Kiyoshi Yamazaki: This isn't a mystery of life! It's a shit!

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: [as the bullies throw fireworks at the house] They're here! Everyone, can you see this? Can you see this?

[taping with camera]

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: This is my home! My home! Did you see that? The big strong bullies are here!

[pans to Keiko]

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: This is my wife! She's a lovely little wife! Dinner was delicious! This is...

[pans to the Visitor]

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: ... I don't know who this is, we're not acquainted! Watch! It's amazing, truly amazing! What a scene! It's unbelievable!

[going back to the fireworks, panning to knife in floor]

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: My wife threw this knife! Everyone, here it is!

[filming the chaos]

Kiyoshi Yamazaki: How am I supposed to feel? I don't know how a father should feel! But, I know my family is being destroyed! So, what do you think? How do we judge this wonderful bullying? I'm burning up! I just saw fireworks in my head! It's hot, so hot!

Takuya Yamazaki: [to the Visitor, lying in pool of milk] From today on, I'm going to study. I have entrance exams next year.

The visitor: Is that so?

Takuya Yamazaki: Why did you really come to our home? You came here to destroy it, didn't you? I thought so all along.

[they smile at each other]

Takuya Yamazaki: Thank you.

Daughter: Have you ever fucked your father?