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  • "Raping!" is another very rare pinku eiga rape film made with gallons of style by Yasuharu Hasebe.It's ultra-sleazy and surprisingly comical as the main heroine is raped constantly on her way to Tokyo.The rapists are for example a trucker,an owner of love hotel,a mechanic,a doctor,even the cops.There is also a homosexual gang-rape scene of a would-be rapist by three leather-clad bikers.Despite of its short running time "Raping!" looks terrific.The acting is fine and the jazz score is brilliant.Of course "Yaru!" is not as upsetting as Yasuharu Hasebe's earlier pinky violence flicks,however fans of cinematic filth should give it a look as soon as possible.Highly recommended,especially for pinku eiga newbies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** This is a road movie like no other whose English title is "Raping!"

    A woman, on her way to Tokyo, is raped when she stops to help a stranded trucker. She is then raped by a gas station attendant, a doctor, a cop and many other n'er-do-wells in this over-the-top Nikkatsu shocker.

    Hasebe once again steps up to the director's plate with his usual bag of visual tricks and delivers what is essentially the blackest of black comedies.

    It's all nicely cut to a terrific jazz score, the performances are all solid and the film's climax will leave you speechless.

    What distinguishes this amusing shocker from Hasebe's other entries in this "series" is the unexpected rape of a would-be male rapist by nasty bikers. Priceless!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's still no ASSAULT! JACK THE RIPPER, but RAPING! is a demented good time from pinku director Yasuharu Hasebe. As the title would suggest, this one is an over-the-top rape extravaganza of the hightest order.

    The poor young lady in this film is having a hell of a time. The film starts with her pulling over to help a trucker with a flat tire. Of course, the trucker rapes her. She goes to the police but they don't believe her. Her car breaks down and a mechanic picks her up. He can't fix her car til the next day so he drops her off at a "love-hotel" for the nite, where she's raped by the madame's boyfriend. She goes back to the mechanic's place to pick up her car and can't pay for it, so the mechanic rapes her. A sleazy guy follows her from a restaurant and attempts to rape her, but a biker-gang has followed them both and rapes the guy instead. She goes to a doctor who gives her a sedative for an injured leg, and once she passes out, he rapes her. She goes to the police again to report the doctor, and again they don't believe her, instead - that's right...they rape her. No less than 6 rapes in this puppy, five of them happening to our luckless leading lady...

    RAPING! (as is quite obvious) lives up to title quite well - for it's short run-time (about 70 minutes) there's a plethora of sexual-abuse on display. After our hapless heroine's third or so run-in, it actually becomes comical. The only problem is that the end of the film doesn't really resolve anything - but who cares? This one is all about the sleaze. Definitely one of the better entries that I've seen in a while, and a must see for pinku fans...9/10