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  • This was a delightful televised version of a theatre musical. It had a school play feel but with a professional cast utilising a single climbing-frame style set complete with slide. The star (quiet literally as it turns out) was Christopher Lillicrap as Gabby – the angel Gabriel. The plot follows the nativity story but with 'invisible' Angels helping Mary, Joseph and the three Wisemen follow their destiny – sort of 'Wings of Desire' for primary school kids. In this case doing good deeds makes angels taller and as the story starts Gabby is a little on the short side. The production was filmed with a live audience which gave it a proper Panto feel and would prove essential to parts of the plot. For example the Angels sent to help the Wisemen had to ask the audience what gifts they should take to Jesus – prompting a running gag regarding what Murr actually is. For me personally it was a wonderful and by this time semi traditional thing to see Christopher Lillicrap at Christmas as he lived locally to us and appeared in many similar Christmas shows at local theatres.