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  • rudyardk14 July 2014
    This video simply fails to engage the intended audience. A big problem is the amateurish songs, which are extremely clunky lyrically and utterly unmemorable musically -- they simply stop everything dead whenever they appear. Not that things were zipping along prior to their appearance, mind you: the story meanders and loses focus, the action sequences are badly structured, and none of the characters engender warmth (Dilly comes closest). The voice actors give it a brave go, and some of the animation is okay, but this is overall a sodden, lumpy mess in desperate need of an actual screenwriter (and a professional songwriter). Tellingly, the writer/director and the co-writer of this piece never worked in the industry again.
  • Maybe it's just because I was falling alseep when I caught this badly animated children's movie or maybe it was just that pointless. I had trouble remembering as the story wore on what the characters were trying to achieve (if anything). I can't think of much else that can be said for this film but that.