Keiichirou Miyanoshita: Hey, can you guys hear anything?

Satsuki Miyanoshita: You know what I hear? I hear the sound of you shutting the fuck up!

Momoko Koigakubo: Oh my, what a gifted Seamstress! I hope you're not a homosexual.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [after realizing they've traveled back in time] HOLY TIME MACHINE BATMAN! It's 1973!

Hajime Aoyama: Holy pre-Parkinson's Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd Back To The Future plot ripoff device! Where's my Delorean?

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Pre-Parkinson's? You are so shockingly hateful.

Hajime Aoyama: I don't feel sorry for him, he was in "Light Of Day".


Phone Recording: [Satsuki attempts to call the Ski Lodge] The number you have dialed is no longer in service. HEY! MAYBE IF THEY PAID THEIR FUCKING PHONE BILL YOU COULD CALL AGAIN!

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Asian trash, can't pay the phone bill.

Keiichirou Miyanoshita: I'm gonna make a SnowMan and a SnowWoman, and maybe even a little Snow Keiichirou! but I guess i'll have to make the SnowWoman dead, because mom's dead.

[She cries]

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Moshi moshi? I mean, hello. I'm sorry to call you at this hour, can I speak to Tamomi?

Woman: Tamomi? Aint no Tamomi girl here living here, so what?. Get your crack head ass head into some rehab, I aint got time for this bull...

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [Satsuki drops the phone in shock] Mother F-


Satsuki Miyanoshita: .

Hajime Aoyama: I'm going to beat your ass!

Leo Kakinoki: You sure are talking about my butt a lot lately.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Why on earth did we decide to hole up in the old Schoolhouse? Why? WHY?

Hajime Aoyama: 'Cause the mall was closed? I don't know.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: We passed up REI, we passed up Oshman's, we passed Neiman's for Christ's sake! YOU'RE... AN... IDIOT!

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [It's the end of the day] But we were only in there for twenty minutes!

[Approximate running time of the episode up to that point]

Hajime Aoyama: Holy crack addicts, it hit the gym!

Keiichirou Miyanoshita: [Momoko, posessed by Satsuki's mother, has just collasped and turned back into herself] Wow, she must've been tired.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Momoko! Is that you?

Momoko Koigakubo: Huh? Where am I?

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Heaven. Get Up.

Hajime Aoyama: Aww quit making fun of the Christian. We've got to save Leo!

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Gotta go! Move it Haji!

[They run off]

Keiichirou Miyanoshita: That was freaky.

Momoko Koigakubo: What?

Keiichirou Miyanoshita: You sounded like mom. I didn't know you did impressions.

Momoko Koigakubo: What are you talking about? Oh my goodness, do I need to get back on my medications? Tell me, are my eyes red?

Keiichirou Miyanoshita: Hmm...

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [Alone clutching a doll] Looks like it's just you and me, Raggedy-Ann.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [Doing ventriloquism] Call Me Barbie.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Okay, Barbie... I'm going fuckin' crazy.

Kakinomoto, Reo: They trade places with people's reflections, and walk the streets at night.

Satsuki Miyanoshita: Kinda like Thriller. A fat Thriller.

Hajime Aoyama: My BS detector is going "DING"!

Satsuki Miyanoshita: [trying to capture the Bathroom Ghost and save Hajime] Is this right?

Momoko Koigakubo: It's fine!

Satsuki Miyanoshita: I don't know. I kinda failed art. Maybe I should shade it in, add some cherry blossoms...

Momoko Koigakubo: JUST DO IT!

Momoko Koigakubo: Sweet Jesus, that was scary!

Mio Itai: [pleading] Shirotabi, please forgive me from bringing you back to life! I know now that it could never work between us. As much as we wanted to, it could never be! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're black!