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  • "Photon: The Idiot Adventures" is amazingly well titled, as just about every character that plays a central role in the story is, to one extent or another, an idiot. Photon, the main character, is a young boy who barely has any dialogue aside from moaning and groaning, and to match, he has all of the intelligence of a box of rocks.

    It's really hard for me to recommend this OAV to just anyone. On the one hand, it's insanely funny, especially if you're into wacky animated science fiction comedies. On the other, it's absolutely perverse. The villainous Papacha has his pants down so often that the black dot covering his privates is a joke in and of itself. If you were offended by a film like Dumb & Dumber or have trouble with sexual jokes above a PG-13 level, this probably isn't the anime for you.
  • Nudity in the first few minutes. I stopped watching.