Vic Mackey's TV daughter Cassidy is played by Michael Chiklis's real-life daughter Autumn.

The Strike Team was based on the Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Division's corrupt anti-gang unit.

Creator Shawn Ryan's original title of the show was "The Barn." The FX network feared that potential audiences might be turned away by that, because they might think it was a gardening show or something similar. "Rampart" was also considered, after the controversial corruption charges against the Rampart division of the Los Angeles Police Department. This title was used in early promotional materials, including several TV spots. Upon opposition from the LAPD, as well as the fact that people not familiar with the Rampart scandal might not understand the name, the title was changed at the last minute to "The Shield."

Michael Chiklis (Detective Vic Mackey) and Jay Karnes (Detective Holland Wagenbach) are the only actors to appear in all 89 episodes of the series.

Shawn Ryan originally wrote Claudette's character as a man. It took a call from CCH Pounder's agent to make him appreciate that a woman in the detective role would offer a whole new slant to proceedings. One thing that Ryan didn't change was the dialog, meaning that Claudette pulls no punches with her fellow detectives and the criminals she encounters. This was at Pounder's request.

FX originally balked at the hiring of Walton Goggins as a regular cast member. In order to convince the network executives to hire him, the episodes "Our Gang" and "The Spread" were specifically rewritten in order to showcase Walt's acting abilities in hopes of having him hired as a full-time cast member. These episodes convinced FX, but because of the delays in finalizing his contract, the Shane character was written out of three episodes. The Vic Mackey character partnered up with a fellow cast member Kenny Johnson ("Dawg Days" and "Throwaway") or assisted Detectives Wyms and Wagenbach on a case ("Cherrypoppers").

To prepare for his role as Vic Mackey, not only did Michael Chiklis had to get in shape and special training, but he learned to speak Spanish.

Cathy Cahlin Ryan, who plays Vic Mackie's wife, is show's creator Shawn Ryan's real-life wife. She was pregnant throughout the filming of the first season.

The show's police technical consultant told Michael Chiklis that all police officers would love the series, even officers above the rank of Captain, who would denounce it in public.

According to Michael Chiklis, Jay Karnes had difficulty believing Dutch would be afraid of fighting Vic due to his size advantage. Karnes is 6'2" while Chiklis is 5'8". They debated for a while until Chiklis convinced Karnes that Dutch was afraid of Vic's violent temper.

When the show started airing, creator Shawn Ryan would notice that people were divisive regarding whether they like Vic Mackey or not and some wanted him to get caught. When Lt. Jon Kavanaugh was introduced into the storyline as a serious possibility for Mackey to go down, Ryan was surprised to learn that almost everyone rooted for Mackey and hated Kavanaugh.

Michael Jace is currently serving up to 40 years in prison for murdering his wife.

In the original pitch of the series to FX, the members of the Strike Team were supposed to be background characters and that the character of Vic Mackey would mainly interact with the other characters. However, after casting David Rees Snell and Kenny Johnson as members of the Strike Team, it was decided to make the Strike Team members a regular part of the series.

The average episode is filmed in seven days.

The uniformed officers originally wore realistic LAPD-style badges over their left breast, which is standard in the real Los Angeles Police Department, as it is symbolically over the heart. After criticism from the real LAPD over the show's depiction of corrupt cops, the badges were replaced with less realistic badges which were worn over the right breast, starting midway through the first season.

Prior to the start of the series, star Michael Chiklis had been known mostly for playing the chubby, good natured title character on "The Commish" (1991). Because of the contrast between that characters laid back, affable style, and Vic Mackey's violent and brutal style, Mackey was often referred to in the descriptions of the first season as "The anti-Commish."

Because of the series' graphic content, advertisers were initially reluctant to pay to be in its schedules. The high ratings soon convinced them otherwise.

By his own admission, creator Shawn Ryan tried to avoid as much as possible very specific time or cultural references so the show had a timelessness quality.

Shawn Ryan has declared several times that at one point it didn't really make sense to keep the character of David Aceveda on the show, but they figured out a way to do so because they loved working with Benito Martínez.

Actress Cathy Cahlin Ryan (Corrine) and Creator Shawn Ryan's infant son was cast as Connie's son, Brian, in season two and beyond.

Farmington is a fictional district in Los Angeles.

The cast had to undergo police weapons and tactics training for the series.

There are police technical advisers on the set of every episode.

The Barn is a deconsecrated church.

On the back of Vic's car you can sometimes see a ManCow sticker, this is in reference to a Chicago radio show host who is good friends with Michael Chiklis. ManCow has also appeared as stand-ins for police line-ups on the show.

The first basic cable series to win a Golden Globe for Best Television Drama.

Clark Johnson directed both the pilot and the last episode of the show.

Creator Shawn Ryan skipped the final wrap of the series due to his commitment to the 2007 WGA strike.

According to Glenn Close, she based a lot of her performance as Monica Rawling on a real police captain from New York named Theresa J. Shortell and actually spoke to Shortell during the broadcasting for feedback.

Michael Chiklis claimed that due to the intense nature of the show, the cast and crew would typically lighten the mood between takes by joking around.

Walton Goggins and Kenny Johnson appeared as teammates in the 1998 film Major League: Back to the Minors.

Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey), who played the leader of The Barn's Strike Team, would go on to join the cast of Fox's TV series Gotham for its second season as Captain Nathaniel Barnes where he and Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) put together a crime fighting team called the Strike Force.

Eric Stoltz was the original choice for Vic Mackey.

Glenn Close was given the opportunity to continue working on The Shield after receiving critical acclaim for her role. She ultimately declined to do another season because she did not want to miss her daughter's last year of high school. She had also recently married her third husband and felt that she would have missed too much family time.

Vic Mackey carries a Smith and Wesson Model 4506-1 .45 ACP caliber semi-automatic pistol with adjustable 3-dot sights. The firearm can carry eight rounds in a magazine.

Detective Shane Vendrell's badge number is 714, the same as Detective Joe Friday's on Dragnet (1951).

Michael Chiklis claimed that the docudrama style of the show's cinematography ironically made it a challenge to suspend disbelief as an actor, since the camera operators were constantly moving around in the middle of the scene.

The Barn looks subtlety different in the first episode because that was an actual church used for filming. When the series was picked up, the crew recreated the church on a set.

Michael Chiklis claimed that while filming the ending of Season 1 when Vic breaks down, he suffered a genuine panic attack from the force of his performance, and that clutching his chest was not acting.

In season 4 Danny (Catherine Dent) was for the asset seizures, whereas Julien (Michael Jace) was against it. In real life Catherine Dent is opposed to asset seizures and Michael Jace supports it.

In the series finale, the federal agent (Clark Johnson) mentions that the Burpee Museum is only a few blocks from Corrine's new home. The Burpee Museum is located in Rockford, IL, the birthplace of Shawn Ryan.