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  • It's not a custom to have the privilege of seeing a funny Slovenian movie. Our domestic movie makers are apparently still living in the heyday of our "greatest" writer Ivan Cankar who is without a doubt one of the most depressing and childhood-stealing novelists many of us unfortunate scholars had the "privilege" of reading. But let me get back to the movie that, ironically, concerns our "greatest" poet, France Preseren. Martin Srebotnjak(the director and lead actor) deserves much praise, for he has conceived a movie that satirically deals with the ups and downs of a slogan writer and his writer's block. He succeeds where most others have failed, he actually makes his movie realistic, by this I especially mean the script(which is perhaps the greatest problem when it comes to a Slovenian movie) and the acting(which still has it's lame and awkward moments but, perhaps due to the solid script doesn't come out like a pile of talentless s..t! I would also especially like to commend this one sentence where he makes fun of the Slovenian phrase for saying "I love you", which (and I'd almost bet my left nut), as he put it, IS the number one thing why our country is so bloody unable to love itself. We can't even say the friggin word without sounding like idiots to ourselves, let alone convincing the other person. A movie that knows how to use it's advantages and sense of humor and thus carefully and skillfully avoids the quick fall into the abyss of a typical Slovenian production. Oh yeah:(for any foreign viewers)-the news show that has those short and silly clips in between the movie is real, and believe me, most of the time the real news are every bit as useless and stupid as the ones they depicted. 8/10