Dana Woodman: [to Jacob] I want you to talk for me. Can you try?

Mrs. Tanner: Yeah, I home-schooled him since kindergarten. Jacob is a very sweet young kid.

[brief laugh]

Mrs. Tanner: He still like lullaby's. He's just not very smart. Actually, he used to know how to write, but lately I haven't been able to get him to sit down, and-and...

Dana Woodman: ...and focus?

Mrs. Tanner: Yeah!

Dana Woodman: At the very least, I guess he has some form of ADHD.

Mrs. Tanner: Huh?

Dana Woodman: Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder.

Mrs. Tanner: No. My son does not have a disorder. He is just slow. Now these record-keeping skills that he has to learn are pretty simple aren't they? You came very highly recommended by the University.

Dana Woodman: Oh, oh, good. Um, and the department explained that in exchange for the free tutoring, I will be using Jacob as a subject of my psychology semester project.

Mrs. Tanner: Yeah, but you don't have to leave the house for that right?

Dana Woodman: No, just some simple tests here.

Mrs. Tanner: OK. It's not going to interfere with his learning in anyway is it?

Dana Woodman: I know what I'm doing Mrs. Tanner. The verbal sub tests may actually help him focus.

Mrs. Tanner: Hold it, verbal?

Dana Woodman: Mm-hm.

Mrs. Tanner: Oh, well you-you see my kid doesn't speak.

[Dana doesn't say anything]

Dana Woodman: [Dana opens her book] New section. Mm-k. True or false.

[She motions with her thumb that a true answer is a 'thumbs up', and a false answer is a 'thumbs down']

Dana Woodman: [Dana clears her throat] I have a satisfying sex life.

[Jacob stares at her and Dana doesn't say anything at first]

Dana Woodman: Not me, you.

[Dana stammers]

Dana Woodman: Uh, let's try the writing again. Now, this requires you to focus and I know that focusing for you can be difficult.