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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Relentless, brutal, explosive, hyper-gory actioner from Mexico starring Hugo Stiglitz (of NIGHTMARE CITY fame)! He leads a bunch of raping, killing scumbags armed with a wild black panther and an arsenal of weapons! They rape, torture, mutilate, stab, and kill an entire family in a violent home-invasion. The father wakes up to find everyone lying in pools of blood! He loses his mind and keeps their bodies at the dinner table and talking to them as if they are still alive! Afterwards he goes on a murderous rampage of revenge! This one even rips off DEATH WISH II in a scene where a patient is thrown out of a hospital window and lands on a spiked fence! Ouch! It should be mentioned there was never an English dub or Subtitled print of this but the lack of English options shouldn't prevent you from giving this gorefest a chance! You won't lose!