chopped, America's Got Talent, but none of them are as creative or interesting as The Amazing Race. No wonder it's already on it's 18th season, as they've decided to do 2 seasons a year now. The show is so popular. Definitely check this show out.
  • Amazing Race is more of a game show than a Reality show. Reality Shows are a couple of people getting to know each other and talk about stuff. Amazing Race is a show about 11 teams racing against each other. They don't have time to talk because their too busy running. Amazing Race is a pretty good show, but I hate it when people label this a reality show. It's not. Just because they're people, doesn't mean it's a reality show.
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