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  • Watching this intriguing flick made me want to scream, "More!", but I didn't, I simply just watched it again. It was nice to see some vintage adult film clips from the past 25 years, and see some good times had by some of the luckiest people in the world. Another thing, I didn't realize how creepy and freaky some of those old scenes can be, particularly the scene in the boiler room- that was weird, it made me want to read my Bible and go to church. But then again, I am a little creepy and freaky as well.

    Kudos to the production team on this one for installing audio commentary by Jill Kelly and some guy.
  • Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time is really an excellent DVD to make part of your collection. It provides an overview of all the eras of porn, from the golden age of adult theater to today's adult video. The who's who of porn stars is clearly detailed. I was immediately pleased with this DVD when the first scene turned out to be my favorite ever: when Marilyn Chambers 'loses her virginity' in Insatiable. Second comes another incredible scene - the utterly orgasmic Insatiable finale with Holmes and Chambers. Top 25 stars introduced me to a lot of adult movies I wouldn't have otherwise seen. And definitely led to a lot of purchases. The menu functionality had much to be desired. But the chronicling is top notch.