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  • When the little statue over which she gushed turns out to be from a fat, bald guy, Enna Saredo is upset. However, when a handsome young hussar has to convalesce on her family's palatial estate, things turn out well.

    This short from 1910 shows most of the strengths and weaknesses of Italian movies from this period. The production values are amazing. Costumes and settings are sumptuous and a treat to the eye. However, the acting is over the top so that you want to smack the characters, or at least get them on lithium. Yes, I know they didn't have such things back then, but you could give them a good smack back then and tell them to calm down.

    The copy that is posted on Youtube is beautifully tinted and is in mostly good condition for something more than a century old, although there are a couple of segments that have outgassed badly.