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  • lastliberal9 December 2008
    One of my guilty pleasures is The Marine. Not a great movie, but fun nonetheless. This is not The Marine, as Heather Mathieson is no Kelly Carlson. Dean Cain is certainly no John Cena either, but he did give a credible performance as an ex-jock (and Navy Seal) who was now a journalism student working on a college paper when his lifelong buddy dies.

    Conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this film about a cure for AIDS that is covered up by multiple deaths so the pharmaceutical companies can go on looking for cures and selling pills.

    There are some exciting car chases and crashes, lots of killings, some good explosions, and bad guys galore. Cain is all alone in fighting them all off to find the truth and save his family.

    Oh, have some popcorn and enjoy.
  • I don't really understand all the positive comments for this movie.

    Aren't people tires of slow-mo car chases ? Those might be

    technically good, but they are inserted in the action without subtlety

    and in a way that screams "nineties direct-to-videos !". Why start

    with a car chase, when we have no idea who is being chased and

    can't root for him without any background, when a poor ordinary

    schmuk pursued by total strangers could be an interesting angle.

    Besides, it is just an ordinary "Man who knew too much" kinda

    story : bystander suddenly gets on a secret, a conspiracy wants to

    shut him up, he has to get to the bottom of things to avoid being

    killed. It's a sent-up of "The Fugitive" style manhunts, aloso

    explored in Andrew Davis' "Chain reaction". Here, the only thing is

    to find a corporate villain - here pharmaceutical companies.

    Granted, this one is not the worse of the crop and Dean Cain is

    convincing, but it's really a run-of-the-mill thriller with a few ideas

    thrown in. Still, I have to watch it again to see if I missed

  • c4436_soulsister30 October 2004
    It was the worst 1 and 45 mins. of my life. This movie ranks just below Futuresport, Final Encounter and Militia. Let's just hope Clubhouse keeps him from making anymore turkeys such as this movie. I wouldn't recommend this moving to someone that I hated! The plot had more holes than Swiss cheese. First he's walking around in a cast, now he's not. He can jump through fire, leap over cars but he can still get around. Yeah right.

    I too, do not understand the positive reviews of this movie. It was just full of lousy writing, lousy editing, and lousy acting. Dean Cain tries to summon up enough enthusiasm for this lousy movie, but deep down, I think he's seeing the paycheck at the end of the tunnel.
  • A new spin of your typical evil scientist movie who want to take over the world type of story which it introduces the concept of an evil pharmaceutical company who has a cure for AIDS but makes more money not releasing the cure so people are not cured. An incredibly and irresponsibly bad and predictable sophomoric script in this movie starring Dean Cain and Brain Bosworth actually has you wanting to see more just to see how bad and predictable it can get. Dean Cain is severely beaten up by four hooligans, yet his wife and child in tow approach him after the fight inquiring, "Are you OK?" From the white haired United States Senator, the black leather wearing hooligans, the nerdy scientist the characters throughout the movie are very TV movie like are stereotypical and uncompelling. The plot introduces many twists and turns which in the end are unresolved. The spectacular panoramic views of a craggy Halifax, Nova Scotia coast momentarily divert your attention from the incredulity of the plot.
  • This seemed like pretty standard B-movie fare when I decided to see it. Dean Cain and Brian Bosworth pretty much guarantee a mediocre movie at best. But I was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. I am not saying this is a great movie or a must see, but I did enjoy watching it.

    The premise is kind of standard, guy's best friend does something to get into trouble with the really powerful bad guys. So this guy ends up having to defeat the bad guys. Dean Cain plays the hero and does a fairly good job. Brian Bosworth is the head thug and was quite surprising. As an actor he has come a long way (although he did start way behind so that isn't saying too much).

    Anyway, if you are into this kind of movie, you might just enjoy it. If you don't like this particular genre, the best steer clear, because while it is fairly good, it won't win any converts.
  • I can't believe anyone watched this movie!!! Three of my friends acted in it and they all got wasted............including the bad guy who got crushed in the car accident. This production helped a lot of Halifax industry people pay the bills that summer of 2001 so I have to give it at least a five. And it was hilarious that all the bad guys would ride around in one car together. That car was thrown off a condemned Ultramar gas station downtown Halifax. Right across from the Trailer Park Boys production house. Thats if anyone actually cares. Also, most of the Canadian actors have been dubbed over with Yank voices for international release. They really Honkified poor old Glenn.
  • I enjoyed the movie. Think of why a company, with stockholders, is in business. They are in business to produce a profit, which means to provide a consumable item, and continue to have "repeat" consumers. Drug companies are the same. They also have a lot of money, power, and a powerful lobby. It has been said that they control the FDA. There are cures for virtually all diseases, however, not by FDA definition. Cures can only come from "drugs". Natural herbs can not be a "cure" because they can not be patented, and therefore be a cure. No one is going to spend the billion dollars to get FDA approval for a herb that costs pennies or a couple dollars. Spending 1 billion to create a drug which has a slightly different make up, and selling it for $20+ per pill, only makes financial sense for a drug company. So, if they stumble on a cure, you can bet your bottom dollar, it will never see the light of day. You have to wonder how many government officials are shareholders of drug companies and have influence. Don't believe the drug ads too much, except the part they have to list the "complications" that may arise. So, I believe this movie to be one to open the eyes of the viewer. Much like Erin Brockovich and other "expose" movies and books.
  • Come on, now where do you get a comic book hero beat up the guy who got steamrolled by BO JACKSON! Yes, The Boz will kick my tail for that last statement-Yes, I'm joking! Anyways, moving along past the preliminaries, Dean Cain and Brian Bosworth make this movie tick-no doubt about it! It's a first-class action flick with a cool story line-think about it a government cover-up about AIDS medicine! O.k. Dean Cain does a good job as a convincing reporter who won't let go of a good story and The Boz captures the spotlight in his role as a lethal congressional bad ass with that signature weapon of choice. The Boz needs his own T.V. show as a relentless hit-man of no remorse-that's how good he displays himself in this performance. O.K., end of review-bottom line, yes, it's worth a look-especially if you are a Boz fan, but none the less it's worthy of top reviews for a video that unfortunately went straight to video! Believe me you won't be let down besides it was USA the other morning-can't be that bad!